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Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode 26

Thanks for your comments and support….kerp supporting like this❤❤…yes I want vansh in my life you find him then tell me also….

Episode starts…

Ridhima went college. Sejal was already waiting for her. She hugged her with smile. “how are you ridhu!!”

Ridhima: I am all good.lets go to class.

Both entered class in he class and settled down. Soon their class teacher came to class to have look on students.

Class teacher: look who is going to attend class. So MISS you got the time to study. It’s our pleasure that you are sitting with us and going to attend class.Everyone should clap for her…as star is sitting in between us….

Sarcasm was clearly visible in her voice but who knows that this sarcasm is her reality that indeed she is a star not only acting career but in other too…….Ridhima bowed her head as whole class started looking at her. The whole room was filled with whispers. Sejal looked at her helplessly.

Soon another teacher too arrived in class as her lecture is lined up. Teacher looked at Ridhima and said ” today we have new student ma’am….” Everyone got the idea that teacher is talking about the Ridhima only.

Ridhima didn’t understood her taunt and said ” ma’am I am not new”

Teacher: students told me that you left the college…

Ridhima agained answered blind ” who told you ma’am….I just took break”

Teacher: oohh!! So now your break is over. Is this college park that whenever you wish you come and whenever you want to take “BREAK” you just vanished”

Ridhima with a low and breaking voice ” N..O….No m.a…am..”

Teacher: good morning class…let’s start the lecture because I also don’t have much time to waste on the useless things.

She started teaching…Ridhima was listening but she was not able to understand many things but she was doing her best to understand the lecture….she was asking too many questions to the teacher and now she got irritated by her questions.

Teacher: Ridhima what is your problem….you are making difficult for others by asking too many questions…..its not my problem that you missed your class so I can’t repeat all lectures for you….now I am not going to answer your any of question as I have other students too.

Ridhima: sorry ma’am!!

Teacher: keep your sorry with you and focus on lecture….we are not fool who are doing so much for you all and you are just taking “break”….next day if other student will do same and after that another student then we are not going to teach wholee class again again as he/she missed her/his lecture.

Ridhima’s eyes filled with tears and she thought what vansh told her in the morning.” Ridhima you can’t fall weak…you are strong and think about your jaan Vansh….you are his strong girl…you can’t cry Ridhu….keep you tears inside only… can’t shade tears for this….vansh said Nah you are here for study not for crying ridhu….you know what your Jaan told you…you just listen to your teacher and store things in your head so that later you can use them…yes you can do…..” Ridhima consoled herself and felt Sejal’s hand on her hand as assurance. Ridhima looked sejal and smiled, sejal also reciprocated the smile. She blinked her eyes to Ridhu as she is saying that ” she will tell her all these things later…don’t worry”

Ridhima started her work of storing lectures in her head as she was not able to understand and connect dotes. She was listening to teacher with full concentration and she was not asking anything to any teacher because she can’t forgot what her teacher told her and her vansh too said to store things. She is trusting him as he can never show the wrong path.

She attended all lectures and came out of the class but peon informed her that she have to go to the director’s ma’am cabin. Both sejal and Ridhima looked at each other with confusion then she moved to the cabin. When she reached there she was surprised and ran to hug him tightly. He also took her embrace.

Ridhima: vansh you here…

Vansh: I thought to pick you. Let’s go. Ma’am I am taking leave and please send all those teacher whom I had asked come my house to teach her.

Director: sure sir!! They will come, you don’t worry.

Vansh and Ridhima moved from the cabin. Vansh asked her ” how was the day sweetheart”. Ridhima remembered how teacher scolded her and gave her the reply with sarcasm. She closed her eyes and smiled at him ” good!!! I followed your worlds and listened to the teacher even after everything was just going just above my head.”

Vansh: Good!!

They were walking in the corridor and talking. ” Is any teacher said anything to you”

Ridhima: jaan I come here for study not for them…..i don’t mind their worlds and I only took those which are good for me.

