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Ishq Mein Aitbaar #RiAnsh #ISHQMEINMARJAWAN2

Ishq Mein Aitbaar
(Trust In love)

Hi guys, here we go with a new OS which was suggested by AshRiansh & Kashi_117o hope you’ll will like it.

It’s on navratri track where Anupriya blamed Riddhima for cheating on Vansh.

OS promo Starts With:

Scene One:

Vansh: The person I loved the most, respected the most, trusted the most. CHEATED ME, BETRAYED ME, BROKE MY TRUST ON HER.

He said while standing in front of Riddhima. While Anupriya smirked seeing Riddhima’s scared face.

Scene Two:

At Riansh Room:

Riddhima came to their room with swallen and puffy eyes just than Vansh holded her wrist pulling her he caged her in his arms making sandwich her between him and the nearby wall.

Riddhima: Vansh What are you doing? Leave me it hurts.

Vansh: the betrayal you have given me hurts more Riddhima it hurts more. Why you did this with me?

Riddhima looked at him with teary eyes.

Scene Three:

Vansh was in London for important meeting and Riddhima was in India missing him.

Angrey: Boss, Ragini is out of coma now.

Vansh looked at him shocked.

Scene Four:

Kabir came to VR MANSION with a photo in his hand and Shouted Vansh’s name.

Kabir: Mrs. Raisinghania, your husband is cheating at you with that Ragini.

Dadi came towards Vansh and was about to slap him but Riddhima came between them.

Riddhima: Mujhe apne Vansh par bohut aitbaar hai. Agar swaym Bappa bhi akar mujhse kahenge naa ki mera Vansh mujhe dokha de rha hai main unki bhi baat nhi manungi. Kyunki main apne Vansh par utna hi vishwaas karti hun jitna Parvati ji apne Bholenaath par karti thi.

She said while looking into Vansh’s eyes which were drowning in guilt.

Promo Ends.

So how was it hope you’ll liked the promo. Do leave your reviews in the comment section.

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