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An interesting love story of Sirav – Character Sketch (Remaining of Simar’s family)

I think you all like the introduction of Oswaal family.So today last update I had told you that some people are also in Simar’s  family.I will introduce that people to you.So we can begin

*Peter Tharakkan:Aleena’s foster father,Considered Aleena as his own daughter and an angel

*Vinayan Menon(Antagonist who believed to be dead): tried a lot time  to kill Simar and her family with his friends Sachidanandan and Moorthy,Aakash’s father, Nandita’s husband, A person who gang raped Neeraja Mahadevan when she was 16 years old(This is a mystery story I will tell you😘).

Aakash:Aleena’s ex friend ,Simar’s class mate and friend from school,son of Vinayan  Menon and Nandita

Nandita:Vinayan’s wife,Aakash’s mother

Moorthy Chandrasekharan(Antagonist): Husband of Rajini Moorthy,Father of Jithesh,tried to kill simar and her family several times with his friends Vinayan and Sachidandan.He was another person who gang raped Neeraja at sixteen years

Rajini Moorthy: Friend of Neeraja Mahadevan, Mother of Jithesh, wife of Moorthy,Chairman of Women’s employment department,loves Simar , Aleena and Ambadi a lot  when ahe knows the truth that Neeraja was gang raped a d support them a lot to give the punishment to them,Also the friend of Sandya Oswal(Aarav’s mother)

*Jithesh Moorthy:Aleena’s student,Aparna ‘s classmate,Son of Moorthy and Vinayan

*Tony:Ambadi ‘s friend

*Sachidanandan(Antagonist):Ambadi’s uncle,husband of chitra,younger brother of Draupadi,father of Samudra,he tried to kill Neeraja and her family several times with the help of his friends Vinayan and Moorthy also one of the person who gang raped Neeraja at the age of Sixteen

*Samudra:Sachidanandan’s and Chitra’s daughter, Ambadi’s cousin,At first she was in love with Ambadi after several times that Ambadi loves only Aleena she  think Ambadi didn’t loves him and she rejected  her love for Ambadi in her own mind,loves Simar ‘s character a lot

*Chitra:Ambadi’s Aunt,Wife of Sachidanandan, mother of samudra,loves Simar a lot of her nature

*Mamachan:Kerala bhoomi editor,helps Aleena,Simar and Ambadi  a lot to fear that three who gang raped Neeraja Mahadevan

*Shankarankutty:Also known as Shankara mama,Care taker of Ambadi’s family

*Sp Joseph IPs: tried to understand Simar, Aleena and Ambadi that the three persons who gang raped  Neeraja Mahadevan were very cruel will tried to kill you three but they didn’t listen him and tried to punish them,Sulekha’s acquaintance

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