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An interesting love story of Sirav – Character Sketch

Hai guys I am new in this platform and I am first writing a fan fiction so please support me.I am going to give an introduction. The main characters are

*Sirav=Simar and Aarav

*Reevan=Reema and Vivaan

*Adeena=Ambadi and Aleena (malayalam onscreen couple)

*Viparna=Vineeth and Aparna


Simar Mahadevan:A loving and beautiful girl,Daughter of Neeraja Mahadevan and Mahadevan, Sulekha ‘s grand daughter,University kalathilakkam for two years,A  MBBS student ,half  younger sister of Aleena,elder sister of  Aparna

*Neeraja Mahadevan:Daughter of Sulekha,Mother of Simar,Aleena and Aparna,wife of Mahadevan .Best mother in whole world  for Simar😁,a hate and some love in relationship with Aarav

*Mahadevan: Father of Simar and Aparna,Step father of Aleena ,husband of Neeraja,  a caring and loving father who find the sorrows of his favourite daughter Simmy and told abou t different types of life situations we have to face in lif🤩

*Aparna Mahadevan: daughter of Neeraja  and Mahadevan, grand daughter of Sulekha, half younger sister of Aleena, younger sister of Simar,third  year college student.

*Sulekha:Mother of Neeraja, Mother in law of Mahadevan,Simar ,Aleena and   Aparna ‘s grand mother

*Aleena: Biological daughter of Neeraja,Half  sister of Simar and Aparna,Adopted daughter of Mahadevan, biological granddaughter of  Sulekha,Love with Ambadi but didn’t realise

*Ambadi:Simar’s friend from childhood,love with Aleena but haven’t realised,Son of Draupadi and Major Arjunan

*Draupadi:Like a sister to Mahadevan, Ambadi’s mother

Reema:A close friend of Simar from college,job in fashion modelling,love in Vivaan but have not realised


I think you  all like this so please support and comment your suggestions on comment box.Next time I will give the introduction of Oswaal family.

Bye see you later

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