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Kkb episode 48 (Love of Life)

In the previous episode Rhea confessed her crimes and was begging before Prachi and Shahana for forgiveness, everyone present over there had tears in their eyes. Ishaan was standing at the entrance with tears in his eyes, he turns to leave but stops on hearing something, he turns around and was shocked.

Abhi goes near Rhea who was still sitting on the floor holding her hands and crying while asking for forgiveness, he picks her up with a jerk which scares Rhea, she was crying continuously.. Abhi looks at her with eyes full of rage and anger, Rhea looks at him and gets scared very much, Abhi starts scolding her. Followed by Pallavi.

Pallavi – We trusted you so much but you, you such wrong things, because of you we started to hate an innocent soul.
Abhi – And how can you do this? How just answer me Rhea.

Rhea stands their still while crying continuously, Abhi was getting annoyed at looking at Rhea’s behavior, he asks her to answer but on getting on reply he raises his hand and was about to slap her when someone stops him. The person was revealed to be Prachi.. She comes in front of Rhea while still holding Abhi’s hand. She gives him an angry look and puts down his hand with a jerk, Rhea was still sobbing.. Everyone including Ishaan was shocked to look at the scene.

“And the award for best dramebaaz family of the year goes to ‘Mehra and Kohli family’ ” says Prachi.

“What happened why you people are not clapping? Okay if you don’t want to clap then I won’t force you, let me only clap for you guys. ” says Prachi.

She starts clapping while everyone looked at her with a confused and surprised look.

“Did I say something wrong? Well I don’t feel that I said something wrong , I was just telling what you guys  really are. You people can just act and do nothing more than that. And you Mr. Mehra (turning towards Abhi) listen I don’t need your fake concern and love so please just stop acting. And what do you think by slapping Rhea everything will be okay? Just tell me can you bring back my respect, my position back which I lost? Haan tell me. ” says Prachi.

Abhi stands there silently as he did not have the answer to Prachi’s questions.

“Your silence is telling me everything, the answer is no Mr. Mehra, no you can’t bring back everything which I lost, I wish that you were with me when I needed you the most, when I was shattered but at that time you were busy in preparing for your wedding with some other lady. You know because of you everything got over, only because of you, if you wouldn’t have agreed to marry Meera aunty then this wouldn’t have been the situation. And now I don’t need your fake concern, you are coming after all this happened, I wished you were there to support me when this was about to happen. Now I know each one of you nicely, you people are not trustworthy nor can you trust anyone. ” says Prachi with a tears scrolling from her eyes.

“Dad didn’t do anything it was all because of me. ” says Rhea in a shattered tone.

Prachi looks at Rhea and then turns towards everyone.

“Prachi forgive me, I am really sorry I did it by mistake and I was influenced by whatever Rhea told us.” says Pallavi.

“Ohh really aunty, you didn’t know the truth that’s why you did it, ohh so sorry I should have told you everything, sorry my foot, what do you people consider yourself, whatever comes to your mind without thinking anything you do that, if I slap you in public and say sorry after that making a lame excuse that I did it by mistake, then how would you feel? , would you forgive me? Well I know the answer is no only, then why do you people expect that I should forgive you, first insult me or slap me and then coming up with your shameless faces to ask for forgiveness. And I don’t think that you are a small child that you will be influenced by what people tell you. You people never trusted me,if you would have then you won’t need any proof for my innocence but you demanded it. And let me tell whatever Rhea did is because of Mr. Mehra, because of his wrong upbringing, he thought that he was the only one who was suffering but forgot that he had a little daughter to look after, he just thought of himself and allowed people to manipulate her (looking at  Aliya). And now I don’t want anyone to speak anything against Rhea, no one should shout at her or slap her (looks at Abhi) I know some people will break the alliance (looks at Kohlis) but this shouldn’t happen because now everything is shattered and by doing this nothing will be right. You people have already ruined my life so now please don’t ruin my sisters life. ” says Prachi.

