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A Bond Of Unique Love – RIANSH Love Story (Episode 18)

Thank you so much for the support on the previous episode. Let’s begin with the episode.

Episode 18:

The next day.

At school.

Riddhima & Sejal arrived into the classroom and take their seats.

Vansh also came and sit next to Riddhima, as he was his buddy.

The school bell rang and class started.

Teacher: Students, today we have a surprise math test. It’s only 30 minutes and you have to answer all the questions. The total marks are 20 and if you get less than 17, you would get punished.

Every student got nervous hearing this, except the class topper – Riddhima.

The teacher hands out the test papers and it begins.

Riddhima was confident that she would score a good grade, but on the other hand Vansh was sitting aimlessly and thinking how to answer the questions.

Vansh (whispering): Riddhima, you know I am bad at math. Please help me, I can’t do this on my own. I need your support.

Riddhima (to herself): Now he is talking about support. He was the one who didn’t even support me when I needed it. I will not help him in cheating in any way.

Riddhima didn’t responded to him.

Vansh (whispering): Please help, I’ll do whatever you want.

She still didn’t say anything.

Riddhima: Ma’am, Vansh is disturbing me. Can you ask him to be quiet during the test?

Teacher: Vansh, be quiet and if you talk one more time, then you’ll be out of this class. (teacher suddenly turned too mean)

Vansh was shocked that Riddhima wouldn’t help him and also complained to the teacher. He knew why she was angry and ignoring him.

Vansh (to himself): What has happened to my sweetheart? I know she is upset, but she could have helped me at least. If I say anything else to her, I’ll be out of the class. So, it’s better to shut my mouth.

The test finishes and the teacher collects it.

Teacher: I will mark the tests very soon and you will get the results at the end of the day.

It was break time and all the students left to the playground.

Vansh was about to hold Riddhima’s hand, but before he could do that she left.

Vansh (to himself): Oh, so now she is ignoring me. Fine, I will also ignore her. Let’s see for how she will be able to do this.

In the playground.

Riddhima (to herself): This Vansh is driving me crazy and he didn’t even apologize to me even once.

Kabir saw the fight between Vansh & Riddhima and decided that it was a good opportunity for him.

Kabir: Riddhima, are you fine? What happened, you look upset.

Riddhima answered with a fake smile on her face.

Riddhima: Actually, I am little worried about the math test grade. It was hard and if I fail…

Kabir (cutting her words): That is not even going to happen. I know you will always get full marks. You are the topper of our class and there’s no chance that you can. I can guarantee you will score very high.

Riddhima (smiling): Thank you so much Kabir. You are the only one who understands. Let’s go it’s almost time to go back to class.

Both head to the classroom.

Teacher: So students, I have checked all the test papers and luckily all of the students have passed except Vansh.

Vansh (to himself): I knew that I was going to fail. Now I will get punished. Great! Slow claps for my math skills.

Teacher: Vansh, your punishment is to spend the entire day studying math. Riddhima will help and teach you. You can go to the dance room to study, as it’s free for today. Then, you will again have a test tomorrow and if Vansh fails then both of you will get punished. Is that clear.

Vansh & Riddhima: Yes.

Vansh (to himself): Thank you so much ma’am for failing me. I think even the teacher and God want me to spend time with my sweetheart. At least she will talk to me and I get to see her cute face. I can also get to spend some time with her. I suddenly forgot that we are going to study and I don’t want Riddhima to get punished because of me.

Riddhima (to herself): Oh God! Why did this Vansh had to fail and now I have to spend the entire day teaching him. He will also find ways to distract me and seek my attention. I can’t ignore him anymore.

Both went to the dance room.

Riddhima: Ok, let’s start.

Vansh comes closer to her and puts his hands on her waist, grabbing her tightly.

Riddhima (stammering): Wha…What are y…you doing? We are here to study, not to romance.

Vansh (smirking): But you didn’t say what to start. My bad thinking.

Riddhima: Now will you please do the honour of letting me go, so we can START STUDYING.

Vansh: Nah, I am not in a mood of studying.

Riddhima (smirking): I’ll call the teacher, if you don’t study.

As soon as he heard teacher’s name, he got away and she started teaching him math.

Precap: Vansh & Riddhima’s study session and romance.

How was the episode? Do you think Vansh & Riddhima will manage to stay together and study? Please tell me in the comments sections below.

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