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Tears made their way down

Scene shows Riddhima reaching terrace.

She took deep breath as was unable to.

Then turned to see Vansh,

He was laying down,

With his head over his hand,

Staring the sky,

As he normally always did.

He was a writer,so was really very close to nature.

She went to him ,and laid down besides him,resting her hand on the pillow of his arms,

The thoughts that had encircled her,

Were making her forehead frown,

But as she found dampness over her cheeks,

that frown passed from her forehead to Vansh’s.

She instantly,took deep breath to control over the tears.

Vansh:You should have stayed with mom for some days

Riddhima’s throat was choked. Still she took deep breaths

“No…I tried but…I could have only made her weak in this time.You know…I know it’s just two weeks till dad passed,still,I feel my tears will make her weak…I feel you men,(turning to him with a soft smile )I feel you are stronger in this sense. You all,dont let your tears appear.

He turned to her,

Smiling at her innocence,

Vansh: “Now who told you tears show weakness?”

Riddhima :I feel…I somewhere feel that they are. Just a sign of weakness.

Scrolling his finger through her cheeks,as showing the way to her tears to scroll,

Vansh : “Trust me,they are not,if you will give them the way,they will definitely help you out.”

Riddhima : I …I dont think that.

He just smiled , and Riddhima just controlled her tears,as if a symbol of strength,

Two years later,

When Vansh passed away in an accident

She reached the room

They both had made living ,

Finding the board and brushes,

From which her husband Vansh,used to write his magical ideas,

When she used to just adore his deep eyes,

Everything was throbbing her.

She lift up brushes,

“My heart would have got

Some pain out

If these tears,

Would have made their way down.

My dreams tied back

Would have freed out

If these tears,

Would have made their way down

My incessant thoughts

Would have got words about

If these tears,

Would have made their way down

My sleepless nights

Would have got some rest out

If these tears,

Would have made their way down

My unsaid feelings

Might have reached you out

If these tears…”

Brushes fell down,

and uncontrolled tears made their way,

Through the path that Vansh had drawn.

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