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I love you- Riansh OS

Hello everyone. Sorry guys for not posting. My exams are going on. I got very heartbreaking news about Siddharth Shukla. May his SOUL rest in peace 🙏

This os is requested by someone. I didn’t remember his/her name.


Riddhima Raichand- Famous doctor of India .

Vansh Raisinghania- Famous Actor of .

Vansh was going for his shoot then he suddenly met with accident. He was taken to hospital. All fans were praying for him.

After some time he got conscious. He saw Riddhima there. He was staring her. He was lost in her beauty. Ridhima saw all this he start taking his name.

Riddhima- Mr.vansh


Riddhima- Mr. Vansh

Vansh- yes. Yeah what were you saying ??

Riddhima- Nothing. But why were you staring me .

Vansh- no. I was seeing something else.

Riddhima- ok

Vansh- Vaise.. I thought you will be asking for my photo and autograph

Riddhima- and why would I do that ??

Vansh- because I am an actor. Whenever I met someone he/she ask me the same.

Riddhima- actually I am not interested in actor and all.

Vansh- why??

Riddhima- mu life. My wish

She left from there. Vansh started thinking about her .he has started developing feelings for her.

He was discharged. But he ask the receptionist for ridhima’s number before going.

On day he call her ask her to meet him. She agreed to it. She reached his house.

Then they both started meeting. Ridhima and vansh realized that they love each other. They decided to propose .

Next day. Ridhima called him and ask him to come at her home. She did al, the decorations. Vansh enter the house and saw house was dark. He started shouting her name .then suddenly light turned on. He turned and saw Riddhima sitting on her knees.

Riddhima- Vanshm I don’t know any cheesy lines but since I gave saw you. You stole my heart. I want to be with you whole life. I love you.

He was very happy listening her confession. Vansh hug her and said

Vansh- I love you too. I love you very much.

They both spent their night.

Then they decided to marry.

They married and reveal their relationship to world. His fans were happy.

After some year they both were blessed with twins. One baby boy and one baby girl. They named them as “Riansh” and “Rianshi” .

They happily lived with their small family.


I know it’s very small but my exams are going on so I need to complete it. Sorry for that.

So guys, suggest Me some track on which you all want me to write.

If you all like it then please comment.

Good bye 👋

Take care 🙂.

Will be back soon with another post.

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