Soon Ridhima intertwined her finger with him and he look at her with shock. He fronwed to her and she just smiled and said ” vansh are they ready to teach me”

Vansh: of course!!

Ridhima: move fast why are so slow.

Vansh looked at her with shock expression as she was dragging him…literally he was pulled by her tiny hand. He thought ” what is wrong with this girl. Is she gone crazy and acting weirdly”

Ridhima looked at him and said ” what??”

Vansh: what is wrong with you.

Ridhima” vansh why you came here to take…you should not miss your meetings for me…you can send driver too”

Vansh frowned at her statement and replied ” this time we don’t have any meeting as this is break time. So I can pick you and drop you.”

Ridhima: but you also need to take break and you will not come to my college that’s it….

Vansh: why are you acting so weird and you don’t want me pick you from here….

Ridhima: Jaan its not like that but….(murmuring” i can’t allow all these mad girls to look at my man…you are my possession And my love…..They can’t just stare at you like this…i will pull out their eyeballs”)

Vansh with confusion ” what?? Tell me what but…

Ridhima: jaan you don’t have to stress this much….I can manage. if you are needed in office and may be stuck in traffic jam then you will going to miss your important meeting.

Vansh: nothing is important more than you in my life even not myself….I am doing all this because I love you and I love to care for you and roam around you.

Ridhima was overwhelmed at his statement. She just wants to claim his lip from which he showering love for her. She was looking at him loving and thinking how can this man love her conditionally and this much. His love is none demanding he just wants her happiness and her love that’s it.

Ridhima: okay!! You will going to wait in the car and when I wind up then you drop me…..and you will not come to my college and specially in black and white outfit.

Vansh: what??? Are you gone insane Ridhima.

Ridhima: then continue coming my college then don’t blame me if I kill two three girls who are eyeing on my love.

She said all this with little frustration and anger. Vansh looked horrified on his discovery then chilled at her jealous face.” Sweetheart are you?”

Ridhima: vanah don’t add fuel to my anger otherwise you will going to regret it… can’t see how all these girls are gawking shamelessly at you.”

Vansh looked all around and found all the girls shamelessly gawking at him. Ridhima tightly her grip on his hand and came little close to him so that she can tell all girls that this man who is along her his her….he belongs to her only and no one can eye him.

They both sat in the car and leaves for VR mansion.” Ridhima today is your first day so I will stay at home and for remaining days will be in the office. If you needed anything then you can tell D’suza.”

Ridhima was lacking her words as he so caring and undergoing. He knew that when she want him beside her.
____________________________________________Ridhima started taking her classes and on the other hand vansh instructing D’suza and guards to look after his wife in his absence.He strictly warned them not to leave her alone with her teacher as one of them is not in good books when things come on girls. He told D’suza stick to Ridhima till she study in hall even if she need to go or use bathroom then she will call guard and make him keep tab on his kiddo wife.

He don’t want to take any risk that why he arranged the things in the hall so that D’suza and guards keep tab on her easily. He knew that two women even fall weak in front of one man that is why he appointed to guards so that anything can’t go wrong.
____________________________________________Days are passing like hours. Ridhima was giving her 100 to study and vansh was helping her by waking up at late night even he wasn’t have any work. Ridhima always told him to sleep but he adamant and use to listen to her what is study even though he wasn’t able understand what is talking…..

Sometime even he use to feed her with his hands and she just stick to books and many time he use to comb her hair and pain her nail. She just busy in mattering what is printed in books while he do experiments on her. She use to enjoy hospitality given by him.
It was Sunday only 10 days to go. Vansh was also at home due to Sunday. Vansh came to their room and found Ridhima coming out of the bathroom after having bath.

Vansh: again you took shower.

Ridhima: I was studying but nothing was going into my mind. I was just reading so I thought I take shower and I thought I will feel refresh but see my started burning.

Vansh made her sit on the bed and said ” take sleep….you are not able to understand because you are study since night and it’s evening you still awake…

Ridhima: I slept in the morning..

