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Sumati maa leaves the place without talking a word.
Everyone shockingly look at her..
Thakuma- Bondita what happens to your mother now?

Anirudh- We should talk to maa. She thinks that Bondita has broken the promise…

Tupur- (crying) Bondita forgive me please, it happened because of me. I misleaded her for my profits but don’t worry I will make kaki understand.

Bondita- No tupur, now only I will talk to her. After all I am her daughter. I will accept whatever she will say.
(Bondita starts to walk to talk to Sumati maa, Anirudh holds her hand and starts to walk. They look at each other and smile)
Ksj- Sampoorna bahu we should go home now, binoy is alone there. We have to inform him as well.

Sampoorna- Ok jethji. We have start preparations too.

Anirudh- Sampoorna maa I want to talk Sumati maa first. If she accepts me only then we will marry.
(Everyone look at each other)
RC family and their men go to Tulsipur.

Everyone get shocked seeing Sumati has locked herself in room.

Bondita- Maa what happened to you? Will be able to stay angry on me?. Maa atleast hear me . Maa…
Thakuma, Sakha Babu…?
Thakuma- See Bondita… Sumati is angry on you so you have to do everything. She will not hear our words.
Bondita- Maa you have my swears. Please open the door. I will accept whatever you will say, what punishment will you give. Please open the door…
(Sumati opens the door but turns her face away)
Bondita makes her sit and places her head on her lap.

Bondita- Maa will you not talk to your Bondita? You are so angry that even you don’t want to see your Bondita’s face?
(Sumati sobs)
Maa if you will not talk to me then with whom I will talk, to whom I will ask for love?

Sumati- Now you have everyone Bondita… Your sakha babu, your kaka, your family…Roy Choudhury family. Why you need to talk to me?

Bondita- Maa I got that everything because you gave me birth. Can I compare anything with you?

Sumati- Then why did you break that promise Bondita? You forgot your maa in front of your love?
You bowed my head down. You know how I felt when I learned that you ran away without my consent?

Tupur- Kaki…

Sumati- ✋ tupur, I want to hear from Bondita. Say Bondita…

Bondita- Maa forgive me please, I misunderstood your no to yes. I thought you wanted me with sakha babu. After all you were the one for whom I got him maa.

Sumati- But your marriage preparations are going to start and no one asked about my wish?

Anirudh- Maa, if you don’t accept you then I will not marry Bondita. For you not only Bondita, I can leave my breaths…(Sumati maa covers his lips with her hand)

Sumati- Barrister Babu, don’t say like this. But how can I forgive them so easily who tried to kill my daughter?

Thakuma- Sumati dont sit with past now. Even we tried to harm them. Forget it. Did you forget how Anirudh saved bondita so many times? Today Bondita is here just because of Anirudh. Today she is Barrister Babu Bondita because he fought with us for her education.
Bondita is lucky to get a husband like him.

(A voice- We are lucky to get Bahu like Bondita
Everyone look back… Trilochan and Sampoorna are standing there)
Anirudh- Kaka…

Ksj- Leave aside, I want to talk to Bondita’s mother. First time you married her without our consent. And named your marriage as responsibility. But this time I want everything properly with complete rituals.

Sampoorna- We came here to ask your daughter’s hand for our elder son. Pisi should we talk?

Sumati- Nods her head.
(They all went to hall and sat there)

Ksj- Bondita’s mother first I want to ask forgiveness from you. If you forgive us then only we will talk about it.

Sumati- I am widow. How can I oppose you?

Ksj- My bete(son) and bahu thought me well about this. You are a widow but you are a mother and a mother has first right on her children. Will you forget the past and forgive me?

Sumati- Yes my daughter’s happiness is everything for me.

Ksj- wah… then should I confirm the relation?
(Sumati looks at thakuma and Bondita. Thakuma nods yes)

Sumati – Yes zamindar babu (smile)

Ksj- Wah wah wah today is most beautiful day. Bondita beta are you ready to call your sakha babu as pati babu again?
(Bondita gets shy and runs to her room, everyone laughs)
Thakuma- Tapur bring rosogolla, your bondita didi is going to marry.

Ksj- Kalindi ji Bondita’s mother will first eat rosogolla. (He signs sampoorna)
(Sampoorna makes sumati eat rosogolla, she hesitates)
Thakuma- Sumati now eat it. Bondita made you eat before too.

(Sumati takes it, Tapur goes to Anirudh)
Tapur- Anirudh dada…No no Jamaibabu (laughs) do you want to take sweet from from me or only from Bondita didi?

Anirudh- Does your Bondita didi leave rosogolla for anyone?
(Everyone laughs)

Sampoorna- Anirudh take a pot of rosogolla for your dulhania and meet her. She must be dying.
(Anirudh shys)

Tapur- You know the way of her room right? Or should I accompany you?(Laughs)

Anirudh- (in her ears) Did you forget Roopa?

Thakuma- Aah…Now let him go everyone. I can hear his heartbeat from here (laughs)

(Anirudh went towards Bondita’s room)

Ksj- I will talk to priest about a date for their marriage. As I want everything to be perfect. And their marriage will be lavish. Whole Calcutta will learn about it.
Sumati and thakuma nod yes.

Ksj- Ok now we should leave. Jai Maa Durga.
Sampoorna- Send our son to our home on time so that he can come to take our bahu.
(Everyone laughs… Ksj and Sampoorna leave)
In Bondita’s Room…
Anirudh- Bondita…? See what we wanted is happening today. Are you happy?

Bondita- Sakha babu I am dying of happiness. I love you sakha babu.

Anirudh- I love you too Bondita. I can’t explain how much I love you.
(They hug)
Bondita now I will be your pati babu so start to call me pati babu from now on.
(Bondita shys and goes away from Anirudh, Anirudh slowly goes towards her and hug her from back)

Anirudh- So Barrister Babu Bondita can shy also.
(She cares her face and put her hairs behind her ears, Bondita closes her eyes. They came too close)

Tapur- Bondita Didi…
(They break their embrace and stand away)
Sorry Bondita Didi but only now we got to know
that some clashes happened at Tulsipur so thakuma called you two…

Anirudh- Tulsipur…( Anirudh and Bondita look at each other tensely)



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