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Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simar asks herself not to cry and says Aarav ji was never hers. Aarav asks himself why he is getting tears when she was never his. He wipes his tears. Simar comes out of the bathroom and asks where is badi maa, I made coffee for her. She asks shall I go to her room and give her coffee. Badi Maa talks to Gopi’s photoframe and says whenever she has felt this, she gets shaken up and is afraid of love. She says Aarav tried to hide from me and promised me, but I saw love in his eyes for that girl Simar. She says I have to take that girl’s love from his heart. Simar comes there. Badi Maa keeps the photo frame inside the cupboard and sits on the rocking chair. Simar says I have brought your coffee and keeps it on the table. Badi Maa says I don’t want. Simar says you have asked me and Maharaj ji said that you like to drink at night. Badi Maa says I know that you have heard about Aarav and my conversation and says you have to leave in 15 days, and tells that she will not come in her sweet talks. Simar tells Badi Maa that she knows what could be Aarav ji’s answer and he can do anything for your happiness, that’s why he is different from others. She asks her not to worry and says neither I love Aarav ji nor he loves me and he will fulfill your promise in any circumstances. She comes near Badi Maa and says I know you are upset with me and asks if she can forget for a moment that she is Aarav ji, and whom she hates. She asks her to remember for a moment about the girl whom you made wear necklace seeing her qualities. Badi Maa gets emotional. Simar tells that she likes her very much and appreciates her courage. She says you please drink that coffee for that. She says our connection of bahu and wife will end, but you will remember my qualities after I leave. She goes. Badi Maa takes the coffee and drinks. She thinks this girl makes nice coffee.

Roma tells Lalit about Shobha firing the Servant. He says he will talk to her. He asks her to have kulfi. She drops the kulfi on the floor mistakenly. Lalit asks her to share kulfi with him. He then shares her kitchen work.

Avinash recalls and the judge voice echoes in his ears. Indu asks how is he? Just then phone rings. Indu takes the call and says hello.. Aditi doesn’t speak. Gagan takes the call. Aditi says she couldn’t stop herself from calling him and asks how is she? He says he is fine. Aditi insists to meet him. He says now your family is angry and says they will meet later. Reema thinks of her moments with Vivaan. She is about to write letter to him and begins writing that she wants to tell him truth from the start. Vivaan wakes up and comes to her. Reema hugs him and hides the letter. He says our relation has taken to new level. She says she wants to say something. Chitra signs her to be silent. Reema says good night. Vivaan says just goodnight. Reema thinks she has to leave Vivaan.

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