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Will He Fall For Me? – (Episode 6)

Hi friends . Thanks alot for the comments in the previous episode it meant alot for me . Please do comment and tell your views guys . I hope I reach your expectation.

Heart Break

The performance were going on while sejal and Aryan were just chatting through phone without getting noticed . Though riddhima and vansh noticed it they didn’t mind . Riddhima was feeling hungry as they shared the snacks and now there is nothing to eat . So she with sejal went to the canteen . They went to canteen and bought some snacks . While on the way sejal got a text from Aryan to wait near the canteen .

Sejal : Riddhu you go I will be coming

Riddhima : But where are you going ?

Sejal : I have to attend a call as its noisy there I can’t attend so you go I will come .

Riddhima : Ok come soon .

Riddhima went towards the stage meanwhile Aryan

Aryan : Vansh I will come in few minutes you please manage riddhu

Vansh : Ok Aryan come soon I can’t manage your sister .

Aryan : Ok I will

Aryan left to meet sejal  through other way so that  riddhima couldn’t see her .

Aryan  and sejal went to the park . Meanwhile Riddhima reached near her place . She started eating the snacks with her friends and was enjoying the performance .

Vansh : ( thought ) OMG This girl na she eats too much junk food which is unhealthy for her . I should talk to Kabir bhai regarding this .

Sejal came and joined Riddima whereas after few minutes Aryan vansh .

After few hours the programme got over .   Ragini , Dharsha and Tara left  . Sejal informed her parents and came to riddhima . Riddhima then noticed a silver chain in sejal’s neck .

Riddhima : Sejal when did you bought the silver chain ?

Sejal and Aryan got nervous which is unnoticed  by riddhima . Sejal ‘s remises  Aryan presenting her the silver chain . She mentally scolded herself for forgetting the chain . But sejal tried to coverup

Sejal : Riddhu last week I went to a jewellary shop and Liked it alot so I bought it .

Riddhima : You know sejal its awesome . Even I thought to buy a silver chain after papa and mom comes .  BTW in which shop did you buy ?

Aryan signalled her something  which Sejal understood .

Sejal : I didn’t remember the name but the was near Phoenix Mall .

Riddhima : Its Ok one day will go there . And you should accompany me .

Sejal : Sure riddhu .

Then sejal’s parent’s came . Sejal  bit adieu and went . whereas now Aryan , Vansh and Riddhima were waiting for their Siblings . Kabir and Ishani came . Vansh went with Ishani whereas Riddhima and Aryan got in Kabir’s car . When the car was about to start riddhima noticed that  her phone got exchanged with vansh’s phone somehow . So she went to Ishani’s car

Riddhima : Ishani di where is vansh ?

Ishani : He forgot his watch near auditorium so went to bring it riddhu  .

Riddhima : Ok di .

She was about to go when Ishani asked her

Ishani : What happend riddhu anything wrong .

Riddhima : No nothing like this Di . Woh  our phone got exchanged .

Ishani : Ok

Riddhima went to Auditorium almost all of them went from there whereas only few were left . She went to the auditorium and searched for vansh but was nowhere to be found . When she was about to go she heard some voice from the auditorium and found a girl siting on her knees with a rose in her hand  before vansh .  Since the girl’s back was facing  riddhima she didn’t see the girl’s face .

The girl :  I love you

Vansh bend to her level picked her by her arms and

Vansh : I love you tooo (and hugs her )

When they turned to go riddhima was shocked to see the girl’s face . Its her senior Aahana

Riddhima who had witnessed this scene from the entrance door  was heart broken and tears were flowing through her eyes . Even though she didn’t confess to  him she felt heart break . There was a war between her heart and mind .

Heart : I loved him but he loves her

Mind : Its just an Infatuation you didn’t love him

Heart : No he is not my crush . He is my love and I loved him whole heartedly

Mind : no Its just an infatuation . You didn’t love him. You need to understand it .

Riddhima now fed up with the fight shouted ( since no was nearby no one heard it )

Riddhima :  Stop it ……..  (She rubbed her tears of and went and washed her face . ) I didn’t love him its just an infatution . You need to go now bhai will be waiting na chalo  Riddhima . You are a brave and matured so now enough of this useless tears . These tears show that you are weak . But you should not be we I know I am a brave girl and will face everything . Now forget about the incident . Aryan bhai and Kabir bhai will be getting will be worried for you , so you need to go .( she talked to herself in the mirror )

She chose her Mind Over Heart 

She went towards Ishani’s car and gave vansh’s phone .

Riddhima : Ishu di here is vansh’s phone I will get my phone tomorrow ( she gave vansh’s phone and left from there )

 Not waiting for her reply riddhima went to the car and sat quitely .  She just masked her face so that no one could find that she was crying and was indeed hurt  . She tried to act normal

Kabir : Did you get your phone

Riddhima : No bhai he is not there .

Kabir : Its ok tomorrow we an get it .

Riddhima : Ok bhai

They drove to the mansion meanwhile Ishani and Vansh also reached their mansion .

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