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KKB (You are so special) Part 1

Soo……..the story starts were abhi appointed parchi as an employee……..

Morning in kohli Mansion
(Note all were there except reha she went to a trip and purab went to a business trip )

Abhi- vikarm did u find any designer???
Vikram- sorry abhi I totally forgot abhi
Vikram Thinks
( )
Vikram- pragya ji
Pragya- haaa
Vikram-what you work I mean what is your profession
Pragya- I am an designer and I have a small company name Arora’s
Vikram- wow that’s great
Pragya- thank you mr. kohli
Vikram- if I want any designer I will call you
Pragya- ya sure this is my card you can call me any time
Vikram- thank you
( )

Vikram -wait abhi
Vikram- wait abhi I have someone she is also a designer if you want I call her
Abhi-first call her
Vikram-wait I will call her and come
Abhi- ok
Vikram went and dialed Pragya’s number
Vikram- hello is this miss arora
Pragya- yes
Vikram- hello Pragya ji this is vikram kohli
Pragya- hello Mr. Kohli
Vikram- sorry to disturb you
Pragya- that’s fine Mr. Kohli
Vikram- are you free now???
Pragya- yaaa tell me Mr. Kohli
Vikram- Pragya ji will you be designer at my company
Pragya- yaa sue why not
Vikram- okk come to my home
Pragya- yaaa sure I will be in 20 mins
Vikram- okk
Ended the call
Vikram- abhi she will be in 20 mins
Abhi- okkk
After 20 mins pragya came
She was wearing

She was looking beautiful
She came
Abhi pov’s- why I am feeling that my fuggi is near me…….
Stup up abhi she is not here you are thinking to much
Vikram saw pragya coming towards him
Vikram- hello Pragya ji
All Mehra’s were stunned after hearing Pragya’s name
All mehra’s and Abhi turned back
Saw pragya coming towards them and she was searching her mobile in her bag she didn’t noticed mehra’s she took her mobile she saw all mehra’s and shocked Pragya saw abhi and memories hit her how he thrown her out of the house and song plays(tum hi ho)
Vikram- aree pragya ji why are you standing come sit
Pragya- haa
Vikram- so abhi she is the designer for our company
Abhi was not listening he was seeing Pragya
Vikram- abhi
Abhi came back to sense
Abhi- haa
Vikram- I said she is our designer for our company
Abhi- okk
Vikram- Pragya ji this is Abhishek prem mehra my business partner
Pragya- hello Mr mehra
Abhi felt hurt
Vikram- Pragya ji did you bring designs?????
Pragya- hoo I forgot to bring my laptop designs is in my laptop wait I call my assistant she will bring my laptop
Vikram- okk
Pragya called her assistant
Pragya- hello priya
Priya- yes mam
Pragya- priya can you please bring my laptop to kohli mansion
Priya- yes mam can you tell where is laptop
Pragya- yaa it’s in my home go there and bring
Priya- ok mam give me 20 mins i will bring mam
Pragya- okk (she ended the call) vikram ji she will come soon
Vikram- okk
Pragya was sitting on sofa she gets a call from parchi
Pragya – yes sweetheart
Parchi- Maa where are you
Pragya- sorry sweetheart I forgot to inform you I am at work
Parchi- Maa u should have told me na
Pragya- achaa baba sorry next time I will inform you ok
Prachi- ok
Pragya- Acha byee take care
(Pragya ended the with parchi)
Alia whispers to abhi
Alia- bhai I think she had found someone richer then you
Abhi- stup up alia
Alia felt angry
That time Pragya’s assistant came
Priya- Pragya mam
Pragya- yes
Priya- mam this is your laptop and charger
Pragya- thank you priya you can go
Priya left
Pragya- vikarm ji and Mr mehra these are the designs you can select
Vikram- yaa sure abhi
Abhi was not listening
Vikram taps abhi’s shoulder and abhi came back to senses
Vikram- abhi what were you lost i am calling you from 5 mins
Abhi- noting tell me
Vikram- see this are the designs you can select
Abhi- ok
Abhi selected the designs and showed to Pragya
Abhi- vikarm see this are the designs
Vikram- nice abhi Pragya ji these are the designs you can start your work from today
Pragya- when do want all the designs
Vikram- day after tomorrow
Pragya- okk
She started to work has it is afternoon everyone are sitting at dinning table to do lunch
Abhi was seeing Pragya
Abhi pov’s- fuggi I can’t believe that you sitting in front of me and you changed alot you are looking stunning you know fuggi how much i missed and our daughter i don’t how she look what’s her name and reha miss you so much
Abhi was smileing

Precap- Prachi’s scolding

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