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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Jai and Nandini get engaged

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Veer and Rani come home. Jai and Nandini are getting engaged. Rajeshwari says Veer you came? Come give them blessings. Veer is shocked. Jai says everything went well. Veer says Rani sa without telling us? Why? She says when you are an outsider an outsider became my son. Jai touches her feet.

Veer says Nandini how could you agree to this man? You don’t have to marry him. He’s disgusting. He can never be loyal to anyone. Nandini says you’re an outsider as well. Veer is shocked. Nandini says if Rani can get a chance why can’t he? Why can’t Jai get a chance? Veer leaves in anger. Rani goes after him. Rajeshwari says to Nandini it’s okay. It happens. Let’s celebrate.

Veer sits down and recalls what Rajeshwari and Nandini said. Rani comes and sits with him. Veer says Rani sa is mad at us, why is she punishing Nandini? Rani says we have stopped this before. We will stop it now. You know the rest of the family won’t be happy with it either. Veer says you are right. We should talk to papa. Veer gets a call from the hospital. He says what? I am coming there. Veer says to Rani the patient I told you about they are removing his life support. I can’t let him die. Rani says you go, I will handle it there.

Scene 2
Rani says to Sanjay and Rajmata when people get married in the village people only see the character of the guy. That man doesn’t deserve Nandini. Sanjay says Rajeshwari never gives us chance to speak. Ranni says we can all save Nandini together. We have time. He’s a bad guy. You have to speak to her and tell her it’s wrong. Rajeshwari says who will tell me what’s right and wrong? They are shocked to see her. Rajeshwair says there’s a celebration in the house. Things we couldn’t do at Veer’s wedding we would do in Nandini’s wedding. Jai made mistakes, but he did it for me and this family. If Rani got a chance why won’t he? He’s a prince. Pandit ji has given mahurat in two days. Start the preparations. Sanjay says please listen.. She says you always consider me wrong. I give all preparations responsibility to rani. Rani says in heart I had to stop it. Rajeshwari says Rajmata you call her DIL of this house. She handles the key so she can handle an event. Are you scared? It isn’t that easy to be DIL of this house.

Rani says I will do it. I will do whatever is right for Nandini. Rajeshwari says today is pooja. There is no room for mistakes.

Scene 3
Veer comes to the hospital. The nurse says doctors have given irders to remove life support. Veer runs upstairs.

Rani gets preparations done. Rajeshwari says I am impressed. She says this is the first celebration in your supervision. There should be no mistake. Rani says what should I do now.

The doctor is about to remove the life support. Veer comes in and says please don’t do this. He says this patient can’t survive. The HOD comes. He says what’s going on? Veer says we can’t remove his life support. HOD says there’s no improvement. He has no family. We got permissions. Veer says please give me two days. If nothing happens, you can do what you like. He agress. Veer takes all his files. Veer looks at the man and says I don’t know why my heart says you will live. I will do anything to save you.

Rani helps the servants. Jai comes there. Rani says why is this happening. Champa stops Jai. Rani looks at them and says now I have an idea.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rani asks Veer about the patient? Veer says I never felt emotional with a patient. There’s some connection with him.

Kumud says to Sanjay I found this ring in Veer’s clothes. Sanjay says Veer can’t ge to the past. Kumud says what if Veer gets to the truth? Veer comes in and says what truth?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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