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Nima Denzongpa 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update

Nima Denzongpa 2nd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Suresh scolds Nima for being careless and leaves. Nima cries and goes from there. Sunita praises Tulika.

Nima is consoling her daughter and says why does everyone think I am a liar? What never happened, it happened today. Suresh never scolded me and today he shouted at me. I am a mother then how can I think of hurting another baby? How could he not trust me? She hugs her baby and cries.

Tulika is calling her friend and says my mother in law is not at home so I am at peace. Nima is cleaning the house. Tulika gets pain cramps and screams. Nima gets worried for her and tries to call Suresh but he doesn’t pick up so Nima takes her to the hospital.

Suresh and Sunita come to the hospital. Nima says she is in the OT. The doctor comes there and says Tulika is totally fine as you brought her on the right time. Suresh says thank you Nima. Sunita says go and meet your wife, leave her here. Nima says yes, go to her. Can you give me your phone, I have to talk to kids. He gives it to her. Suresh comes to Tulika, she cries and says I am in so much pain. Suresh says Nima brought you here. Tulika says she is ill-fated, just throw her out of here. Sunita says go now.
Suresh comes to Nima. She asks how is Tulika? He says she is fine but she doesn’t want you here, I am sorry. Nima says it’s okay. She gives him his phone and leaves from there.

Nima comes home. She thanks the neighbor Sarla for taking care of the kids. Sarla asks why did you come here alone? Nima says Tulika sent me home. Sarla says you should open your eyes, Suresh is following her around. Nima says Suresh is going through a lot. Sarla says just think if she has a boy then what she will do.

Tulika gives birth to a boy. She is happy. The doctor tells Sunita and Suresh. They are happy.

Nima is sitting with her daughters. Suresh comes home and packs Tulika’s bag. He ignores his daughters. He asks Nima to pack her bag. He is on the call with people congratulating him.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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