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Meeting her (Part-2) ~Riansh IMMJ2~

Here’s the second part:

2 days passed like that.
That day we didn’t exchanged numbers so I was not able to contact her.

One fine Sunday-

I was sitting in my hostel room scrolling my phone.
Ritik was beside me completing his 2 weeks before notes.

Ritik sun!” I called him out.

He paused for a bit and said-
Don’t tell me, that you wanna me to accompany you to Khandala”

I rolled my eyes.
Shut up! And give me some idea to talk to Miss. Umbrella, I mean Riddhima

Simple! Call her” And he kept his pen aside as he completed his notes.
And he turned and sat facing me.

What are you, waiting for, bro!?
Call her na” he said being excited.

If I had her number, I would have called her that day only!” I said hitting his head slightly from my hand.

R- “You dropped her to her home that night! Right?

V- “I went there too, it was her friend’s home. It was nearby, so, she asked me to drop her there only”

R-Ask that friend of her about her number and address!

V- Her friend’s mother was there at home. But, she said that Ragini, her friend isn’t at home. She is at her hometown. She will be coming after a week! And asking Ragini, her friend or Riddhima’s number from aunty seemed a bit awkward. So, I didn’t talked much to her.
And these ideas are the first to come in someone’s mind, after, hearing my story!

Wo bhi hain” He said laughing.

Wo bhi nahin, wo hi hain”
Pausing for a minute, I again spoke-
Now give me some idea!

Ritik- “Go and read books”

Vansh- What!?

Ritik- I mean go to library, maybe you will meet her.

Vansh- This idea came in my mind before only. I visit library daily! And I even told the librarian to inform me when she visits library.

Ritik- Oh! You also have a little brain.

Vansh- Idea de!
He said glaring him.

Ritik- Why not you, ask your relative, the one in whose wedding we went that day!

Vansh- Idea is quite good. But, will papa not ask me, if I will ask uncle’s number, the one with whom I never talked.

Ritik- Arrey! None is asking you to call your papa! We both will go to your uncle’s home directly!

Vansh-Why are you sitting here? Bike Nikaal, jaldi!

We both went to uncle’s home.

Some decorations were still there, and uncle was instructing the men while they were doing as he was saying and they were removing the lights, flowers and all.

Uncle’s sight landed on us.

Vansh beta, tum yaha, achanak”

I touched his feet.

Uncle and aunt made us comfortable by providing tea and snacks.
While I was being tensed, only I, because Ritik was enjoying the treat very well!

How this sudden plan came in your mind of visiting here” Aunt spoke.

This was the question because of which I was getting afraid.

Aunt, he was missing you both, and was saying that you guys are so kind” Ritik spoke.

Aww! Beta, If I knew this, I would have brought more snacks. Let me bring some snacks. While, uncle will talk to you” saying so, Aunt went towards kitchen.

Ritik gave me a weird look.
And continued sipping the tea.

Uncle, Riddhima studies in same college in which we study, we don’t have her number and wanted notes.
That’s why we are here” Ritik said sipping the hot tea.

Oh! Itni si baat! You guys could have said before this too”

He shuffled through his diary in which there was written “Numbers”

And after finding for a minute or two.

He said- Here it is, number of Sharma ji!

Vansh- Na na! We want the number of his daughter, Riddhima!

Uncle- You can ask him only!

Vansh-Okay okay uncle.
I took the number’s photo in my phone along with which address was written too…

Uncle- Beta! Chai naashta toh kar lo theek se!

Vansh-Nahin nahin uncle, fir kabhi aur please don’t tell all these to papa! He will get angry that I didn’t completed my notes!

Uncle-Okay okay beta!

We went from there, and I quickly sat on the bike.

Vansh-Chal Riddhima ke ghar!

Ritik-Waah! You seem to be excited!

We reached her home after some minutes.

I knocked the door.

Kaun hain” “Riddhu, open the door” A female voice came from inside.

Then, someone opened the door.
It was Riddhima! Dressed in a white frock-suit and orange duppata. She was looking like an angel.

Kaun hain?” Again the same voice came inside. I guess it was her mother.

Two boys from my college came to take notes” she spoke after thinking for quite a few seconds.

Acha. Okay” this voice came and a lady came out of the room which was kitchen, I guess.

Hello you both! I am Riddhima’s mom. You guys came for taking notes. Right? Said her mom.

“Ya ya aunty! I said instantly.

“I will bring some snacks. Sit here” she said pointing towards the sofa.

We both sat there.

Riddhima-Toh, how you guys, here?

Vansh-“Why, you lied to your mother?”

Riddhima-I don’t know. But first you tell, why this sudden plan of coming here!?

I gave Ritik a sign from my hand. He went outside and brought her umbrella. Beautifully wrapped by a red ribbon.

I gave her that and she smiled holding it in her hand.

Her Mumma came from the kitchen. And keeping the tray filled with two cups of tea along with some snacks on the table. She spoke-
Riddhima! Give them the notes

Riddhima-Maa! Wo na actually! I am a bit confused, which notes he is talking about, shall I take him to the study? So that, he can take the notes easily. She said hiding the umbrella behind her swiftly.

Her mother said- okay! But thoda jaldi!

She said- Chalo!

After walking for quite a few seconds we reached the study.

She sat on the chair and huffed and gave me some notes and said-
You are not from my college but these notes are important. It will help you!
And thanks for giving my umbrella!

C-can I get your number?” I spoke in a go.

She scribbled something on the notes she gave me.

Haash! done take it”
You seem a nice guy.

This girl is crazy!
She have courage to say anything! I am damn sure, she will be the first to propose.

What the heck! I am even thinking!

“T-thankyou” I spoke and came out of the study.

Number Mila” Ritik spoke.

Which number you guys are talking about?” Her mother enquired.

“5th chapter number. He is talking about that!” I said trying in a second.

Riddhima came from the study.
Maa, Actually he is not from my college. He helped me that night to reach Ragini’s home. Remember? I told you about him.

Her mother hummed.

That night he didn’t had umbrella. So, he borrowed mine. And, today he came to give that only! Sorry for lying before.

Her mother kept a hand on her shoulder and said
It’s okay beta. At least you told the truth now.

Her mother looked at me said-
Thanks for helping my daughter that night!

She is indeed different from others.

Wo achanak aa gayi

Ghata se chaand

—————-The end—————–

That was the end of “Meeting her
Hope, I reached the expectations of the ones who wanted the part-2 of this story!


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