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Hi guys, here we go with Episode 8 of this SS hope you’ll will like it and will enjoy reading it.

Episode Starts With:

Vansh was in his study thinking about his lady love who have stolen his heart so badly.

His POV:

Today officially I will mark you for me self my love. Today is our engagement and I’m so happy today. I promise you my love that I will give you worlds every happiness which you deserves. I know you have went through a lot in you life but not any more. I love you.

His POV Ends:

Ishani who was passing through the study saw him lost him in his thoughts. And in her khurafaati dimaag she thought to tease him.

She went inside and took her phone.

Ishani: Haan riddhu bhabhi, Haan I saw him engrossed in some other girl what how can I do this. Haan mujhe pata hai ki wo kisi aur ladki ke bare mein soch rhe the but fir bhi how can I kick him?

Ishani said and in no second Vansh snatched the phone from her hand.

Vansh: Hello sweetheart, I swear I didn’t thought about any other girl rather than you. Hello! Hello!

And Ishani burst into laugh while Vansh glared her angrily.

Ishani: Sorry bhai I was just teasing you. OK leave this all and get ready for the engagement your love will be waiting for you.

Ishani said and winked at him while he blushed.

At Riddhima’s Room:

Riddhima was sitting in front of her mirror admiring herself while getting ready for the engagement wearing a light pink coloured lehenga, hair tied in  a bun, a heavy necklace on her neck with earrings in her ears and a bracelet in her wrist gifted her by her Vansh.

Just than someone came inside and hugged her from behind and smiled at her on which she smiled back.

Riddhima: Radhika di (Radhika1002🤣).

She Whispered while tear rolled down from her eyes.

Radhika: My little sister have grown so much. Look at her she is going to become someone’s wife. I love you baby.

Riddhima: I love you too, didu. Please come back to me.

She said and was about to hugged her but Radhika got vanished in thin air and reality hit hard to Riddhima. Her sister was no more with her she can’t come to her to love. She remembered her sibling fight with Radhika & their love and cried.

After sometime she cleaned her tears and went to the hall where Vansh was waiting for her.

Vansh looked at her with pure love and affection.

Riddhima came on stage and gave her hand to Vansh smiling at him. They both slided rings in each other’s finger smiling at each other.

Then every one enjoyed the party while dancing, talking and talking. After some time all went to their respective rooms.

Riddhima was sitting in the balcony staring at the moon. Vansh came there and saw her sad and hugged her.

Vansh: What happened to my Sweetheart?

Riddhima: Nothing jaan.

She replied casually.

Vansh: I have promised you Riddhima that I will never let you sad, tell naa what happened? I know you more than you know yourself. So tell.

Riddhima: You know Vansh, my family was my strength and I loved them the most but after that horrible accident I lost them. I loved my Sister my Radhu di a lot but I lost them. You know when I was a kid I used to share my secrets with her. I always tell her that one day a prince charming will come in my life and will love me a lot. And she always said me that when he will come in my life she will get me ready like a princess. And look at my fate my prince charming is here but I don’t have her so that she can make me a princess.

She said and through herself in his arms and cried while he kissed her forehead and provided her his warmth  and comfort.

Precap: Riansh Marriage, Ahana is……

So how was it hope you’ll liked it do leave your reviews in the comment section and please do vote for it.

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