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Who am I to you? – A triangle love story #Riansh SS Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Riddhima:I love Kabir, I am his fiancee. See the engagement ring.

Riddhima shows him the ring.

Vansh:Then you will marry him only? You don’t have any feelings for me?

Riddhima:I will marry him but when he will be well again.

Vansh:Say it clearly.

Riddhima:I am an orphan. I lost my mom and dad in an accident. Someone left me at a orphanage. When I was 18 years old I leaves from there. Then I met with a boy, Kabir. He came and changed my life. He took me with him in his house. He lives with her mother.

Slowly I grew a bond with them. After that our friendship was taking a new turn and we fell in love with each other. He proposed me in a very romantic and special way and I accept it. Our life was going good.

Then his mother thought for our marriage. All the rituals are done but who knows a danger is awaiting for us. I was getting ready in my room for our marriage when I get to know the worst news of my life.I never expect that in my worst dream of my life. He met with an accident.

He was coming home after a business deal but while saving a child he himself went in the danger. His ribs bones are all broken. He got stiches on his head. His condition is very bad. He can’t talk also. But I will wait for him. I only love him and I will marry him only. I can wait for him for my whole life also.

It will be better for you to forgot me. I hope you will get a very nice partner who will be more better than me.

Vansh:Can I meet with him once?

Riddhima:No never. If he saw you he will understand everything. And I don’t want him to leave me all alone here. Don’t you dare to go there, otherwise the consequences will be worst for you. ( fierce).


Riddhima leaves from there without giving the answer.

Vansh sits with a thud. He was crying bitterly. His first love remain incomplete. He never thought he can love someone so intensely. But his love his pure. He can’t see tears in her eyes.

Ek cheez channa tere baad reh gayi
Kho gaya hai tu, teri yaad reh gayi
Karna main ki, iss dil da mere
Saansein to meri tere naal reh gayi

Aise kyun badal gaya
Kya koi hai mil gaya
Dil puchta hai kya kahoon

Toote-toote khaab’an vich disda ae tu
Mainu chhad aajkal kisda ae tu
Tere baajon mera koi hor taa nahi
Haal mera aake kyun ni puchda ae tu

(Oh this song..I am crazy about this song❤).

Vansh was in his room hugging Riddhima’s photo. He forgot about gym. He forgot about his workouts. For him now everything is meaningless. Even his life is meaningless. How can he live without her?

Vansh:Today I understood the pain of love. It’s a very weird thing. When you get it, it is the medicine but when you don’t get it, then it is poison. No, I can’t sit here like this. I have to meet with him once. I will not go in front of him then only no problem.

He wipes his tears and left for the hospital.

Vansh went towards the room where Kabir was there. He saw from the mirror that Kabir is lying down with his eyes open. So many machines are there beside him. Number of pipes entered in his body.

Vansh has tears seeing his condition. He left from there so that know one saw him.

But who knows that someone say him standing over there. Yes he was none other than Kabir. He saw Vansh was crying over there. He understood everything.

Kabir:I know he loves my Riddhima. Now I can die peacefully because someone is there who loves her and will make her queen of his hearts. Good bye Riddhima. (Thinks).

He closes his for last time. There was a smile on his face. He never repent for dying because he know that boy will love her more than him. How many die with a smile in his or her face.

Riddhima was sitting in her room and reminiscing all the memories with Vansh and Ahana. Life is uncertain. No one knows when a danger will arrive

Her phone starts to ring. She hurriedly receives it as it is from the hospital.


Person:Please come fast.

Riddhima and Kabir’s mother immediately went to the hospital.

Riddhima:What happened?

Doctor:I am sorry but he is no more.

Doctor leaves.

Riddhima sits on the floor with shock. For whom she broke all the friendship now he only leaves him. How can he?

A nurse took them to the dead body of Kabir.

Riddhima shouts hugging him:Please get up. You can’t leave me. How can you leave me? Huh? Wake up. Today also I am waiting for you but you went away? How will I survive, who will love me know? Please get up. I know your totally fine. You are very bad. Please get up (crying).

Mom:He has gone leaving us. Now we have to live with his memories only. It’s better to die at once then everyday. Atleast his pain will be less now. ( sobbing).

Riddhima:I know who have done this. I will not spare him now.

Riddhima and his mom done all the last rites. During the ritual Vansh also comes there. Riddhima saw his and burns with anger. She went towards Vansh and gave him a tight slap on his face.

Riddhima:You are a muderer!! You killed him. I hate you Vansh. I asked you not to go in the hospital then why did you go? Huh? Say me? If you really love me then you would be happy in my happiness. You might have not kill my happiness!!! Leave from here.

Vansh:Listen to me atleast once.

Riddhima:I say leave!!! ( on top of his voice).

Vansh leaves.

In the evening Riddhima was crying very much. She lost everything. She thinks she is the most unluckiest girl in this world. She was hugging a teddy which was given by Vansh. On other side Vansh is also crying hugging her photo. Both of them are thinking about each other but they don’t want to confront it. There heart is seeking for a new start, a new love, a new feelung but there is one barrier.

Sometimes life take tests. Few qualify it and some don’t. Who didn’t qualify they kept on crying for whole life. Life is not about crying and spending days remembering the bitter past but it is to accept the past and to move on in their life with a new starting.

Yeh dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein

Yeh dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein
Kyun rooh meri yeh sahe
Main adhoora jee raha hun
Hardam yeh keh raha hun
Mujhe teri Zaroorat hai

Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Mujhe teri zarurat hai..
Yeh dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein

Precap:No precap for today😂

Sorry for making you all wait for it. It will end in next episode only. I will post it tomorrow for sure. Do comments because I gave my full efforts on this ss. If you guys don’t comment then it will remain unsuccessful for me😭. I know it’s a very emotional episodes 😅. Tissue chaiye to bol dena🤭. Byeee..

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