Saying this Prachi leaves from there, she didn’t say even a single word to Rhea,  everyone standing over there bent their head in guilt for misunderstanding Prachi,they were regretting their behaviour towards Prachi. But someone was sweating badly, it was Aliya, no one noticed it and even Aliya’s name in Rhea’s confession went unnoticed as all the focus was on Prachi’s talk. Abhi leaves from there with moist eyes followed by Pragya. Then everyone over there look at Rhea and give an angry look and leave from there to their respective rooms. Rhea falls on her knees and cries bitterly, Ishaan standing at the entrance was left heartbroken on seeing his ladylove in that condition, he was about to enter mansion but stops , someone seizes her hand on Rhea’s shoulder, Rhea looks at the person and cries her heart out while hugging that person. Ishaan not able to see it anymore leaves from there with a heavy heart.

“I am sorry dii, I know I am really bad…I am sorry dii…” says Rhea in a broken voice while still crying and hugging Kiara.

Kiara wasn’t able to see Rhea in that condition , she didn’t know the whole truth but Rhea’s confession brought tears in her eyes.

“Shh..calm down Rhea and stop crying.” says Kiara while consoling Rhea.

She takes Rhea to her room and after a many trails she was able to make her quite, Kiara wipes Rhea’s tears and hugs her tightly.

“Rhea what was Prachi saying, dad and Meera aunty ? I didn’t understand it. ” asks Kiara in a calm voice.

Rhea looks at Kiara with teary eyes, but it was something which she thought Kiara should know, she wipes her tears and clears her throat.

“21 years ago, after the incident in which you fell down the cliff, mom and dad were shattered, they both started to blame each other for your death which eventually led  to their seperation, mom took away Prachi with her and I was with dad. And then after 20 years Prachi came to Delhi for education purpose and what happened after that you know. When I found that Prachi’s mom is my mom I was very happy but then I remembered that she was the one who left me for Prachi, she didn’t love me at all and in my misunderstanding and childish behavior I asked dad to marry Meera aunty, I emotionally blackmailed him after which he agreed, Prachi begged before dad to stop the marriage but he didn’t do that because of me, after which Prachi left and she started to hate dad. It happened because of me dii.” says Rhea emotionally.

Kiara was shocked and hell angry, she consoles Rhea and asks her to take rest here only but Rhea insists to go to her room, to which Kiara agrees and drops her to the room and herself leaves to confront Abhigya.

While on the other side .

In Ranbir’s room.
Ranbir was sitting on his bed thinking about what Rhea told and recalling Prachi’s talks. He had tears in his eyes. He was lost in his thoughts when suddenly someone knocks at his door which catches his attention, someone enters in, Ranbir gets emotional on seeing that person, he goes near her and looks at her with eyes full of care and concern. The girl doesn’t say anything but hugs him and starts crying .

“I am sorry Ranbir. ” says the girl while hugging him.

“No please just don’t say this, I am sorry Prachi, I left you when you needed me the most. ” says Ranbir emotionally.

Prachi looks at him and hugs him more tightly.

“I love you Ranbir, I love you please don’t leave me. ” says Prachi emotionally.

“I love you too Prachi. ” says Ranbir while tightening the hug. They both share a passionate hug.
(Sapna tha 😂😂… It will be true very soon.)

“Ranbir.” calls out someone from outside the door which brings Ranbir out of his dreamland, he realises that he was just dreaming about Prachi and gets tears in his eyes. He then wipes his tears and goes to the door to see who was at the door and gets angry on seeing the person.

“Listen I don’t want to talk to you so better leave me alone. ” says Ranbir in an angry tone.

“Ranbir please listen to me, I am sorry. ” says someone

“Mom because of you everything is over, I was shouting that Prachi can’t do that but you never believed me, I and Prachi seperated because of your stuborness. What you want to talk now? ” says Ranbir.

“Ranbir forgive me. ” says Pallavi.

Ranbir doesn’t say anything and leaves from there while Pallavi was left heart broken she was feeling extremely guilty and was regretting her behavior towards Prachi.

