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A special day ~ OS

Before starting anything message from pragya ji aka frozen hidden that she’ll not able to update her ss this week as she’s busy with her presentation. Till then you all take care of yourself❤✌

So back to me…..so, Hey guys, sorry was little busy these days. Thank you so much for responses❤. So let’s start:

Hey guys, riva here. Daughter of Vansh and Riddhima Raisinghania. So today is very special day because today is birthday of my dad and I’m more excited then him. You know I totally forgot that what’s today I know it’s very bad but I forgot and when I woke up I don’t know why suddenly I asked my sister, date? She said 1st July. Listening to this I shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY from my room only and ran whole house in order to find him but later mumma told that he’s not at home and when I came back at room and saw my sister, she had kept her hands on her ears. And I jumped on my bed and asked her why she had kept her hands on ears and she said you are mad or what who shouts like this. I said me and I’ll do it because I’m favourite of daddy and we started fighting upon this and mumma came and said when you’ll grow up rianshi(my sister) you are 22 now don’t behave like this her(me). And she started scolding us and daddy came at that time and he said to mumma don’t scold his daughters and I was teasing mumma😂. Soon dad left for office with chachu and my elder brother (rivan). And I was busy with my online classes which starts from 7.30 and ends on 12.00 and today I was just thinking about one incident…., isn’t it feels like proud when someone talks about your dad’s life struggle infront of others and appreciate him❤. I was just thinking about that only and happy tears were flowing. Time passed and in evening, mumma told us to get ready and me and rianshi di were making faces.

Mumma: if you both didn’t get ready for my husband birthday party then I’ll also not come in your husband birthday party or your birthday.

Me: mumma we are just little kids you only told that in morning (to rianshi di) isn’t it di?

Rianshi di: yeah mumma, riva is right….

But mumma interrupted: I don’t want to listen anything you’ve 5 minutes get ready and come.

And I saw dad going to his room and I said: daddy see your wife is blackmailing me and di

Dad: (to mumma) well done…keep blackmailing and scolding this riva. She always stops me from eating sweets and other things which I love.

And I was hell shocked and I said: so what I don’t want your sugar level get increased. And you are cheater you changed team. Not fair. And I thought to give you freedom for today from your diet chart but no. Now I’ll not give.

Dad: sometimes I think I’m not your dad but you are my mom. Which daughter scold her father like you?

Me and rianshi di: we, and will scold you if you didn’t take care of yourself.

Mumma was enjoying our banter and start scolding dad because even he was not ready😂. Dad was going while making faces and I was laughing very much and mumma glared me and I stopped laughing and stopped song which I was listening all this while and rianshi di was busy in watching series and mumma snatched her laptop😂😂. And within 5 minutes we got ready and celebrated daddy’s birthday where only our family was present. Daddy cutted cake and fed mumma first and while mumma was going to feed him daddy glared at me and rianshi di and we smiled because we knew he was asking that he should it cake or not and we gave permission because cake was made by us and it contained less sugar and we clicked some photos of mumma papa and enjoyed among all of us and after having dinner we departed to our rooms.

I don’t know if you liked or not, but today’s day is most important day for me because today’s daddy’s birthday..in every girls life her father is most important person❤

And I’m sorry if I hurted anyone unknowingly. And so sorry for not posting FRIENDSHIP GOALS..but I promise I’ll post asap❤, till then take care. Lots of love.

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