Vansh: you slept for two hours only….you are take sleep of two hours only in 24 hours… health will deteriorated if you continued this schedule….you should at sleep 4 hours… sleep.

Ridhima: but I am not feeling sleepy so why I waste my time just lying on bed.

Vansh: you eyes and mind need rest Ridhima….

Ridhima: but..

Vansh with slightly angry ” Ridhima”. She gulped and laid down on the bed. After some time she again get up and vansh glared at her. ” don’t stare at me…serously it’s waste of time….you know Japan I don’t have much time…i only have 10 more days….let me study.”

Vansh: you will not able to catch things quickly because your mind need rest… nape will boost you and you will even going to learn things quickly than earlier.”

Ridhima: jaan my eyes only burning but I am not getting sleep….what should do now.

Vansh laid down telling her in his arms and said ” this because of extra intake of caffeine… will affect your health and now you will drink either coffee or cold drink and dark chocolate….not all.

Ridhima making a horrified face ” vansh!!”.vansh added ” I am serious. Now close your eyes and try to sleep.” He was I’m caressing her cheeks. ” vans do one thing you read my notes and I will listen to them while closing my eyes and this will got affect my and I also complete my revision.

Vansh: along with eyes your ,mind also need rest…..either sleep or take rest just closing your eyes…..wait a minute I should give you eye drop to relieve you eaching.

Vansh gave her eye drop and taking her in his arms he asked her to sleep and she made weird face to him. He just ignored her and said ” you know sweetheart….you should not get into only one thing….and you do only this…..give equal time to things as eventhjng is important in our life.”

Ridhima: okay!!! Always try to give time to all the things but I fail and end up just exhausting to one thing leaving all things behind.

Vansh: if you know this then try to overcome this flow of yours…..and stop running just behind one thing forgetting others…now you are sticking to books forgetting your sleep , food and others….earlier you were stuck with job forgetting study and other necessities… aise nhi chaleti hai sbhi cheezo balance krk chalana padata jaahe wo koi relationship ho.”

Ridhima: hmm!!

Vansh: if you do anything beyond the limit then it become dangerous for life and for bother things too…chaahe wo pyaar ho ya nafarat… should always keep one thing in your mind that for one you are not going to ignore other things….like if you are in class 10 and you are preparing for board you can’t study maths for whole day or night or any other subject and ignoring other 5 subjects. You should give time to all 6 subjects and it depend on you in which you are weak so you should give little more time to that subject as compare to other subjects….you can’t ignore all 5 because you are weak in one. If you are giving 3 hours to weak subject then you should give 1 hours to all remaining.

Ridhima: okay!!! Jaan if I have little time and I have syllabus like ocean and I only know little then…

Vansh: then you first divide the syllabus that how much you know and how you have to prepare….you should divide syllabus into three part like one part in which new syllabus, in second you should add that part which need little time then in last that part add which is fully prepared and you need to give just one glance….

Ridhima: then…

Vansh: then divide days and give more time to new syllabus…..set up a duration till this day you have to finish all new syllabus and set time for second part and them third part…..then give your 100% to finish syllbus as you set and if in case your arn’t able to achievee the goal as you set then don’t panic or think you can’t do anything as you didn’t complete syllbus of first part….so leave that new syllabus and move to second part and try to finish that part before duration so that you can manage new syllabus in that only…..

Ridhima: jaan we didn’t able to achieve any of three goal then….

Vansh: in last part if you feel that you will not going to complete either of three goal then take out blue print and study according to marks….first prepare those part which contain high mark… this way you will have one chance to get at least passing marks…..

Ridhima: okay!!!

Slowly Ridhima drifted into sleep and vansh too…
Remaining 10 days are also passed and even she appeared for exams. Vansh always motivated her and made things easy for her. He use to wake her up her at night. He use to set three alarm not for himself but for his wife….firstly he use to wake up by alarm then he prepare coffee for her a so that she wake up fully and then he try to wake her up before time.

Vansh became soulmate and betterhalf of her in every means.
(Result and dinner date but who’s result and with whom dinner date?)

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