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Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun ready to destroy Karan’s image

Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arjun arrives at the academy. He sees the function going on and a high alert at the entrance. Arjun says Karan is scared of me entering here but he can’t stop me. He drives away from there. Diya enters the academy function. Arjun comes back outside the venue wearing a cap. He finds a wall on the backside and goes there. While Diya gets stopped by the guard who asks for her ID. She says I am a badminton player and I won the competition in Jamshedpur. The guard let’s her go inside.

Karan Mathur arrives at the academy function. The media gathers around him. Diya tries to talk to him but he leaves with his security. Diya say he must be busy.

Arjun comes to the backside gate and sees it locked. He jumps on the gate and goes inside.

Diya enters the academy and looks around for Karan. She asks about the inquiry office but everyone has gone from there. Diya stops an official and asks what can she do to get a job here? The official says these players have no passion for the sport, they just want jobs like we can just hand out it to her. Diya says I am a very good player. The official asks her to prove it then. You can give us 3 lacs to get a membership. Diya says I didn’t come here to buy a job but to get it on the basis of my talent. He laughs at her and leaves. Diya recalls how Arjun said that only money wins here and not talent.

Arjun comes to the auditorium but only people with IDs can enter. He tries to think of something when he sees media entering there. He joins their group and gets an ID. The guard lets him go inside. Arjun thinks I am here to meet Karan now and he can’t stop me.

Karan is going to the auditorium and tells his security that I don’t need any trouble today. There will be government officials there so Arjun cannot enter here. The security head says we have tight security.

Niharika asks her husband Khush to take her shopping. He says we can go on the weekend. Niharika says I have to do shopping for Janmashtami. Amitabh gets a call from a government offical Khurrana and says you are in Kolkata? I am going to come there too. He ends the call and tells his son and Khurrana wants to have a meeting with me. Karan Mathur and Khurrana will be there at the foundation ceremony at Kolkata academy. After the incident with Karan here, he is not too happy. I have invested a lot in the project so I have to appease Khurrana. He recalls how Arjun said he is going to release a movie and he would be the action hero. Amitabh understands that Arjun is going to the badminton academy because Karan is there. Amitabh asks Madhuri to call Arjun and ask him to come back. Deepika calls him but he doesn’t pick up. Amitabh says if Arjun creates any scene there then we will be in trouble. Arjun gets Deepika’s call but tries to ignore it. He thinks I have to keep them calm. He leaves the auditorium and takes Madhuri’s call. She asks where are you? Arjun says I am at a park and watching a football match. Don’t worry, I will come back soon, he ends the call. Madhuri tells Amitabh that he is watching a match, nothing is wrong.

Diya says to herself that these people take bribe to give membership to the players. I have to tell this to Karan. This is wrong. Diya turns around to see Mounika there. Mounika says what are you doing here? Diya glares at her recalling how her father insulted Mohan and fired him.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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