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Mr and Mrs Perfect – KUMKUM BHAGYA EPISODE 15

Episode 15

Pragya was kidnapped and was threatened for her baby.

Man: my dear I know you are pregnant. I wanted to tell you I just need the baby’s DNA and nothing more I will leave you.

Pragya: who the hell are you man leaves me. I will screw you up.

At abhi’s house.

Raghuveer got information that pragya was kidnapped.

Raghuveer: I am scared what will happen to her she is 23 years old that’s it. What the hell was all the security doing when she went missing?

Prem: calm down nothing will happen to her. Abhi will take care of her. They will find her.

Depali: I cannot risk my kid for our pragya. I must have allowed if she was same old pragya. But she ill treated him how did you think he will save her.

Prerana: babhi, now the problem is pragya getting kidnapped and not abhi. I will tell him he will definitely save her.

Just then they saw Arjun and Karan coming in

Prem: Arjun how are you?

Arjun: uncle there is no time for all good talks can you please calls abhi.

Prerana: he went out an important work

Arjun: how can he? Can he leave without us? I will kill him.

Karan: array we can do that once we reach there. For now let’s go there we will manage everything. Auntie don’t worry prags will be safe it’s our promise.

Arjun: shall we leave or you want to console them some more. (They started moving out)

Karan: let’s go directly from the spot to Venice. That would be great place for weekend.

Arjun: shut up don’t be an idiot this weekend is already planned.

With abhi;

I should be more careful from now on. I should not get this situation in future. What fool I have been. I should have listened to her at least once then only I can manage, but I got till here how will we tell her if she finds the truth. God nothing like that should happen.

He reached the place and saw some goon standing there. He beat them and went in. he saw pragya was tied to a chair was talking with a man. He went to the room and started listening to them.

Man: okay listen I am your grandfather I wanted to be the greatest genetic scientist but your parents failed. One day I was trying to kill that abhi when I came to know from him that my invention never failed but the results were late. I waited for 13 years and more for this result which is growing in your womb. I will get all I want. First you, then that abhi, then your family. I will kill all of them.

Abhi: that is impossible. I will never any one harm her till I am alive. I will kill you if you touch her. (He saw pragya looking at him with widened eyes. He heard her scream bend down. Before he could react he felt sharp pain in his head. He fell down and was tied to another pole.)

Pragya: there goes the sheep. My dear grandpa all I want to tell you is be ready to go back to jail. For your information I am not pregnant

Grandfather: what the hell. Why will I go to jail and you are not pregnant. How come?

Abhi: there is no doubt you failed to notice your experiment result. You are such a dumb head how did you become a scientist.

Pragya: even I have same doubt he created genius like us but how he remained an old dumb thick headed man.

Grandfather: what does that mean?

He heard some bullet shots and before he would react someone beat him on his head. He turned to see Arjun and Karan standing furiously. He was shocked to see them.

Grandfather: you don’t have any bit of shame to help him.

Karan: well we have it unlike you, that is why we came here to save them

Arjun caught him while Karan untied abhi and pragya.

Pragya: my dear poor grandpa, you fell in our trap so easily. How did you think that abhi and Arjun will fight for my sake and abhi will tell him to go out of his life so easily? And Arjun how did you think we will allow him to stay away from us.

Karan: prags do not waste time talking to idiot come let us go the squad will take care of him.

Abhi: guys you go I will come in a short while. (They smiled and left). So my dear grandpas don’t try to mess up with me again. This time is going to be last warning. I give people 3 chances first and second are done. Third chance is with you. You can change and live happily otherwise I willshowing you living hell. Decide which is better? And don’t get shocked I know you were behind the attack on us in Italy. So better not mess up.

He went out as the police squad came and arrested him. On their way back in car. Arjun was driving, Karan beSide him, abhigya in backseat

Abhi: shall we go directly to guest house. It would be fun.

Karan: yes after 2 months we got peace finally.

Arjun: no let’s go home first then we will go to guest house tomorrow. What you say princess. (Just then they noticed pragya crying)

Karan:  hey baby what happened. Is everything all right.

Abhi: pragya what happened. Look at me.

Pragya: why do you care for me? I am no one to you right.

Arjun: who said that?

Pragya: see you are not even asking my opinion. You are discussing among yourself.

Karan: how much ever we discuss the final decision is in your hands. Got it. My cute princess. (Pragya giggled)

Arjun: shall we go home. (All nodded he went to their house.)


Abhi: ma, pa, mom, dad I got pragya see.

Pragya: not you, aju and karan saved us.

Abhi: my hard work credit goes to them.

Pragya: credit goes to people who work hard not to you.

Abhi: you don’t know my hard work. That’s why you are talking like this.

Pragya: even if I know I will talk like this only.

Depali: pragya, he risked his life for you how can you talk like this.

Pragya: ma, you are my mother or his.

