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Shakti 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Parmeet distracts Virat

Shakti 2nd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parmeet coming to the kitchen and telling Virat that Kareena told that we are guilty and you accepted, as she said this before her death. She says I will die and will tell you that we haven’t done anything and you will agree. She says I have kept you in my womb for 9 months, and that Heer became more dear to you than us, you thought of your brother as criminal. She says you thought us as criminals, your Dad is DSP. She says that Heer ruined us and you didn’t stop her, and she said everything that she is a kinner openly, written on the board and you agreed. She opens the gas. Sant Baksh says Parmeet. Virat says we can talk, don’t do this. Parmeet says Heer is everything for you, and now when she is not here, her family is everything. She says I don’t want to do. Virat says Maa you don’t need to do this. She keeps her pallu on the gas stove and stands crying. Virat pours the water on the gas stove and hugs her. He asks what were you doing Maa, don’t do this again. Sant Baksh and Daljeet smiles. Parmeet also smiles. Sant Baksh thinks you did good drama, but taken off my life too.

Virat asks Parmeet why did you do this. Parmeet says I am tired of giving test of a good mother. She says what will I do, if my own son doesn’t trust me. Sant Baksh asks her to calm down and says we were silent as we know that you will not believe us. He says you said that you know Soumya very well and says you know her since 4 days. He says how much you know us? He says since your marriage, they insulted us and raised hand on your mother and held your father’s collar, but we didn’t do anything. He says even we had loved and knows how much you love her, but it is your madness. He says we want her to come back and wants smile on your face and they accused us saying such things. Daljeet says what do you said that I had done mistakes and asks if I will do mistake always. He says we are also looking for Harman and Soumya. An old man comes there. Virat opens the door.

Harman tells Soumya that they are helpless and can’t punish the guilty. He says our family is unaware of it, what will happen when Preeto comes to know about this, she will die. He asks her to say. Soumya says we don’t have proof, but that doesn’t mean that she will not do justice. She says first they did wrong with Gitu and then with Heer. She says I will not wait for the law to get justice and says I will get them punished. Virat comes there and says I was searching you both. Harman asks do you get the proofs? Virat says yes. Harman says Sant Baksh, Parmeet and Daljeet will be punished. Virat asks what are you saying? He says Heer is alive and I will search her. He says Kareena lied before her death. He says Heer left the city with Gitu and her father.He says an old guy came home and gave Heer’s purse. He tells and a fb is sure. The old man tells that he has dropped the girl and she met another girl and an old man. Virat asks if he is sure? The old man says yes. Sant Baksh tells Virat that Heer is alive and she went from here to trouble us. Fb ends. Virat tells Harman that Heer is alive. Daljeet appreciates Parmeet for her plan. Parmeet says I made this plan when Kareena died. Soumya says I know what you are going through, but again your family lied. Virat says Kareena might have lied before her death. Harman tells Virat that his family lied to him as they know that he will believe them and will search Heer like mad. Soumya says we have to search her dead body and get her punished. Parmeet says I knew that once Kareena opens her mouth, then Harman and Soumya come here. She says when Harman raised hand on your dad, I provoked him, and Soumya raised hand on me. She says Virat needs to be there and saw everything. Daljeet says you are great. Parmeet says when Virat loves Heer so much, he will not believe that she is dead and says he will save us and became our shield. Virat hits his hand on the wall and says how can you think that Heer is dead and says that man saw her on the bus stop and she is alive. He says when I search her, then you will believe me, right. He requests them to stop calling his family as murderers till then.

Sant Baksh says none of your men shall get caught by police. He says your mom has made Heer alive in Virat’s sight and when he couldn’t get her, he will think that she has left him. Daljeet says I want to see what Harman and Soumya will do. Virat sits in the car and goes. Soumya stops Harman and says it is good that he went, else he will come in our way to get justice. Harman says he is Virat and he also loves Heer. Soumya says let him go, as justice is different for him.

Precap: Soumya swears to Mata Rani that she will get Sant Baksh, Daljeet and Parmeet punished and will wander on them like a death.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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