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His Hostage in Love- Dance ep. 21 IMM2


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His Hostage in Love- Night Club ep. 20 IMM2


Settling down on the seats, they relaxed themselves when a boy approached them. The boy looked at them smiling and had a drink in his hand. Vansh and Kabir looked at each other, then the man and raised their eyebrows. Vansh disliked the way he looked at them, especially the girls.

Sid: I’m Siddharth, or you can call me Sid. (smiling)

Vansh: So?

Sid: That’s very rude of you but anyway I’m not here for you. I’m here for these beautiful and gorgeous girls. Will you dance with me?

Siddharth reached his hand out to Riddhima and she plainly just looked at him, shocked. Vansh boiled in anger, thinking about his wife dancing with some other random guy that too in such a bold outfit. He fisted his palm and looked towards Riddhima, just waiting for her to say no and he would beat the pulp out of this guy. Rihanna who noticed Vansh, giggled and eagerly waited for Riddhima to answer.

Rihanna’s POV

I really want Riddhu to say yes, I want to see Vansh’s reaction towards it. (laughing) That’s why I planned him here, to see how much he cares and loves Riddhu. Poor Siddharth, seeing Vansh’s anger I’m sure he’s going to soon be dead. Unknown to these guys that he’s one of my cousin who both Seju and Riddhu don’t know.

I’m so excited!! Come on reply yaar!

Rihanna’s POV Ends

Vansh’s POV

How dare this boy! How can he ask my wife….Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania a dance? That too in front of her husband! She can only dance with me! My inner mind once again mocked me

“One month and she’s going to leave!”

Damn it! The more I start falling for her the more it reminds me of our deal….shit! I probably have no right on her, but no wait, I do have a right. She’s my wife currently. Looking at her seems as if she’s confused, what is she confused about? It’s so simple….no. Just tell him that! Tell him before I hand over his head in his hands. But wait she can’t speak. (smirking)

What! No way! (shocked) She agreed!

Vansh’s POV Ends.

Riddhima: (nodding)

Vansh: What! (shocked)

Siddharth: Why does it matter to you? Not that you’re married to each other or something! Because married couple’s wouldn’t come here. (smirking) Let’s go mademoiselle.

Vansh: Riddhima won’t go with you!

Kabir: (whispering) Too bad Bhai, she’s gone (pointing)

Kabir pointed at Riddhima who had put her hand in Siddharth’s hand and went away with him to the dance floor. Rihanna looked at Vansh keenly throughout, laughing inwardly at his restlessness seeing them both dance. Vansh got up in anger. Kabir, Sejal and Rihanna gulped in fear thinking what he would see but turned shocked when they saw him going to the bar.

He ordered some shots and kept gulping them down in anger. He got jealous seeing Siddharth wrapping his arm around his Riddhima’s waist and both kept on dancing gracefully, enjoying the music. However Riddhima had her eyes away, carefully noticing something. He eyed them in anger and kept gulping his drinks. Not being able to handle their proximity, he marched in anger to them.

As Siddharth twirled her around, Vansh held her waist and pulled her closer to him. He dangerously went near Siddharth along with her and whispered.

Vansh: She’s mine, my wife so you better back off before I do something worse to you. In fact you might not be able to see tomorrow morning’s sunrise. So the choice is up to you. I’m Vansh Rai Singhania, and I hate it when someone eyes my possession. (angrily)

Vansh held Riddhima and twirled her a bit, and swayed with her to the music. He pulled her closer to him till she could feel his hot breathe on her forehead. He nuzzled his nose on her forehead placing a soft kiss. Riddhima looked in another direction finding for something. Her eyes widened when she finally found what she was looking for. Vansh noticed her averting her gaze so he turned her around roughly. Her back hit his chest and he put her hair on the side.

Rihanna on the other hand squealed in joy after what she saw. She knew Vansh was possessive and felt jealous when Siddharth had touched Riddhima. Vansh wrapped his hand around her neck and his other around her waist. She closed her eyes feeling his touch and swayed with him.

Aa Raat bhar aa raat bhar
Jaayein na ghar, jaaye na ghar
Hai saath tu.. kya hai fikar..
Jaayein na ghar aa raat bhar
Jaayein jahan, jahan, jahan dil kare
Jaane kahan, kahan, kahan phir milein
Is raat mein beete umar, saari umar..
Aa raat bhar jaayein na ghar

He twirled her and pulled her close to him. He roamed his finger on her face, tracing her cheek bone while she blushed unknowingly. He pushed her away from her and pulled her back, landing her in his arms. They shared an eye lock which was then disrupted by others who pushed them a bit while dancing.

Getting herself out of his hold, she went back to the place which was reserved for them, joining the rest. Vansh followed her back. Riddhima tapped Rihanna’s shoulder and signed her to look in to a particular direction. When she followed the finger, she was shocked at what she saw. She looked at Riddhima who gently nodded and signaled to her phone. She typed a message for her and sent it to Rihanna.

I’m going to them, I’ll be away though but close enough to sense what they’re doing together. We need to confirm this right away.

Rihanna read the message and nodded while Riddhima stood up and left from there shocking Vansh. He tried to follow her with his eyes however she was too fast to get indulged in the crowd. Riddhima went near the bar stand, a little away from the DJ and kept peeking over her shoulders to see something. On the other hand, Rihanna ordered some drinks to keep them busy so that they wouldn’t hinder their plan.

Riddhima: (thinking) Aryan bhai and Ishani di, once again together. First the café and now here….what’s going on? I need to know!

She tried speaking a bit and she luckily could but it was a broken voice so she preferred to stay mum till it got completely better. Riddhima gestured towards the bartender for a drink, however he couldn’t understand. She tried signing him to serve her a mock tail on which he just nodded confused. Assuming what she said, he instead served her a cocktail with alcohol. She drunk it, sipping huge sips while on her lookout. As she finished her drink, she found something strange and felt weird.

Her head spun and she started visioning things to be hazy. She concentrated on what she looked out for and saw them leaving therefore she went behind them. She had started losing her senses.



Locked in a room

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