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Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (ishqmeinmarjawan2) FF – Epi 1

Hi guys I like watching immj2. So thought to write something on immj.

All the characters are same like in the serial. Ridhima loves kabir.Vansh tries to find about ridhima.


So the ff begins with vansh getting ready for haldi. Aryan cums to vansh and told him that he wants to go out with his friends. Vansh glared at him.Just then ishani came and asked aryan to call his friends here.

Aryan was about to say something just then vansh cuts him and agrees with ishani. Angre came and vansh went with him.


Otherside siya brought clothes for ridhima and asked her to get ready vansh bhaiya is waiting for u. Ridhima holds the clothes and cries. Just then she thinks that she will send vansh to jail and after that kabir will be with me. She wipes her tears and went to the washroom.

Aryan asked ishani that y will I call my friends here. I wont if they come here then they will get to know that we r vansh puppet and that so called girl is going to marry vansh. After that we will dance on her tunes. Ishani asked aryan not to worry i have a plan to defame ridhima and vansh bhaiya will throw her out of our lives. Call ur friends and we’ll insult ridhima.Aryan smiles.

Ridhima is in the bathroom and cries recalling kabir.Kabir also recalls ridhima and his memories.

Bg plays hamari adhuri kahani.

Kabir thinks how Vansh  killed agent neha and all other things .I will ruin u vansh rai Singhania.

Ishani and aryan cums to ridhima’s room and ishani took out a scissors and cuts ridhima’s blouse zib and hears siya ‘s voice and left. Siya came and took something.

Ridhima realizes that she didn’t brought towel with her . She hears footsteps and thought that it must be dadi.

Ridhima shoughts that give me towel dadi. Mysterious person searches around and found towel on bed and gave to ridhima. Ridhima thanks her.

Ridhima cums out from bathroom and gets shocked to see vansh standing otherside with closed eyes. Ridhima was scared and quickly ran in the bathroom with her clothes.

Ridhima cums out blabbering and shouts at vansh. Vansh gets angry and asked u dnt have some manners. U should closed the door. U knw u dnt stay at orphanage its VR mansion and other men r staying here. How can u be so careless.

Ridhima asked then what were u doing here. Vansh told that he was  talking to dadi and heard hervoice. Dadi went to see arrangements and I thought u r in trouble. Ridhima apologises. Vansh smirks.

Ridhima was going and fell on vansh. Their eyelock. Ishq mein Marjawan song plays.




Kabir gets to know about riansh wedding. Ridhima’s blouse zib was about to open.Vansh is with angre. Ridhima’s confusion who is real vansh.



I hope u will like. Couples r not decided yet. Do comment and tell me should I write.







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