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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarla asks Gudiya to apologize to Guddu

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nanhe lal coming to Gudiya’s room and asks Bantu, where are the books? Bantu pretends to wake up and tells that he don’t know about books. Sadhu asks Nanhe lal to search the room. Nanhe lal searches and tells that there are no books here. Guddu says even my books’ cover is not here. He says we shall go to haveli. Nanhe lal apologizes to Radhe and tells Sadhu that Gudiya can’t steal the books. Pappu says its ok. Guddu and Sadhu leave. Nanhe lal tells that he was feeling bad and asks Sarla if she can make ginger tea? They all go down. Gudiya stops Nanhe lal and asks why you trust me so much? Nanhe lal says you are like samdhan ji, didn’t I trust you? Gudiya feels bad. Sarla scolds Gudiya and hits her. Radhe tells Nanhe that he is feeling ashamed to lie to him. He tells everything. Nanhe lal tells that he didn’t hope this from her. Sarla scolds her. Gudiya tells that she is not feeling good. Sweety tries to say something. Nanhe lal says she wants you to take the lipstick promise back. Sarla takes the promise back. Sweety says she couldn’t speak due to promise and tells that Gudiya has done wrong, but don’t punish her. Sadhu tells Guddu that he has seen a new house and asks him to come and see. Guddu tells that he will not leave Dadi and badi Amma. Sadhu asks about his marriage. Guddu tells that he will not marry, as he is bal brahmachari. Sadhu says someone made me bal brahmachari. Guddu tells that he is not a small child. Sadhu says if you stay with them then you will become like them. He asks him to be alert from Radhe’s family and asks him to call him. Guddu says you only call me.

Gudiya tells that she has to lie and broke her image infront of her family because of dacoit. She tells that she will not leave Guddu. Matai appreciates Guddu for saving Gudiya. Guddu says anyone could have done this. Matai says I have become your fan. Guddu says I know that you was with Gudiya. Radhe tells Sarla that Guddu is really good. He asks why Gudiya is changing. Sarla tells that she is of her marriage age, but everyone of us depends on nanhe lal. She says it seems like we have given birth to her with Nanhe lal’s permission, as you gets worried for your stomach, while Pappu worries for his wife’s lipstick. Radhe tells that it is not like that. He tells that guddu has saved Gudiya today.

Guddu gets restless and thinks how to go to their house again. I don’t think I can go again. In the morning, Matai calls Guddu. Guddu asks him to make food and tells that he will make food in haveli, he can’t go to Radhe’s house because of Pita ji.

Gudiya ties Rakhi on Pappu’s hand and makes him eat prasad. She eats prasad then. Pappu gives her gift. Matai ties Rakhi to Guddu on the latter’s sister behalf. Guddu takes out money for his sister. Matai takes it and says I tied rakhi, so it is mine. Gudiya asks Sarla to give her rabdi. Radhe says it is for Guddu for his help. Sarla asks why you are saying in low tone and asks why didn’t he come? Gudiya says he got our house searched yesterday, if he has shame then he will not come to have breakfast. Sarla calls her shameless and tells that Guddu saved Gudiya yesterday. Sweety says he is like a hero. Gudiya says he is very clever, got my house searched and also became hero. She says if he had come then…Sarla slaps her and asks her to bring him home with respect and also to apologize to him. Radhe asks her to tell him that he has brought rabdi. Pappu asks her to call him. Gudiya says I will not apologize. Radhe asks him to go and apologize to Guddu, and bring him here for breakfast. Sarla says else she will not give her food.

Matai asks Guddu to have dalya. Guddu says if badi amma would have been here then she would have made parathe for me. Matai challenges him to make paratha. Guddu says I will make and takes the chana dal flour in the vessel. Matai says it is besan, not flour. Guddu says I want to eat besan paratha. Just then Gudiya comes there.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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