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Meet 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Manushti says yes to Meet Ahlawat

Meet 3rd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meet Ahlawat in his car smells sweets, Meet hiding in his car, Meet Ahlawat says I am going to meet her so may be I smell sweetness, Meet Ahlawat drops his phone behind and tries to pick it, Meet hides and slowly puts phone in his hand, Meet Ahlawat touched someones finger but thinks its all in his mind.

Manushi meets Meet Ahlawat family, Manu looks at Babita, Masum and everyone Jewellery and thinks this family looks so rich, Amma says Manu take blessings, Manu takes blessings, Babita says we liked you and you looks so cultured come sit with us, Masum signs Babita, Babita says we liked your daughter Anubha, we have Shagun for her. Babita says we want to give these gold jewellery, diamond and silk sarees as Shagun, Masum thinks they will accept for sure and they all will learn these are gold diggers, Manu happy to see her Shagun.

Meet Ahlawat applies breaks, Meet falls over him, Meet smiles at him, Meet Ahlawat starts laughing and says wear this Hatori fall from and pushes her on the side seat, and says what are you doing here, Meet asks whats wrong, Meet Ahlawat says now I know why your friends were creating drama, you want to kidnap, Meet says who will pay me for you, anyways drop me at next chowk, Meet Ahlawat says get out, Meet says you are reason my bike is in garage, now drop me and don’t stare at me and now quickly drop me, Meet Ahlawat says its my final exam so get out, Meet says I am not getting down, I will be quiet and your work will be done 100%, now drop me. Meet Ahlawat thinks he shouldn’t argue and just drop her and get rid of her. Meet says don’t waste time let’s go. Meet Ahlawat starts car.

Anubha says sorry, we just want a son and not all this, all this is so pretty what will we do with all this, Masum says aunty don’t feel uncomfortable, its Mom’s gift, like giving her respect she will be happy. Amma says respect can’t be compared with gold, we just want a good family, Babita says I agree.

Meet Ahlawat drops Meet, Meet before leaving lookd at Meet Ahlawat and says he was helpful and gives him sweet and says have a sweet you will have your work done, Isha calls Meet, Meet says I’m on my way. Meet gives him box of sweet and says if your work is done eat this and thank me, Meet Ahlawat says you give me someone else’s parcel, Meet says good luck leave.

Masum takes a round in Meets family and turns on water tap to finish their water. Babita says to Manu, Meet is around he will be back soon, Manu’s family get confused, Amma whispers look they know about Meet, Amma hears door bell and goes to check thinking its Meet and doesn’t open door and says go away.
Meet calls Anubha in kitchen, Anubha confused says you are here then who is at door and goes to check. Amma sees Meet Ahlawat and asks who are you, Meet Ahlawat says I am Meet, Babita says he is our son, Amma welcomes him in and apologise.

Manu looks at Meet Ahlawat and says I already had one Meet to ruin my life and now one more. Manu walks down to Meet Ahlawat, he can’t get eyes of her and thinks she will be my perfect match. Amma says Manu he is Meet, show him our house and you two spend sometime. Babita says Meet go, Manu goes with Meet Ahlawat.

Meet with friends and says I am having so much thought, how Manu Didi must be dressed, her friends says enough you have so many questions.

Manu looks at Meet Ahlawat his watch, phone and is impressed and thinks he has so many branded things on him, Meet Ahlawat says you are very pretty, prettier than the other day, Manu asks when did we meet, Meet says at Robin Paji’s party. Meet slowly sneaks through window to see how the boy looks.
Manu remember Kunal introducing her as his girlfriend in Robin’s party and says to Meet Ahlawat, I guess there is some confusion it wasn’t me, might be someone else, Meet Ahlawat says no confusion by the way you sing so good, I mean you should be singer. Manu says yes it was me, thanks for the compliment, Meet Ahlawat says I would like to hear you again.

Manu sees Meet sneaking in window and says I didn’t sing, and closes door and says I mean I know more about you, tell me more about you, Meet Ahlawat says K studied in London and higher education here because I missed my family and I drive Santro because its my father’s car and win like he is, and want to be boss of my company and love cricket, I am a fan of cricket. Manu thinks he has such middle class choice couldn’t he say golf or polo. Meet Ahlawat says I want to see cricket in Lord stadium, Manu thinks he doesn’t spend on himself what he will do on me. Meet Ahlawat asks did she like him. Manu gets call from Kunal.
Meet opens window door and sees there is no one.

Manu and Meet Ahlawat get down to everyone, Manu says yes to Meet Ahlawat. Everyone very happy. Meet Ahlawat says thank you to Manu.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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