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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan prepares for Karwa chauth

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says I have no interest in all this. Ma is outside here to meet you. She shouldn’t know you are sleeping here. Guddan wonders why. Guddan says dadi.. Dadi says this sargi for you. Its karwa chauth tomorrow. This is your first karwa chauth. We will celebrate a lot. Get ready and come downstairs. She leaves. AJ says don’t need to fast for me.
She says why would i fast for you. I will say no to dadi.
Dadi says eat this sargi Guddan. You will do pooja with AJ. Saru says but durga does this pooja everywhere. DAdi says this time Guddan will do it.
Guddan looks at AJ. Guddan says I will fast if you want dadi. Laxmi says do something durga. Durga says wait for the right time. Don’t be impatient. She can’t do anything. We don’t

have to do anything. She will ruin everything herself. Laxmi says I wont let her fast.

Guddan googles how to eat sargi. She does the steps. Guddan says how will I do it. Perv comes and turns on the fan. Spices go in Guddan’s eyes. He says I am glad to have a sasu ma like you. She says why did you turn on the fan? He says for cold air. Let me clean your eyes so you can see me. She says behave with manners. Perv says but no one considers you saas here. But I do. If you want I can accept you as anything. Perv’s wife comes. She says you are still here. Guddan says taking blessings from the mother in law. Guddan says touch my feet. He has to touch Guddan’s feet. She steps on his hand. perv’s wife says she is such a nice and young sasu ma. Perv says yeah I like her too.

Guddan sees water. Dadi says you can’t drink before evening. Guddan sees paratha everywhere. She sees paratha in AJ. She says I will eat you. He puts hand on her mouth and says what are you doing? Guddan says I thought paratha.. He says why do you fast when you can’t. Dadi says she will prove everyone wrong. She can do anything. At 8 Guddan can eat. Come home on time. He says there is work in restaurant. I will be late. DAdi says don’t worry. He will come on time. Guddan says i don’t think so.

Scene 2
Kaushaliya comes for pooja. Dadi says welcome. I thought you wont come. You didn’t send her the thaal. Kaushaliya says we were busy in shifting. Was busy in work. DAdi says Durga come here. Dadi says durga there should be no shortcoming in their serving. Durga says for sure.
They serve refreshments to Guddan’s family. Durga says please eat. today is karwa chauth but doesn’t look like you are fasting. Also you might not have tried anything like this. DAdi says she means please don’t be hesitant. Kaushaliya says I am diabetic. Bhushan says I want to meet Guddan. she will be surprised to see me. DAdi says sure come with me.

AJ asks bhushan how are you? He says good. AJ says I know you are worried for your daughter and you should be. But don’t worry she will never be in trouble here. Guddan is fixing everything. Bhushan comes and surprises her. she says papa you.. He says yes. I am always worried for you. Guddan says I am very happy here don’t worry. Guddan says everyone cares for me here. My DILs serve me all day. AJ is nice too. I am very happy. Yesterday was my first cooking. Everyone said I will have to cook. I made 10 items. Laxmi was like wow Guddan how were you so fast. Saru said it reminded me of my mother’s food. She gave me shagun. Durga said 3 things will never be said again. Guddan you can’t do it, Guddan you can’t do it.. he says third? guddan says it was the same too. Bhushan says why are your eyes wet then?
Precap-Guddan gets ready for Karwa chauth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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