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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Jogi thinks Mahi injured Avnit

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 3rd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rupa comes to Seema’s room with Avnit. Rupa tells sorry to Avnit for all that happening with her. She says I am ashamed. Seema glares at Avnit. Rupa says you didn’t have to lie, you should have told us the truth. Avnit says Jogi was ready to leave you. I couldn’t separate a son from her mother that’s why I lied. Rupa tells Beeji that Mahi is still fighting with Jogi after knowing the truth but my Avnit lied because of this family. No one can be better than my Avnit for Jogi. Mahi can be a good daughter but she is not a good daughter in law. I would want Mahi as a daughter but Avnit is the one for me as a daughter in law. Seema is stunned hearing all that. Beeji asks Rupa to be careful before saying all that. Avnit glares at Seema and goes with Rupa.

Mahi and Renu come to the police station. Mahi pleads the inspector to leave Akash, that girl is lying. The inspector says he won’t be bailed easily, he tried to molest a girl. Akash says you should investigate, that girl is lying. The inspector slaps him and says we have a CCTV. Mahi asks him to stop it, my brother is innocent. The inspector says if he is taken to the court then nobody can save him. Mahi is stunned and says what have Jogi done..

Jogi comes to his room and recalls how Avnit so Jogi wouldn’t leave his family. Avnit comes there and sees him sadly sitting. She sits in front of him and asks what happened? She hugs him and his tears drip on her arm. Avnit is stunned and says you are crying? Jogi says I can’t even look at you. I can’t even look at myself. Avnit says don’t say all that, if you don’t look at me then where will I go? Jogi says I promised to always protect you. I never let you cry and today.. Avnit says it was not your fault. Let’s forget everything. Jogi says you tried to tell me the truth yesterday but I didn’t trust you. If I had listened to you then this wouldn’t have happened with you. Akash has hurt you because of me. Avnit says you were there when I needed you. You protected me. When I need you, you are always there. I will always be there for you as well. Jogi says I have broken our trust by doubting you. I was not a good friend, forgive me. Avnit hugs him and says don’t say all that. Jogi hugs her and says I am sorry. I won’t let anything bad happen with you now. Avnit smiles.

Scene 2
Akash is in the jail. Mahi tells him that she will take him out. Renu says his life can be destroyed. We should talk to Avnit, we can beg her to take the complaint back. Mahi says we won’t bow to her. Renu says what will we do then? Mahi says I know what to do. She takes a stick and leaves.

Avnit is in her room and says I hurt Jogi so I should be punished. She takes a belt and starts hitting herself. She says he was crying because of me that’s why I have to bleed now. I should be punished. She faints after beating herself.

Mahi and Renu come home. She asks where is Avnit? Rupa tries to stop her but Mahi goes to Avnit’s room and locks the door. She shouts that I will kill you Avnit. Where are you? Mahi breaks things in her room. Rupa and Jogi ask her to open the door. Mahi asks Avnit to take her complaint back otherwise she won’t spare her. Jogi breaks the door and sees Mahi holding a stick. Jogi turns to see Avnit lying in a corner and bleeding. Mahi is stunned.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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