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chapter : naira meets mishti

kartik : naira pe kya beeti hogi , no one supported her that day she was pregnant she couldnt even tell me that i am going to become a father !! oh my god . what happened after that vedika? where did you meet naira ?

vedika : actually kartik after naira left the goenka villa


when naira went out of the goenka house , she was in a garden. tears were welling up in her eyes.

naira : why god why did you do this what wrong have i done  ?   why did you do that ? where will i live ? i have  a life inside me i cant kill it !!  it was better to die other than to witness all this oterwise i should have lost my memory so that i wont remember that question which  doesnt let me live and which doesnt let me die also why  kartik why didn’t you trust me ? why did no one trust me ? am i that paraay to them? what should i do now ? where should i go ? (she puts her hands on her belly) baby you dont worry dont be scared nothing will happen . your mumma wont kill you i will give you a life nothing will happen. i know you will miss your papa even i will miss him but that doesnt mean that you wont be happy hainaa i will give you all the happiness i promise. now you are the aim of my life baby i will only live for you and no one else .

while all if this was heard by someone and it was mishti and abir . they both had tears in their eyes listening to naira breaking down . they slowly took steps towards her.

naira pov

i was talking to my baby when i felt someone coming near me . my grip around my belly tightened . i was scared to be honest i was hoping it to be kartik but when i turned around i met the girl who was responsible for my and kartik’s relationship MISHTI  she was with someone whom i did not recognise  , they immediately hugged me and i hugged them back . tears welled up in  my eyes .

naira pov ends

mishti : di why are you like this what happened why are you crying ?

naira: voh…hhh kartik…

before naira could say anything she fainted . mishti and abir were shocked . they quickly took her to the hospital  and was waiting outside the ward

mishti : abir something has happened she is not well she is so injured as if she had escaped a deadly accident  and where is bff

abir : haan mishti something has surely happened . di is in a miserable condition . and  who is bff?

mishti narrates all the incidents, kaira meet to their marriage . abir was delighted to know about such a great love story but naira’s condition was continuously coming in his mind. they both were waiting outside  .

while kartik was in his room he was sitting holding his knees . his eyes were puffy looking at him anyone can easily tell that he has cried .

kartik : why did you do that naira whyy? why did you that? you and mihir ughhh naira how could you do that wasn’t my love , my care enough for you? how could you do that nairaaa how ?

while kartik continue blaming naira and cursing her but after some time he felt heat on his cheeks and that was it he looked uup and realised swarna had slapped him .

swarna : are you mad kartik have you lost your brain or what that you are speaking so much! do you even have an amount of realisation that naira would be so hurt that you questioned her you did not only suspect her character kartik you suspected her love her trust her everything  for once you did not thought that the person who has always guided to the right path  the person who made you a better version of  yourself  …..to be honest kartik i did not expect this from you  you broke naira’s heart kartik i know she said yes but it was because if she would even have said no na kartik still your relationship would have broken down   kartik listen to me you claimed to love her na then you doubted her love . for a women the most important thing is her dignity kartik …now i dont think i need to say anything more you are mature enough to understand whose mistake is what but haan kartik let me tell you  naira has left if you claim that she slept with mihir then good for you .

saying this swarna went outside leaving kartik in deep thoughts . the night again and again played in his mind . he realised his mistake but when he was going out he recieved a shocker thinking that naira has gone , gone forever she wont come back now !!! thinking about how he behaved in front of her to be honest he did not had the courage to go . he cried thinking about his fate crying upon it . when he got some determination to find naira he was finding her like crazily.

while in the hospital doctor came outside the ward ,

mishti : doctor how is di? why did she fainted  so suddenly ?

doctor :  you have to take care of her she is pregnant , she has complications and by her condition i can say that she was engaged in an accident. luckily she and the baby is fine but stress is something which is not good for her. you should call her husband at this time she needs mental as well as physical rest .

mishti : uhh can we meet her ?

doctor : ya sure

 mishti and abir going inside naira’s ward in the hospital . naira was conscious by that time although she was injured and depressed she  awake;

mishti : dii

naira : kartik kartik mishti kartik

mishti : di please calm down nothing happened to bff i will call him wait i bet he doesnt know that you are pregnant  i will call him and tell him you wait

naira : no dont call kartik dont tell him that i am…preg..nant.

mishti : di but why he has the right to know

naira: i know he has but he won’t accept this kid

mishti: you joking na di?  why wont he accept kids he love kids  you also na you joke a lot

naira : i am not joking mishti i am saying the truth  they dont trust me mishti they dont trust me anymore no one trusts me no one loves me

mishti: what are you speaking di why are you speaking like that!!

abir: haan di what happened

naira : who are you

abir : me umm..

mishti: di he is my fiance we love each other

naira : you sure right ?

mishti: yes  di why are you asking like this

naira : no nothing  (whispers) its just that if love has betrayed you its very painful

mishti : dii you said something?

naira : no mishti

mishti: speak  di

naira : take me from udaipur somewhere but please i cant live here anymore please take me

mishti: di but what happened

naira narrates all the happenings

mishti : what bff did this ? and the whole family also!!

abir: how could they do something like this

naira : my baby  fainted na he he is alright na ?

mishti: calm down di baby is absolutely fine you sit here drink water

mishti makes naira sit while tears flow from naira’s eyes she immediately hugs mishti and cries

naira : why did this happened with me mishti why didnt he trust me why did bhai also did not trust me why everyone suspected me mishti when my baby will grow and ask about his father what reply will i give him  what if they question my baby ? i wont be able to bear that mishti i wont be able to bear that they questioning my child. why mishti ? why did this happen with me only?

mishti: calm down di aap please dont loose hope we are with you we trust you calm down and if it comes to family then  no one will know that you are  with us we will live in our own little world with this little bundle of joy , you , me , abir , this baby and vedika

naira : thank you mishti thank you abir agar if you guys were not there then..

mishti: bas di ab no more these talks abir book the ticket

naira : mishti who is vedika?

mishti: ohh vedika she is my friend she is very good she stays with us only

naira: ohh ok

mishti: dii you take rest you will t get the discharge tomorrow

naira : hmm

mishti and abir goes from there to fulfill the formalities while naira becomes silent she did not cry in mishti more because she did not want mishti to give up on love she has just been in love , naira crying may make her weak and she may loose faith in love.

naira : why did you do this kartik am i that bad  i have lost my faith in you kartik . i know that even i say i hate you it wont matter because i know that somewhere deep inside im in love with you ,  i will love you always with my whole heart but ya i wont be able to express it now . i know i will be commiting a sin by separating you with your child but there is no option left .

saying this naira dose off to sleep because of the sedatives that the doctor gave her . next day naira mishti and abir went off to goa . throughout the flight naira was silent , mishti and abir who could understand her turmoil tried to cheer her mood up to which naira positively laughed but it was fake , just for mishti and abir . at that moment only mishti , abir and her baby mattered to her . although she has recently met abir but she developed a bond of brother sister with him .

when they reached goa , they met vedika at the airport . while naira and vedika introduced each other vedika felt bad for naira . she hugged her tightly to which naira reciprocated . it did not took time for them to become good friends , it was vedika herself who suggested naira to become a nutrionist moreover naira had given up on a job like this she was fine doing a job of a waitress of something .



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