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The good triumphs over the evil- RiAnsh OS

The good triumphs over the evil- RiAnsh OS

Hi guys I’m back with another OS that was requested by @Lilz. Please let me know how you all find it in the comments sections and please support by commenting.

Guys I’m sorry I won’t be able to post any of my ffs today as I’ve got a meeting with the teachers and parents (PTM) for 5 continuous hours and I was a bit busy in sorting things out for school. But I promise to give a double update for my ffs tmr. I will bring both TGOD and HHIL tmr hopefully.

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So this OS is based on the dusshera story where Aryan had put Riddhima inside the Raavan effigy.

OS starts

Vansh: Riddhima!!!! (shouting)

Vansh ran towards the arrow and held it before it could go any further and burn the effigy. His heart had confirmed that his Riddhima was in danger and that too right in front of him. He threw the arrow away and rushed to the effigy. Aryan mumbled curses under his breathe while Chanchal panicked thinking about the consequences. Dadi, Ishani, Angre and Anupriya looked at Vansh curiously but then were shocked when Vansh came with an unconscious Riddhima in his arms. He quickly rushed inside with her and placed her gently on the sofa and ordered Angre to call the doctor.

His eyes finally found peace once he saw her but panicked to see her in the effigy, unconscious. He couldn’t even think of what could have had happened if he hadn’t had sensed the danger looming around her. He had to trust her words this time, he made up his mind to do so. He always ignored her words about her attacker but not this time. The attacker had pressed the wrong nerve this time. He burned in anger, eager for his sweetheart to wake up so that he could handle her culprits.

After a wait of around 10 minutes he found his sweetheart slowly regaining consciousness. He helped her get up and sit properly on the sofa and cupped her face. He noticed her eyes, charmless and exhausted. Her face pale and she looked completely withered. He got up a bit and planted a soft kiss on her forehead assuring her that she was safe with him. He got back to his knees and talked.

Vansh: Are you fine sweetheart? (softly)

Riddhima: Wat…water

Vansh: yea, one second. (got water) Here (helping her drink) Done? (she nodded)

Dadi: Riddhima beta, what happened? How did this all happen? Are you fine? (worry)

Riddhima: Dadi don’t worry, I’m fine. (weak)

Vansh: (anger) Just tell me one thing Riddhima…..who did this to you?

Riddhima: (no answer)

Vansh: Riddhima….who did this to you? (anger)

Riddhima: (glaring at the mother-son duo) Vansh umm…it might have just been….(cut by Vansh)

Vansh: No more excuses Riddhima! Just tell me the truth, and no covering up for anyone and mind you for anyone! So tell me….who did it? (anger)

Riddhima: Will you believe me?

Vansh: I trust you! (cupping her face) Tell me

Chanchal: (murmuring to Aryan) Aryan, we are gone now! I don’t know what she’ll tell Vansh (scared)

Aryan: (murmuring back) Mom please, keep a neutral face otherwise everyone will suspect you. We’ll see to whatever happens.

Angre: Boss I’ve got what you asked me to get. (signaling to his phone)

Vansh: Riddhima are you telling me or shall I find it out with my own sources? Angre pass it to me!

Angre: Yes boss! (passing the phone to Vansh)

Vansh: Riddhima….

Riddhima: Aryan and Chachi. (glaring at them) They did it

Chanchal: (scared) What…what are you saying Riddhima! No Vansh, we have…have not done anything.

Vansh: enough!!

Ishani: Bhai are you sure you’ll want to believe this girl here!

Vansh: I said enough! I just wanted to hear it from Riddhima’s mouth once. I knew it was them!

Riddhima: (shocked) how?

Vansh: (smirking) Sweetheart, I’m Vansh Rai Singhania! (raised the phone) Here it is. The CCTV says it all.

Vansh narrates how he had checked the CCTVs when he was looking for Riddhima. He saw Aryan hitting Riddhima on the head with a rod and taking her somewhere. He was unaware about the location however he had caught them. He got up in anger and went to Aryan. He slapped him tight. Chanchal squealed seeing her son hit.

Chanchal: Vansh please stop it (crying) leave my son!

Vansh: You both are going to suffer more than this. You both kept on attacking Riddhima and me thinking you can’t do that kept on ignoring her pleas. (Anger) I curse myself for doing that!

Aryan: Vansh bhai do you know what she did! (anger) She blackmailed me for Ragini’s death!

Vansh turned and looked at Riddhima. She looked at him and remembered his words to her. “I trust you!” Vansh turned back to Aryan and glared at him angrily. No matter whatever she did, Aryan didn’t have the right to kill her.

Vansh: Riddhima, you blackmailed him? (looking at Aryan and Chanchal)

Riddhima: Yes I did (courage) I blackmailed him to get to the truth, to save you because I knew you hadn’t done anything. I had gotten the video where I saw you pointing the gun at Ragini but deep inside me I knew that it wasn’t you who shot at her, it was someone else. But the other main question was that who shot the video? It was Aryan and I had confirmed it when I saw him panicking when I had mentioned it.

