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Episode 73
Let’s see what happens today..


Swadhu and Sid are in Sid’s native village with their families.. Both of them are in a field and have a talk..

Sid : Hmm.. Do u like this place??

Swadhu : Of course.. I have never been to any villages.. And I just love this place.. How peaceful it is..

Sid : Ya.. Even I like this place after u came here..

Swadhu : U don’t like it before??

Sid : I do like.. But now I like it more.. As u are here..

Swadhu : Do u know Sid?? I don’t like these cheesy filmy dialogues..

Sid : Hmm.. If I say something like this,u would say that u don’t like it.. If I don’t say,u will call me unromantic..

Swadhu : Hahaha.. U have understood me so well..

Sid makes pout face..

Swadhu : U look so cute when u give such reactions.. My cutie pie..

She pulls his cheeks.. He pulls her cheeks too..

Swadhu : Enough enough.. It’s hurting..

Sid : Sorry sorry..

He kisses her cheeks..

Swadhu : Stupid.. Somebody may catch us..

Sid : Let them catch us.. We are engaged.. They can’t say anything..

Swadhu : Seems like sir have got so much courage..

Sid : I get so much strength and courage when u are with me..

Swadhu : Not again sid.. Filmy dialogues..

Sid : Hahaha.. Just to see ur reaction..Actually what I was about to say is.. No problem can come near me when the biggest problem is here..

Swadhu : Am I problem to u?? That too biggest problem?? How dare u??

Sid runs.. Swadhu chases him..


Days pass.. It has been four days since Shruti left her house.. She was expecting everyday that her parents would come and take her home.. But they did not turn up..

She was broken.. Aatvik called and thanked her.. She did not have anything to say.. He also told that he did some drama by telling them that he saw Aarti in a matrimonial site.. He also told that their parents agreed for their marriage..

Shruti was frustrated.. She wanted to meet her parents badly.. Though Abhi and Ritu tried hard to cheer her up,all went in vain.. That day Shruti went to the office as usual.. She was feeling very bad that day..

Arnav had been noticing her sad face.. He wanted to ask her.. But something stopped him from asking..

It’s evening and Arnav called her to his cabin..

Arnav : Have u prepared the report??

Shruti : Yes sir.. A little work is pending..

Arnav : Do it soon and bring it..

Shruti : Ok sir..

Arnav missed Shruti’s fights,her pranks and her smiles..”She is talking so formally with me.. Nowadays she really makes me laugh with her talks.. But since a week ,she is abnormal..why she is so??”,he thought..

After sometime,Shruti came back with the file.. She gave it to him and did not even look his face..

Arnav gave another file to her..

Arnav : Actually.. We have to complete it by tomorrow.. But today they are asking us to complete by tonight.. As Sid is out of town,we have more to finish.. Call Abhi too if u want help..

Shruti : No sir.. I will do it myself..

She came out and told that to Abhi.. Abhi offered to help and Ritu too.. As other employees left the office,Shruti did not want Abhi and Ritu wait for her as Ritu was sick.. She asked Abhi to take her home.. Everybody left the office except Arnav and Shruti..

It’s 7 p.m. Shruti finished her work and went inside Arnav’s cabin..

Shruti : Sir.. I checked and everything is done..

Arnav checks it..

Arnav : Ok alright..

Shruti : Shall I leave now sir??

Arnav : Hmm..

Shruti turned to leave..

Arnav : Shruti..(she turns) May I ask u something??

Shruti nodded.. But did not look at his face..

Arnav : Shruti.. Look at me.. What happened to u??

She looked at his face.. She could not hold back her tears.. She broke down.. Arnav hugged her.. She did not speak a word but her tears spoke everything.. Arnav did not disturb her.. She cried in Arnav’s arms.. Arnav patted her head.. She cried so for ten minutes..

Arnav : Relax.. Are u okay now??

Shruti nodded still hugging him..

Arnav : I don’t want to ask u what happened.. That may make u think of it again.. All I want to say is,don’t worry about anything..Everything will be alright soon.. I am.. I mean we are with u..

Shruti felt happy on hearing the last statement..She looked up his face and smiled.. Arnav cupped her face..

Arnav : Don’t cry Hereafter.. I can’t see u crying..

Shruti could not believe what he had just said..

Shruti : (thinks) First he said that he is with me.. And now,he says that he can’t see me crying.. What does that mean??

She looked straight in his eyes.. Arnav too looked at her eyes too.. They had an eyelock..

Tujhko… main rakh loon wahaan
Jahaan pe kahin
Hai mera yaqeen

Main jo… tera naa huaa
Kisi ka nahin…
Kisi ka nahin..

Le jaayein jaane kahaan
Hawayein, hawayein…
Le jaayein tujhe kahaan
Hawayein, hawayein…

Oru ganam oru podhum piriya koodadhe en uyire en uyire nee aluga koodadhe.. Kannaana kanne nee kalangadhadi en uyiroda aadharam nee dhana di..

Kannaana kanne nee kalangadhadi yaar pona enna nan irupenadi..plays..

In moments,they were so close to each other that they could feel others breathe.. Arnav came closer to her.. Shruti closed her eyes.. Arnav came closer to her.. He cupped her face.. They were about to kiss…

Arnav’s phone started ringing to bring both of them back to their senses.. Shruti pulled herself back.. Both of them were embarrassed..

Arnav went to attend the call.. After talking,he hung up the call..

