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Broken But Beautiful #RiAnsh OS #ishqmeinmarjawan2

Hi guys, here we go with a new OS hope you’ll will like it.

So it’s my third post of the day I don’t know from where it is coming but I need more comments today please pretty please 🙏💗


Riddhima was sitting on the floor buried her head in her knees crying at her fate. How badly she was trapped, trap from where she can’t go and nevertheless she also didn’t wanted to go out from this trap where she have her husband to love her.

How can she believe and trust that bastard Kabir instead of her own husband Vansh who always saved her from the person she thought that she loved, her life’s biggest enemy Kabir.

She was angry at herself that she didn’t trusted her own husband Vansh who always wanted her to know the truth but she trusted that Kabir who always manipulated her, misguided her and made her believe that Vansh is a criminal.

Riddhima only know how badly she wanted Vansh beside her to console her, support her and most importantly love her. But he was not here, he was not with her. He was busy in his meetings and conferences.

Riddhima cried more thinking about Vansh’s broken state when Ragini got kidnapped just because of her foolishness of trusting that Kabir that vansh is going to kill her.

How could she never understanded him, trusted him and believed him who always gave her chances to trust him but she being a dumbest person in this planet always doubted him for no reason.

His words on their first night ringed in her ears “Riddhima if you want a beautiful life further so choose this golden rose” ” and if you want to betray me kill yourself with this gun before I get to know that you have betrayed me”

She cleaned her tears went towards the drawer with shaking legs. She took gun from the drawer with trembling hands and putted it on her forehead rembering her moments with Vansh and her betrayal.

“Tere iss Ishq mein marjawan”

She said and pulled the trigger. Vansh who was coming towards their room to surprise Riddhima ran towards the room listening the gun shot. And saw her laying lifelessly he ran to her and took her head on his lap.

“Riddhima open your eyes” he said while patting her cheeks while she started opening her eyes slowly.

She looked at him and smiled sadly.

“Broken But Beautiful”

She said closing her eyes forever and breathed her last in her love’s arms dying peacefully.

“She died in her love’s arms”
She was broken
But being in his arms
“She was beautiful”

So how was it hope you’ll liked it do leave your reviews in the comment section 😊.

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