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Internet Wala Love 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Samrat fails Jai’s plan, Aadhya’s silence hurts Jai

Internet Wala Love 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai telling his friends that there is no problem if Aadhya can’t say anything to her Papa. He says uncle will break the alliance after whatever happening today. He tells that everyone to go to give invite and will come late. He says when they come, all work will be over. Virat says just hope Aadhya will bring her father on time. Jai says I have thought all.
Rupa asks Samrat not to worry and says I am there for you. She asks him to give Diwali gift to Shubhankar. Samrat looks on. Jai calls Aadhya and asks her to bring Shubhankar to his house in the night. He asks do you trust me? Aadhya thinks more than myself. She says yes. Jai asks her to bring uncle to his house and he will handle everything. He ends the call. She says I would have married Samrat, but now after

whatever happened, I will not marry Samrat and have written everything in this letter. She thinks to give the letter to Papa. Jai says there will be hungama in the party and Samrat and Aadhya’s relation will break. Rajat and Virat cheer for Samrat’s bachelor party. Jai comes there. Samrat asks what is all this? Jai says your bachelor party and asks what else. He asks him to go and change his clothes and come in party mood. Virat says he seems to be not in a mood. Jai says we have to make him come in the party mood. Virat says I have set everything. Jai messages Aadhya to come on time and not to be late. Aadhya keeps the letter under the glass. Shubhankar asks her to check. He teaches bowling technique looking on the camera. Aadhya is tensed.

Samrat comes getting ready for the party. Virat and Rajat make him drink wine. Samrat feels his head heavy. Aadhya sees Shubhankar still giving the lecture. She thinks please Papa read the letter. Virat asks Samrat to drink. Jai comes and asks Virat to give him drink. He says cheers Samrat and keeps the drink back. Shubhankar ends the session. He picks the glass and takes the letter in his hand. Just then door bell rings, Aadhya is about to open the door, but Shubhankar stops her and goes to open the door. Aadhya thinks to keep the letter in his room.

Jai tells Samrat that he has still time not to marry. Virat says your life and freedom will end. Samrat says I have no problem to live in wife’s reflection. Jai thinks he has to execute final plan and hopes Aadhya comes on time. Rajat says now enjoy. Jai says lets dance. A dances comes and dances with Samrat, sings lehrake balkhake……sharara sharara…..Samrat gets in her romantic trap and touches her sensually. Jai says he is digging pit for himself. Virat says we made the girl understand to stick to him, but he is sticking to her. Samrat sings and dances closely with her. Just then Dadu, Dadi and everyone come there, also Aadhya comes with her father. Dadu shouts Samrat. Samrat gets shocked. Dadu slaps him hard. Jai smiles. Shubhankar looks upset. Dadu says I never thought you will do this cheap thing. His father also scolds him. Dadi says if this is the way to enjoy and says you don’t have right to get marry. Samrat says Dadi. Dadi signs him to be quiet. Jai thinks Shubhankar to say something.

Dadu apologizes to Shubhankar. Shubhankar asks Aadhya to come. Samrat tells Shubhankar that he was made to drink and apologizes to him. Shubhankar says I too got drunk, but never did this. His father scolds him. Samrat says I didn’t drink it by myself, but Jai made me drink. He says it was his plan to keep the bachelor party, calling this girl and to raise finger on my character, and then called Aadhya and uncle here so that they see me in this condition. He asks if this is his conspiracy and asks if he wants to break his alliance. Rupa asks him not to blame her son and says Jai was not there when you were sticking to that girl. Samrat says everyone present here wanted make to get closer to the girl. Rajat and Virat say no.

Samrat tells Jai that you wanted to say that I am lying and asks him to take Dadi’s promise and tell that he is lying and you are truthful. He asks him to say that he didn’t do this to break his alliance. Aadhya gets tensed. Jai is shocked. Dadu tells Jai that he won’t believe on swears and asks him to swear on his Dadi and say that Samrat is lying. Jai tells Dadu that Samrat said right, I have done everything. He says I did this for Aadhya as she don’t want to marry Samrat and is unhappy with this alliance. Shubhankar asks Aadhya, what Jai is saying? Jai asks Aadhya not to be quiet today and tell the truth. Aadhya gets tensed. Jai asks her to please say. Aadhya is silent. Jai shouts asking her to say. Samrat asks him not to shout and force his would be wife to refuse for marriage. He says Aadhya has no hand in all this, you are just to be blamed. Aadhya is silent. Jai goes from there.

Aadhya goes behind Jai and asks him to listen. Jai asks her to shut up and breaks his relation with her, and says we are neither colleagues or friends, you are just stranger to me. Aadhya looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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