Shruti : I am leaving.. Bye..

She told him without even turning.. She ran out of his cabin..

Arnav : (to himself) u idiot.. What the hell were u about to do?? What happened to u?? What she would think of u?? Stupid.. How are u going to face her Hereafter??(thinks)What did u say to her?? Ya.. What I told her is right.. I did miss her smile a lot.. I saw a smile in her face when I told her that I am with her.. I want that.. I want to see her smile always.. And ya.. I cannot see her crying.. Those words came from me subconsciously.. Am I in love?? With Shruti?? Ya.. Its true.. I have been cheating myself that I hate her.. But actually,I am fallen for her.. I love Shruti.. But….

He thinks..

Shruti comes to her cabin..

Shruti : (to herself) Is it a dream?? (She pinches herself) No.. It’s real.. He consoled me.. He also told that he is with me always.. And also he cannot see me crying.. What does that mean?? And finally.. Can u find what happened?? He was.. He was.. About to kiss me..I can’t even believe it.. And I am blushing now.. It was a magical moment.. So,I think.. He too loves me as I do.. Oh God.. What can be more exciting to me than this?? I am flying now..

She is embarrassed to face Arnav again and takes her scooty and reaches Ritika’s house..


Her mom and dad were sitting there to her surprise.. She had tears on seeing them.. Her mom came to her..

Radhika (Shruti’s mom): Stupid girl.. Don’t u miss us? I thought u would come that night itself.. But u did not come.. I was waiting everyday that u will return.. But it had been 5 days and u did not come.. Do u want to leave us alone??

Her mom beat her..

Shruti hugged her mom and cried..

Srini(Shruti’s dad): Shruti.. We thought u would come after some time.. Later I learnt that u are in ur colleague Ritika’s house.. I was relieved that u are safe.. I thought of calling u but ur mom did not let me..

Radhika : Ya.. The mistake is urs nah? U have to realize that.. How can I take u back home without u realizing that?

Shruti : U are right Ma.. The mistake is mine.. I should not have talked to u and that aunt(Aatvik’s mom) like that.. I am extremely sorry..

Abhi signs her to tell them the truth.. But Shruti told him that she won’t..

Radhika : Ritika.. Thank u.. For giving place to Shruti..

Ritika : That’s my pleasure Ma.. She is like my sister..

Radhika : that’s so sweet of u dear.. And I am like ur mom too..

They talked for sometime and Shruti left with them..

Abhi : Ritu..I am leaving too.. Lock the door and be safe..

Ritu : Abhi..

Abhi : Did u call me??(thinks) She has called me as Abhi for the first time.. Else she would call me Abhijeet..like they call during attendance in school..

Ritu : Ya.. As Shruti didi went, I am feeling lonely.. I miss her.. Can u stay here??

Abhi : Oh.. Ok.. I will stay here.. I will sleep in this couch.

Ritika smiles at him.. Abhi too smiles..


Shruti lays in her bad..

Shruti 🙁 thinks) Everything is alright now.. After he consoled me,after I realized his love,this world looks perfect for me.. This feeling is awesome..

She could not sleep as she was very happy..

The next morning,she was having breakfast.. Her mom came to her..

Radhika (her mom): I am very sorry Shruti.. I should have understood u.. I should be mad to have compelled u to marry Aatvik.. I am sorry..

Shruti : Amma.. It’s not ur fault.. It’s mine.. I should have told u before..

Radhika : Ok..leave it .. I want to ask u something..

Shruti : What ma??

Radhika : Do u love someone??

When her mom asked the question,Arnav and the last night’s event with him came to her mind.. She blushed.. She smiled shyly and got up from there..

Radhika : I think there is someone.. I have to find the person.. But she will not tell me.. I have to ask it to the right person..

Shruti goes to her room.. She gets call from Sid..

Shruti : Hello.. Who are u??

Sid : Shruti.. I am extremely sorry for not calling  u… I did not get network in my village.. I am so sorry yaar.. I am returning now.. Will be back before evening..

Shruti : That’s good..How was the trip?

Sid : Its awesome.. I thoroughly enjoyed..

Shruti : Hmm.. Come home.. Lot of surprises are waiting for u..

Sid : Is it?? What are they?

Shruti : Can’t be told now.. Come soon..

Sid : Ok ok.. Sure..

Shruti : Sid.. How did u propose Swadhu??

Sid : Why?? Are u gonna propose someone??(Thinks) I think she is gonna propose Arnav bhai.. That’s why she is asking all these..

Shruti : that’s a surprise.. I will tell u when u come.. Answer my question first..

Sid : Ok ok.. It’s a bouquet.. If u wish,get a greeting card too..

Shruti : Ok.. See u..

Sid : I think u are fallen in love.. I am waiting to know who the person is..

Shruti : Don’t talk too much.. Hang up..

She smiles.. She gets ready wearing her favourite red salwar.. She buys a bouquet and a greeting card.. She goes to the office to see Arnav..

PRECAP: Ritika says,”U suffer a lot because of me only.. I am sorry”. Abhi closes her mouth saying “U are my responsibility.. Don’t talk like this again”.
Shruti meets Sid.. She is angry at him..

So guys.. Shruti is going to propose.. Will it be a yes from Arnav?? What do u think?? Why Shruti is angry at Sid?? Stay tuned for my next episode,Diwali special episode,my 75th episode in Monday.. Happy weekend guys.. Drop ur likes and comments..

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