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An interesting love story of Sirav – Character Sketch (Oswaal’s)

I think you all like the character Sketch of Simar’s family but there are  still left some people.I will tell that people at next update. Some of them were enemies of Neeraja’s family.

So in this update I am going to give  the introduction of Oswaal family

Aarav Oswaal: Sandya and Gajendra’s  loving son,Geetanjali devi’s grandson,Aditi’s brother,Vivaan and  Reyansh’s cousin,a hate and love relationship with Simar,but he loves Mahadevan (Simar’s father) a lot but unaware of Simar’s father

Aditi Oswaal:Aarav’s supportive and loving sister, mad with Aakash(superstar  and son of Vinayachandran), Sandhya and Gajendra’s daughter,Vivaan and Reyansh’s counsin,Badi maa’s grand daughter, She loves Simar a lot

Vivaan Oswaal:Aarav’s cousin who is similar to his younger brother,Reyansh’s elder brother,Aditi’s cousin, Giriraj and Chitra’s elder son,grandson of Geetanjali Devi is love in with Reema but haven’t realised

Reyansh Oswaal:Aarav and Aditi ‘s cousin,younger son of  Chitra and Giriraj,grandson of Geetanjali Devi,younger brother of Vivaan

Sandhya Oswaal: Aarav and Aditi’s mother,Reyansh and Vivaan’s aunt,Gajendra’s wife,badi maa’s son in law , Giriraj and Chitra’s sister in law, loves Neeraja Mahadevan’s novel a lot unware his son is having some love with Neeraja Mahadevan’s daughter Simar

Gajendra Oswaal:Aarav and Aditi ‘s father ,Reyansh and Vivaan’s uncle,Badi maa’s  elder son,Gajendra’s elder  brother and Chitra’s brother in law,Badi Maa’s younger son

Chitra Oswaal: Giriraj’s wife,Vivaan and Reyansh’s mother,Aarav and Aditi’s  aunt, Gajendra and  Sandhya’s younger sister in law, Badi maa’s younger daughter in law

Geetanjali Devi:Everyone calls her as Badi Maa,Aarav’s,Aditi’s, Vivaan’s,Reyansh’s grand mother,Gajendra and Giriraj’s mother,Sandhya and Chitra’s mother in law


I think you all love the introduction but there are no new characters and i hope you understand it.Next time I will update about Some of the members in Simar’s family‍

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