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Udaariyaan m twist – FF – Part 2

Hello everyone …in the last part we have seen that fateh is waiting for the morning to get the things clear from tejo … here we go to the next part …

It’s the morning fateh got up late and found that tejo has already left for college …he thought of calling tejo but suddenly got a call from jasmine ho is super excited for the evening party ….they both talked to each other and they decided that they will meet at 4 o’ clock …will enjoy for sometime and then go to join the party ….

Fateh was arranging things as he has to get ready at 4 o’ clock. He thinks of tejo how she used to assemble his things before time but now he has to do this alone but he was shocked to see that tejo has alredy put the things for him …she has placed all the needed belongings for the party and fateh was very much amazed that the outfit tejo took out is the one that fateh thought to wear …..

It’s 3 ‘o clock tejo came home and at the same time fateh reached home after completing the work at academy …he sees tejo and wanted to talk to him but tejo was busy with Gurpreet and Nimmo .

Fateh gets ready and tries to fing a chance to talk to tejo but fails and then he realises that it’s 3:55 and he leaves to pick up jasmine …

Here tejo after doing all the household work goes to her room and finds that fateh has already left …she was dishearted and drops the plan to join the party and then her friend calls her at tells that no matter what she has to be their in the party ….so she gets ready

Hare fateh and jasmine are enjoying with each other ….they both leave for the party hall …tejo also leaves for the party hall …..

Fateh and jasmine reached there and fateh meets his old friend and jasmine introduces fateh as his husband to Nikki and her fiance ….

Tejo reaches the same hall and woes to find her friend …suddenly she comes and they both started talking she takes tejo to meet Nikki and her fiance who are talking to fateh and jasmine ……

Tejo hears fateh’s voice but gets shocked to see a girl with him then she thought that may be she is wrong they are someone else and smiles …tejo congratulates Nikki and her fiance and goes to enjoy with her friend …..

They are at the ice cream stall and again she hears fateh’s voice ..she turns behind to find out at found jasmine and fateh together then she recalled the couple who are talking to nikki before her …she goes to nikki and ask her about them so his fiance tells that he is his old friend fateh and his wife jasmine …….

Tejo was totally heartbroken hearing this …she decides to leave the place without making any drama and she leaves …..

Precap : simran, tejo and buzzo are talking …buzzo gets a call from fateh he puts the call on speaker…fateh asks about tejo ….

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