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Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 23)

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Recap – Sayi talks to Samrat.

Samrat – What is it Sayi?

Sayi – I met Virat sir today.

Samrat (concerned) – Are you alright? Did he hurt you again?

Sayi – No dada.. nothing of that sort happened. But… Something else happened.

Samrat – What happened?

Sayi shows her ring to him, and blushes.

Sayi – Virat sir proposed me.

Samrat was shocked, but then he was very happy. He wanted his little sister to always be happy like this.

Samrat – That’s really nice…

Sayi – I know right, the best thing that happened to me. Also dada, my results were also out today, and I scored really high this time!

Samrat (overwhelmed) – This is a great news Sayi! I’m very happy for you. Looks like, not seeing Virat these days is good only! You are able to concentrate in your studies.

Sayi – Arey dada, not at all. In fact, it was more difficult, because I imagined him everywhere in my room. There were few things that made me remind him.

Samrat – Ohhh, well that’s something personal. I’m not going to touch that because it’s your privacy.

Sayi nods.

Sayi – Dada, I have something else to tell you.

Samrat – Yes Sayi..

Sayi – Virat sir told me everything today! Like every single detail he told today.

Samrat – What did he say?

Sayi tells him everything, she tells about his promise also!

Samrat (nods) – Sayi, do you think virat is still indebted to you? Is that why he proposed you?

Sayi – No dada..

She recalls the memory, when Virat asked- “Ms Sayi Joshi, would like to be my better half? And this time I really mean it. No more responsibilities, no more promises. I’m asking you as how a man asks his woman! Will you be my better half?”

The memory ends.

Samrat looked satisfied.

Samrat – Now what should I do Sayi?

Sayi – That’s your decision dada. You have the right to decide.

Samrat – Yes, I have the right to decide. Enough of playing games with everyone.

Sayi – Dada, what are you planning?

Samrat – I’ll tell you. Before that, did you have your food?

Sayi – Not at all..I feel very hungry now.

Samrat – Virat didn’t buy for you anything?

Sayi (pouted) – No dada..He didn’t buy anything for me.

Samrat – Next time when I meet him, I’ll take his class.

Sayi (cheers) – Okayyy.

Samrat smiles and Sayi goes to have her food.

Samrat – Looks like the heavens wants me to meet Mrs. Samrat Chavan. Let’s do it then.

Sayi eats her food greedily.

Dadu sees that and laughs.

Dadu – Sayi, eat slowly. No one will snatch your food.

Sayi – I know dadu..Still it gives me more satisfaction to eat like this! (She chuckles)

Aarav comes by then.

Aarav – Oh wow food. I’m very hungry now.

Aarav was about to take a plate, when both dadu and Sayi hit him.

Sayi and dadu (together) – Don’t touch Mine/her food.

Aarav was startled.

Aarav – Okay, fine. I’m not teaching.

He grabs an apple and took a bite. He noticed the ring in Sayi’s finger.

Aarav (intentionally) – Sayi, that’s nice ring.

Sayi and dadu looks at him at the same time, dadu then shifted her gaze to the ring and frowned.

Dadu – Sayi what’s this?

Sayi – Um..Dadu.. Actually, Virat sir proposed me.

Dadu – What? How dare he?

Dadu calls out everyone and tells the same. Everyone looked at Sayi’s ring and was shocked.

Advay- Sayi, how can you accept him after all this happened?

Sayi – bhaiya, he cleared all the misunderstanding.

Advay – So?

Sayi – So I’m no more angry at him.

Advay – So?

Sayi – So I accepted him again.

Dadu sighed….

Dadu – What happened has happened? Why do you want to repeat the same mistake again Sayi?

Sayi – Dadu, he’s really a good person. You’ll also like him when you meet him.

Everyone sighs except Samrat. He noticed that Virat is not the only thing that was disturbing him.

After some time, dadu asked everyone to go back to their rooms. Samrat, Sayi and Aarav stood back.

Sayi (glaring at Aarav) – All this happened because of you!

Aarav – Are you blaming me?

Sayi – Not at all. In fact, I’m being thankful.

Aarav – Why?

Sayi – I didn’t know how to bring up the issue. Yoh actually helped me solve a big thing.

Aarav – You think they’ll agree to it?

Sayi – Of course yes.

Aarav – Don’t be this confident. There are somethings which you aren’t aware of.

Sayi – What are those?

Aarav – That I can’t say. You’ll find it soon.

Samrat looked disturbed, he know that something big had happened before between these two families.

Precap –

(Paakhi and Virat in a park)

Paakhi – Virat, since you decided to divorce Sayi. Accept me na. I’ll keep you safe and calm. I won’t be like her, who keeps nagging every now and then.

Virat – I love her Patralekha, and don’t you dare compare her with you! She’s much better than you in every aspect.

Aarav notices them, clicks a picture and sends it to Sayi. Sayi is shocked.

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