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Naagin Season 4 2nd August 2020 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 4 2nd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shalaka telling Vrushali when she tried to capture Dev’s soul in the bottle for the 4th time, it reversed back in his body. Vrushali asks how? Shalaka tells that Swara died and before her death, she had kept Om locket in Dev’s pocket. Vrushali says that naagin can’t win from us and asks her to do something. She tells that it will be easy for her to find out about Swara’s murder and will reach us. She says she won’t lose from her and asks her to do something. Brinda cries and tells that she will not lose. She swears keeping her hand beneath the lamp and tells that Dev has kept me in dark, but now everything came in light. She tells that Dev has betrayed her and will pay for his deeds. She says she is a naagin and will not leave her revenge. Shalaka tells to her magical locket/bubble to go and erase Brinda’s memory. She asks to erase the memory that Dev has killed her mother and make her think good about us, make her feel that we are good humans. The bubble goes inside Brinda’s head. Later, Vrushali gets worried and tells Shalaka that Brinda might remember. They come for Hardik’s wedding. Brinda comes there and calls Shalaka. She asks her to wear her earrings properly. She then tells Vrushali that Dev and I have decided to stay together, I know you love Dev and I don’t want him to go far from you. Vrushali tells that I love Dev and loves you too. Brinda tells that she has nothing against her heart for her. Vrushali says she will get the papers signed. Vrushali tells Shalaka to come and sign the divorce papers. She laughs.

Brinda goes to side and tells that she remembers everything, what they have done with her and her Swara Maa. She says I know who has taken her life, I know. She says sadly, your magic don’t work for me as I am a naagin and not human, who will begin the end. She recalls talking to Maha purohit/ Pandit ji that they have snatched everything from her. Raj Purohit asks her to kill Dev and his family members. He says you have kill everyone, whoever had your family. Brinda says they didn’t know that today is Qayamat night. Maha Purohit asks her not to love any human and asks him to remember that this revenge is his Karma. She shows the papers to Purohit ji which she got with Swara’s dead body. Purohit ji tells her that the papers is related to the secret of the temple. He tells that he would have told her, but he himself doesn’t know. He tells that whoever gets to know about the secret, can reach naagmani and will be called the most superior human/naagin of the earth. He tells that this secret begin after samudra manthan etc. He asks her to focus on her revenge now.

Billi asks Dev to propose Brinda. Dev blushes. Billi teases him and says your eyes reveal all. Dev says it is true. Billi asks him to go and tell Dev. She asks him to take wedding vows with her. He says you are right, our first marriage was not having love. Billi sends him to confess his love.

Brinda is in the bathroom and peeps out to get her clothes. Dev says I will not give. She says she don’t have time to waste and asks him to give the clothes. Dev pulls her closer and tells that he has brought special clothes for her. Brinda gets shocked to see the bridal dress. He goes. She comes out and tells that today night will be end for everyone.

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