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Bigg Boss OTT 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss OTT 2nd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshara says you will all be after me now. See this scratch. Pratik says what would we do if we don’t move? She says I stay every day. He says you were not moving. Akshara says I asked you to stop. Pratik says you didn’t. Neha says you know how this girl is.

4 PM
Divya reads all connections of the house have been given a task. This task is Nia ka raaj. The two winners will become two more contenders. Nia is boss lady of the house. You have to win her heart. If she’s happy with someone she will give them gold coin. Nishant and Moose already won so they won’t be part of this connection. Since Divya has no connection she won’t be participating in it. Divya says what bigg boss. Nishant says why are you here? She says to read the letters. Everyone laughs.

Nia and Divya pick the coins. Nia says tell me what to ask them to do. They laugh. Pratik says to Akshara and Gaba make an emotional story. Neha says what do you want boss? She says give Pratik an oil massage. Pratik says tell me too. She says you want all the coins? He says no I want your heart. Nishant says you should get it done boss lady. Neha massages his back. Neha asks do you want a massage? Nia says I had it in the morning. But good one. I give three to both of you. Neha says thank you.

4:30 PM
Nia says it’s Raqesh’s birthday. You should talk. We will hear you out. Say things that bother you.

10:30 PM
Everyoen goes inside. Raqesh says Gaba and Akshara have two more than us. Pratik says we have 144. I counted. Raqesh says are you sure? He says yes. Nishant says to Akshara Neha will be out if she did this to save Shamita. Raqesh is interested in playing. Raqesh says he said he has 41. Gaba has 42.

11:30 PM
Nishant says keep it inside your pillow on under your bed. Raqesh says Shamita you can tie it around your waist. He says you asked me to do the task. She says I am broken. He says this pain will be worth it when you win. She says I will give this pain to you. She hides it under the bed and says it’s so dirty.

Milind says I will sleep there. Akshara says we will both stya up. He says I will also do it. Akshara says don’t get rude. People are different. He says so should you. You should understand what I say. He says I did what you asked. She says you have done more. Akshara says don’t loud. He says you keep it. He says ask long as you could guard it. Akshara says keep it. You won’t understand.

1:30 AM
Raqesh says to Shamita what happened? She says you were so rude. He says I don’t like this man. She says say it don’t shout. He says you can also say things. She says I didn’t want to be rude. He says you can say go get it. She says you are making me feel like I am always wrong. He says everything can’t be your way. She says when did I want that. He says it has always been. She says I will back off. Go to Divya. I am done. He says I am sorry. She says I don’t want to talk now. He says you started. She says I didn’t. I don’t like certain things either. You don’t understand me. He says what am I supposed to do? She says use your brain. You make me feel like a negative person. She leaves. Raqesh says where are you going? She says to pee.

2 AM
Milind says she doesn’t trust me with this that I can’t guard it. Divya says she was saying you sleep deep. Divya calms Akshara down. Gaba says she taunts me. Divya says it’s done. Don’t fight now. He says we are friends. She taunted me about Neha. Akshara says I have a problem with the

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