Abhi: she is my mom. (He hugged Depali)

Pragya: even I have my mom.  (She was about to hug Prerana, when she got up and went off. All were shocked to see this. Pragya had tears)

Prerana: if I have to be normal like before with you. You have to ask abhi forgiveness for ill treating him with words in front of everyone in hospital.

Prem: what is wrong with you? There was abhi’s mistake also that day. She was worried for Arjun.

Depali: I agree with babhi in this pragya always talks bad about abhi. That day even I felt bad for abhi. Pragya ask him sorry.

Pragya was crying already. Now she started to cry out aloud. All were shocked to see her cry aloud.

Pragya (in between the sobs): I am sorry abhi I never thought that my words will hurt you. I was just out of my mind when I was talking. I was showing you my anger which I had on others I am extremely sorry for what happened……… (Before she completed abhi slapped her)

Abhi: what sorry. Yes I forgot whom I to you. Did I ever tell you that your words hurt me? Did I ever scold you for talking ill about me? First of all these when did you ill treat me to forgive you.

Prerana: abhi you don’t have to fell pity that she crying. She is our family its right to correct her she should learn how to behave with others.

Depali: she is immature abhi. We have to correct her. She is becoming a spoiled brat.

Abhi: it will be good if you stop it there ma……. (Before he completed he heard Arjun scream “pragya”)

Abhi held her before she fell down. He tried waking up but it was vain.

Abhi: what the hell. Arjun get her medicines immediately (Arjun nodded and left) karan tell di and jiju that we are coming to guest house and tell them to  go back and get everything ready. (Karan nodded and left to make call. He took her to her room, when Arjun came with her medicines. Abhi gave her an injection. And decreased the temperature and went out along with the family.)

Karan: I think abhi it’s getting tough day by day.

Arjun: yes abhi you better tell her truth. If she comes to know on her own it will be worse.

Abhi: I cannot face her Arjun. It happened 2 years back I am not able to forget till now how can I tell her (he shed a lone tear. Arjun and karan had tears seeing abhi like this)

Arjun: maybe you will find solace with her. Just try once abhi

Abhi: there will be nothing once I tell her Arjun.

Karan: abhi she is going to India in other 2 months what if she finds out herself. You will not a get chance to talk with her also.

Abhi: no, I made all the arrangements. She is going to stay with Sid and he will take care of everything.

Prem: what are you guys talking about? Can you please tell us?

Depali: and pragya is going to live with Sid when she goes to India. How did you think we will allow her to stay with that jerk?

Prearana: how can we leave her with him for one complete year. If he cheats her and use her for his pleasure ( abhi closed his eyes)

Abhi: I don’t know what you know about Sid, but what you are telling I am not going to change my decision.

Prem: you don’t have any right in her life. May be you are her friend. They are her parents. They have all the rights to decide her life.

Arjun: abhi I think we better stop here. You are not yet ready to face them.

Abhi (shouted): I am ready to face them. Six years I was away for them did it make any change in situation than getting it worse. I have to tell them now. How can they talk ill about Sid?

Karan: aju, abhi is right let us tell it out today we cannot hide it more time. Maybe at least then they will stop hurting abhi and pragya.

Abhi: we are their kids they can talk whatever they want, just because we are quiet they do not have any right to talk bad about Sid.

Prerana: what ill did we talk about you or pragya. And coming to that Sid it is true that he is brat.

Abhi: its better if you stop right there, otherwise I will forget you are my mother. You don’t know what is relation between Sid and pragya. Do you know?

Prerana: no, but I can get negative vibes from him.

Abhi: pragya treats Sid as her bhai, same with Sid.  He sees his mother in pragya.

Depali: then why she is not calling him bhai.

Arjun: she feels purab bhai special so she wants to call only him as bhai and no one else. Even me and karan begged her to call us bhai. She calls with all names except bhai.

Abhi: I don’t know why you people think bad once you see a boy and girl together.

Prerana: its pragya’s mistake that  she is close with all boys.

Karan: first time I am hearing someone say this.

Arjun: this is going to be joke of the decade, auntie.

Abhi: she never talks to anyone, except our family and friends. If you  see her outside you will definetly say she is not your kid. She is bookworm, nerd and meek girl to outside world. But for us she is attitude queen, bold, funny little girl ( he told as tears were flowing from his eyes)

Arjun hugged abhi and he broke into tears. All his family members were shocked  to see abhi in tears. Karan got a call. He talked and came in.

Karan: abhi we need to go. Everyone is waiting. We need to get back to work.

Abhi: let her get up. She risked her life for this she needs to come. Tell them we are not going to come till she wakes up.

Arjun: I think we better take her to hospital than treating her here.

Abhi: treatment is not going to change if we go to hospital from here.

What happened to pragya?

Why is abhi worried for pragya?

Did abhi start liking pragya?

What is the truth all are hiding from pragya?

Why are they worried to take her to india?

All questions to be answered in next episode.

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