Vansh: Aryan you were there! (anger) Why the hell were you there? Care to explain

Aryan: I wanted to….to (sighed) frame you. So I shot the video and kept it for the future to frame you and get the entire property from you.

Chanchal: Please Vansh forgive him. Don’t do anything….

Vansh: (cut her) Chachi! Enough of you taking sides. Riddhima and what…. (cut by her)

Riddhima: Vansh I was a spy!

Aryan: See, I told you she wasn’t whom she always portrayed as. You should be punishing her and not me Vansh bhai!

Vansh: Aryan shut up! (anger) Riddhima continue I want to know your motives.

Riddhima: (stood up, hurt) I have no motives Vansh. I was used by …..(paused) Kabir! He used me for his own means and (crying) broke my heart!

Vansh: (gritting his teeth) Kabir!!

Riddhima: I’m sorry, I was forced to do this thinking this was for my true love but I was totally wrong. He played with me and my feelings and sent me here instigating me against you Vansh. But when I married you, I got to soon know who you actually are. That’s why I had made up my mind to prove you innocent. (crying) I’m sorry…I’m sorry! I didn’t want to betray you

Vansh went towards Riddhima and rubbed her tears away. He brought her face to him and made her look in to his eyes. He held her hands, engulfing his fingers with hers. He smiled slightly.

Vansh: I hate tears…Riddhima! (smiling) I’m happy you trusted me with your truth and your belief upon me, proves everything. No need for any explanation. For that Kabir, he’ll get his punishment for using my sweetheart. (kissing her forehead) Today is Dusshera, and on this day the truth and good triumphs over the evil. They will be punished. (anger) Aryan (turning to him) You’ll spend the entire year downstairs in the basement with less commodities. You wanted to burn her right, now you’ll burn in loneliness. And I warn everyone, don’t dare go to visit him. He’ll get a lot of entertainment there, lot’s of activities! (smirk) Angre, hope you understand me?

Angre: Yes boss!

Vansh: as for you chachi, only one is enough for you. You’ll live in this mansion like the staff, without any good and branded clothes, without jewelry. You will work too. Anyone objects? (loud tone) Dadi?

Dadi: Do it Vansh, they deserve it. (annoyed)

Vansh: As for you sweetheart, your punishment is in the room. Follow me!

Vansh went to his room while Riddhima followed him like a baby, obediently. As soon as she reached the room, she closed her eyes in nervousness and started talking.

Riddhima: (closed eyes) Vansh I know I haven’t done right, and I’ll even agree to leave from here as my punishment. I promise I won’t show you my face too.

Vansh: Open your eyes!

Riddhima slowly opened her eyes and saw Vansh with a voice player. He played it and his plan for Ragini and to get to his mother’s murderer was revealed to which Riddhima was shocked. She was stunned at the reason why he had done it; all for his mother. She looked at him teary eyed and hugged him, apologizing for her behavior. Vansh caressed her hair in affection and pulled away from the hug.

She was in shock, thinking that he hadn’t forgiven her. He went towards his wardrobe and got two items. One was a box, beautifully wrapped and the other papers. He placed them on the side table and looked towards Riddhima.

Vansh: Riddhima, two things here. You’ve got to choose one from them.

Riddhima: (reading the papers) Divorce (choking) A ring? (the box)

Vansh: Choose papers if you want to leave me and ring if you want to be with me.

Riddhima: (tearing the papers) Divorce not a good option (baby voice)

Vansh, happy at her decision kneeled down with the ring in his hands and proposed her.

Vansh: You chose a punishment for yourself sweetheart, of living with me for the entire life (chuckling) Riddhima you changed the direction of my life, you changed me and you changed everything related to me the moment you stepped in to my life. My life had white flowers (reminiscing their meet) that represented loneliness but you added your colors and my life as beautiful and graceful as you. I found myself when I got you in my life. Will you allow me to keep your heart with me? I love you! You’ve taken my heart and my mind.

Riddhima: (teary) Yess!! I love you too Vansh!

thami thami see saansein
thami thami jeene lageen
hain tum se jo mil gayi
jo mil gayee..

pausing breaths,
have begun to slowly live again,
now that they have met you..

asar ye kaisa teree chaahat kaa
hai mujh pe ho gayaa
zarraa zarraa mere dil kaa
ab tujh mein hi kho gayaa
meher waalaa wo rab barsa hai
jab se tu hai mil gayaa
tujh ko paa ke aisaa laage ke
khud se hoon mil gayaa

What an effect of your love,
is there on me,
every single particle of my heart
is lost in you only..
God’s mercy has poured on me
since I have found you..
Getting you, I feel like
I have found myself..

ke rang jo laagyo re
ke rang jo laagyo re
ke thaaro rang..

Now that I’ve got colored..
In your color..

They hugged each other and promised to trust each other no matter any situation arrives. They promised to stay together till death. They promised to love each other forever.

Iss Ishq mein marjawan,
Kuch bhi kasam se karjawan,
Hadh se bhi guzarjawan,
Kuch bhi kasam se karjawan

I hope you enjoyed reading this OS. Please let me know how you found it in the comments section.
@Lilz hope you enjoyed it too and let me know how you found it too. If you have any requests do let me know in the comments section.


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