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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer hits Sooraj

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Veer hits Sooraj. He screams. Vijya comes there and says how dare you hit my son in my house. Veer says people like you deserve it. Your disgusting son.. Vijya says he hit your brother so you’re doing this right? Veer says if you harm my family I will forget all the limits. She says you have worth. I took everything from you. Face your reality. Rani gets worried. Sooraj sees her and says let it be maa. Vijya says he hit you. Vijya says where is everyone? Her goons come and take Veer. Rani is worried.

Sooraj says I have to win Chandika’s heart. He says ma let him be. I hit his brother. We are loyal. We forgive small people like them. Vijya says my son is asking other I would have split your head open. Rani says please go. She asks him to. Rani says my pooja is also over. I should go. Sooraj says so early? Rani says yes.

Scene 2
Rani is leaving. Sooraj says eat the prasad you made. Rani eats it. He says make me eat too. It’s so tasty. Rani says I should go. He says we are royal we take care of our guests. I will drop you. Rani says Veer must be waiting for me. Rani says but.. He says you can’t make excuses. I will go with you.

Veer waits for Rani. He says I shouldn’t have left her alone there. Rani calls Veer so he can listen. rani asks Sooraj to drop him outside the college.

Scene 3
Rani is on her way with sooraj. She says your mom loves you a lot? He says she wants to give me the life she couldn’t live. She’s Rani sa and I am her prince. Rani says there’s only one Rani sa. He says your hostel is here. He says I will drop you inside. Rani says it’s a girls hostel. You can’t come in. He says you will come to teach me right? Rani says yes. Veer comes to Rani. He says I can’t see you in this situation. I can’t feel th fear of putting you in danger. These people aren’t right. Promise me you won’t go to them. rani says in heart I have promised them I will become his teacher. Rani says I won’t do anything that would put our relationship in danger. Rani hugs him.

Scene 4
Jai says Champa will live in our house. Nandini says we already have many servants. She can’t live here. Jai says I decide things here. You can’t tell me what to do. Rani says what will you do? Hit me? If you hit me again I will go to the police station. Champa says he’s such a good man. Nandini says shut up. You are just a servant. Champa says what are you? You are also a maid. Your parents live in a chawl. Nandini says shut up. Jai says she is right. Your family is on the roads. Now you will do what I ask.

Scene 5
Rani caresses Veer’s face. He holds her close. Mausa ji farks. Rani says I got late. I have to go to college and fetch water. Veer says I will fetch the water. Rani says thank you. I hope everyone gets a husband like you.

Veer goes out to get water. Women look at him and smile. A woman says wow he loves his wife so much that he is fetching water for her. Veer says she makes me pay for her love with all this work. They say we can see. They alugh at her lipstick on his shirt. Rani says I will do it. He says you’re jealous I am talking to women here? Rani says don’t give yourself importance. He says I will do it. I have to shower. But there are so many women here. You would get jealous. rani throws water on him. He laughs. Vijya says he has to pay for his sin of hitting my son. I will take their smile back.

Episode ends.

Precap-Veer goes to give interview. Digvijay says I am sure he will hire you. Veer says I will take you all to a better place. I have also spoken to a lawyer about Vijya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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