While on the other side.
Ishaan was standing outside the Srinivasan Mansion, he recalls everything what he saw in Mehra Mansion, Rhea’s confession and Prachi’s words. He gets tears in his eyes. He wipes his tears and enters the mansion.

“Ishaan bhaiya come na lunch is ready. ” says Mishti with a smile while serving the food to other family members.

Ishaan doesn’t hear this as he was still lost in his thoughts, he walks from there without saying anything.

“Ishaan ” calls Mr and Mrs. Srinivasan in a unison but Ishaan doesn’t respond at all.

Ishaan was now out of their sight.

“What happened him now? ” asks Meenakshi.

“Don’t worry amma, he must be lost in his office work. ” says Shashank while eating his food.

“Bhai was looking tensed. ” says Mishti

“Sweetheart don’t worry he is like that only, serious man. ” says Shashank.

Mishti looks at him and smiles and then again starts serving the food.

In Ishaan’s room.
Ishaan enters his room and closes the door, he sits down while leaning against the door, tears flow from his eyes remembering Rhea. He gets up and picks Rhea’s scarf which was with him, he hugs his tightly and closes his eyes remembering Rhea’s confession. He was emotionally broken on hearing what Rhea said, wasn’t angry on Rhea, he was feeling sad and wished that he was with her when everyone left her. He had always seen her smiling, he recalls the day when Rhea met Prachi after one year, how emotional she was. Rhea’s cries and face came in front of his eyes. He sits there holding the scarf more tightly and hugging it.

In Mehra Mansion.
Prachi was sitting on her bed with tears flowing from her eyes. She remembers how Rhea was begging in front of her, she always considered Rhea as an arrogant and selfish girl who only loves herself but what she heard today made her shattered, Rhea had dad with her but he wasn’t able to look after her well, she wished that she could hug Rhea at that moment and tell her how much did she miss her. She looks at the pendrive in her hand which Rhea gave her. She gets teary eyes, she looks at it and remembers Rhea’s words and confession, she just throws it on the floor with great force.

“No I don’t want this. ” screams Prachi while stamping the pendrive with her foot with full energy.

She looks at him and throws it in dustbin, she gets tears in her eyes and falls on her knees with a thud.

In Arhana’s room.
Aryan and Shahana were sitting quietly beside each other. After experiencing this strange silence for few minutes they both look at each.

“I just can’t believe” says Arhana in a unison.

They both stop speaking.

“Speak.” says Shahana.

“No you speak. ” says Aryan.

“I said you speak, I want to hear you first. ” says Shahana.

“Okay, I was saying that I just can’t believe that Rhea can do this. ” says Aryan.

“And I can’t believe that Rhea can confess her crimes herself, it was so surprising. ” says Shahana.

“Wait it means you knew it already. ” says Aryan.

“Yes.” says Shahana.

“Then why didn’t you tell it to me? ” asks Aryan.

“Because of Prachi, she made me swear that I won’t tell this to anyone.” says Shahana.

“It means Prachi also knew it. ” asks a suprised Aryan to which Shahana nods in affirmation.

“What do you think will Prachi forgive Rhea? ” asks Aryan.

“I don’t know, today the way she reacted was completely different, I have never seen that Prachi before so it’s just difficult to say what will she do. ” says Shahana.

“Let’s hope for the best. ” says Aryan while holding Shahana’s hand.

While on the other side Ishaan, Rhea and Pranbir are seen sitting in their rooms with tears in their eyes. The screen freezes on their crying faces.

Precap – Pragya slaps Kiara… Kiara’s emotional breakdown.. A shattered family…Will Abhigya be able to reunite their shattered family?

Whatever Prachi said today is something which I wanted to hear from her, she is becoming mahanta ki devi in the show which I don’t like as she always gets insulted. She needs to shut the mouth of her wrong doers, so I just did it that way. Well leave this all, don’t worry everything will be right between them. And you will get to see lots of Pranbir scenes after a few episodes.

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