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RIANSH (They Have No Boundaries) E36 (RIDDHIMA LEAVES)

So I’m here with new update. Also over with teacher’s day program! Hope you all are doing well, keep praying for my exams that I’m having from 21st September 😊

Episode starts with:

VR Mansion: Author’s POV;

Riddhima entered the room and was shocked to see Vansh lying lifelessly on his bed murmuring something, and found the entire family surrounding him, Angre said..

Angre: Thank God bhabhi you are here I was about to call you.

Riddhima:(running towards the bed) But what happened to Vansh?

Kabir: Actually….

Ajay: Let’s leave that Riddhima, you just sit with him, he’ll get fine.

Uma: She should know Ajay!

Riddhima: (sitting besides Vansh/with tears) Please tell what has happened to him?

(Kabir told Riddhima everything, she was beyond shaken and said..)

Riddhima:(kissing Vansh’s hand/crying) This all is because of me. If I’ll stay near Vansh he’ll again have to face this. I’m going and I promise I’ll never come back to him Otherwise he’ll be in danger again. I Love You ❤️

(Saying so she pecks Vansh’s forhead and runs out of the Mansion, Followed by Vyom and Shreya..)

Shreya: I’ll try to make her understand, take care!(she goes)

Kabir: What problem they both have, first Riddhima was in danger so he left her, now Vansh was in danger so she left him. What the hell is going here?

Uma: This is true love.

Ajay: And see Vansh’s already revived back, he’ll gain conscious is one hour.

Siya: And then what will we tell to Bhaiya about Riddhima?

Aryan: exactly he’ll get angry on us for letting her go, infact for telling her the truth of Palace.

Vansh: Rid..dhima.. Swee…thea. rt!!(Weakly/opening eyes)

(Angre helps Vansh in getting Vansh up, he made him sit comfortably and said..)

Angre: Glad you gained conscious Boss.

Siya: How are you feeling bhaiya?

Aryan: We all were so scared.

Uma: you shouldn’t have pit your life on stake my Son 🥺

Ajay: You proved to be a great Master for our Clan!

Kabir: Yeah and..

Vansh: Stop it all of you please! Siya, Aryan I’m fine now, thankyou dad, Mom I just fulfilled my duties as a Master. And now before Kabir you say anything I just want to Know where is Riddhima? I could smell her Fragrance, but where is she?

(All were scared and said stammering, afraid of Vansh’s reaction..)

Kabir: Actually she came here,

Angre: She saw you like this lying lifelessly,

Uma: On my insistance…

Ajay: Kabir told her the entire truth about..

Aryan: What all happened with you and why…

Siya: Considering herself the reason, she left from here crying saying that she won’t return back to you..

Vansh: What? Why did you all tell her the truth 😤 didn’t you all know that she’ll leave me after this, she’s very soft she can’t see anyone in pain because of herself, she loves me so much still to protect me she left and none of you bothered to stop him, I can even smell Warewolves in my room..

Angre: Boss Shreya mad Vyom accompanied Bhabhi..

Aryan: And Shreya said that she’ll talk to bhabhi.

Vansh:(getting up from bed weakly) Angre take me to Riddhima now, as I don’t have my powers and you all stop uttering nonsense, she won’t listen to anyone, I’ll see you all once I come back but now my priority is to meet Riddhima.

Angre: Let’s go Boss.

Siya: Take care Bhaiya.

(Vansh pats Siya’s cheeks and leaves with Angre to meet Riddhima..)

In Car:

Angre (driving): Boss don’t worry she’ll not go away from you.

Vansh: I know but currently she’s blaming herself for my health and I don’t want my Baby Girl to suffer all this. She looks Perfect being happy and carefree. Faster Angre, Faster.

(Meanwhile in Riddhima’s room she was sitting on Floor hugging Shreya and crying inconsolablly, Vyom said..)

Raichand Palace:

Vyom: Calm down Ridz, you only took the decision of leaving Vansh and now you are crying bitterly. Don’t cry please.

(Listening this she starts Crying more and shivering, Shreya said..)

Shreya: She’s again having panic attacks..

(Vansh enters from the window and calls..)

Vansh: Riddhima…

(Riddhima heard his voice and without thinking anything she ran to be lost in his peaceful embrace which she missed for an entire day, Vansh kissing her head and rubbing her back said..)

Vansh: Shh! I’m fine Sweetheart. Kuch nhi hua mujhe tumhare pyaar ne bacha liya ❤️

Riddhima:(breaking the hug) No! No Vansh (panicking) This all happened because of me. Just Go away, I’ll never let you in danger again, go, go…

(Before Riddhima could continue, Vansh sealed their lips together, Vyom, Shreya and Angre stood shocked and left them alone, Riddhima and Vansh started kissing each other passionately pouring all the love and pain, as soon as Riddhima ran short of breath Vansh left her, he made her sit on the bed and said..)

Vansh: Will you be able to survive without me? Because I can’t.

Riddhima: Never 🥺

Vansh: I’ve already done this mistake Riddhima and we both suffered alot, not again now. Finally things are sorted. We can be together.

Riddhima: It’s time you give me my birthday gift.

Vansh: 10 days before? Okay fine tell what you want..


Episode Ends!


Tell me your theories regarding the precap, What SHOCKING will Riddhima ask as her bday gift?

Hope you all liked it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciation is needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😚😚 All!

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