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Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Arun Visits Maithili’s House

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 2nd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maithili notices all tea up handles broken. Singhal says let us have tea now. Maithili says she forgot to add ginger in tea and will bring new one in 5 minutes. He agrees. She prepares new tea and serves it in different cups. Singhal loves it. Rani taunts Jwala that her plan failed. Bhanu thinks its time to execute Jwala’s next plan and brings hotel food to exchange it after Jwala spoils Maithili’s prepared food. Jwala mixes kasuri methi in Maithili’s dish and thinks guests will hate Maithili’s bitter dish. Singhal informs Maithili that a special is on the way for her. Arun remembering Maithili marrying Raghav against his wish thinks of returning back home. Singhal calls him and asks him to reach soon if he is his true friend as he has promised Maithili’s family. Arun agrees hesitantly.

Back at Raghav’s house, Maithili continues chatting with Signhal. Jwala asks Singhal to tell if his gift is small or big as she need to make space for it. He says his surprise will spoil else. Chanchal says let us play a game till gift arrives. Singhal agrees and asks what game. Chanchal says couple game. Jwala scolds him. Singhal likes his idea. Chanchal explains that a wife will be blindfolded and she needs to identify her husband by touching hands. Rani tries first but fails to identify Bhanu. Bhanu says she couldn’t identify him even with his gold rings. Maithili remembers goon who snatched her certificates wearing similar rings. All couples fail. Chanchal says its Raghav and Maithili’s turn now. Jwala gets jealous. Raghav denies. Singhal insists. Chanchal blindfolds Maithili. Maithili walks around all males and holds Raghav’s hands. Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhage.. song plays in the background. Chanchal removes Maithili’s blindfold. She gets happy holding Raghav’s hands. Singhal says this is best couple.

Raghav and Maithili get engrasped in each other’s eyes. Singhal says his surprise has arrived. Maithili gets happy seeing Arun, runs and hugs him emotionally. Arun also gives up and hugs her emotionally, but then pushes her back remembering Jwala insulting him. Maithili feels sad. Singhal says Maithili became a statue in shock. Maithili tries to touch Arun’s feet, but he backs off and says when everyone’s shoes are outside, why his shoes are in. Jwala says he is right, Maithili made a new rule. Arun removes shoes and says life won’t stop with stranger leaving. Maithili gets teary eyed. Raghav thinks why Arun is behaving with Maithili like this.

Precap: Guest praises that Raghav is lucky to have such a nice wife. Arun says she is right. Singhal asks if he can adopt Maithili. Jwala says he needs to pay a hefty amount. Maithili acts romantic with Raghav in front of guest. Raghav thinks why is she doing this. Jwala then complains that Maithili spoilt food to defame them in front of guests.

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