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The Twisted game of Destiny-Fights, fights and fights ep.33 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Fights, Fights and Fights

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The Twisted game of Destiny- College day 2 ep. 32 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Episode starts

Vansh: Then she saved me.

Rivan: Saved you? How?

Vansh: I’m claustrophobic


Both Vansh and Riddhima had settled down on the floor, waiting for someone to open the door. After some time, Vansh started suffering some breathing problems due to him being claustrophobic. He got up and started walking around, trying to decrease the effect but as time passed it started getting worse. Riddhima who saw him walking glared at him.

Riddhima: (to herself) What does he think of himself? That time he was blabbering non-stop and now he’s quiet. Wait what’s happening to him? His sweating, and breathing heavily! He’s claustrophobic? Mr Interesting guy, are you claustrophobic? (to Vansh)

Vansh: Yea (breathing heavily) I …… am

Riddhima: Why didn’t you say before? (concern)

Vansh: I….definitely don’t want… the entire world……. to know!

Riddhima got up and went to him and started patting his back and advised him to calm down. Having no strength and increasing his heavy breathing he fell on the floor. Riddhima panicked and tried getting help. She saw the window and decided to open it and tried carrying Vansh there. She tried climbing on the platform to get out of the window, thanks to her for being petite! She managed to get out and jumped to the ground. She called one of the staff and asked him bring the stool for her to pull Vansh outside.

She pulled him from the window while he weakly stared at her. She brought him on the ground and called the campus doctor. He came and checked and gave him his pump.

Riddhima: (making him lie on her lap) Are you fine? (concern)

Vansh: Yea (weakly) It’s getting better! (he sat) Thanks for saving me!

Riddhima: Oh wow! Mr Interesting guy is saying thank you!!

Vansh: (chuckled) And finally Ms Hot head is talking without arguing! (Riddhima chuckled)

The LT came there seeing all the fuss.

LT: So finally you patched up!! (proud and happy) My idea always works

Riansh: (glared at each other in anger) No way!!

LT: (face palmed) Oh God!!

Then Riansh got up and glared at each other and went in the opposite direction.

Flashback ends

Riva: You guys still didn’t patch up! But hadn’t you fallen in love with mom instantly?

Vansh: (giggled) I had but you see anger, ego, rivalry had come between.

Rivan : Then what happened?

Vansh: We did our bet to ignore each other, and we succeeded but not for long, just 2 months.

Riva: 2 Months! Then what about your love story?

Vansh: It started after the gap of 2 months. We hardly talked or came in front of each other in these 2 months.


They hardly talked with each other. Vansh tried his best to not stare at her, but he couldn’t resist. They both ignored each other, until destiny again played with them. That day, having no other place vacant, Vansh had to come sit beside Riddhima.

Professor: we are finally done with this chapter on business management. I am now going to hand over a project which will be performed in partners. I will read out the names of the groupings right away. (saying so he went and searched for his file where he had written the names.) Give me a few minutes while I review them again.

Vansh: (turning behind to a person seated) We are going to be partners for sure Angre!

Angre: What if he doesn’t pair us up? (worry)

Vansh: Bro don’t you know what Vansh Rai Singhania can do. Why worry when VR is here! I will make him to do so.

Angre: Mr VR I guess you’re forgetting, that this professor doesn’t like you at all. (he chuckled)

Vansh: Uhh Angre, are you on his side or mine? (annoyed while Angre giggled)

Angre and Vansh became best friends during those few days. They did almost everything together, they visited each other’s houses and came to know that Angre’s father was serving Ajay Rai Singhania. Their fathers were best friends too. On the other hand Riddhima in the class turned to someone else who was sitting behind her, beside Angre.

Riddhima: Will sir pair us up together? Seju! I’m talking to you! (she disturbed her day dreaming)

Sejal: Riddhima yaar! I was having such a nice dream! Don’t worry I’m sure we will!

Riddhima: Seju you know right, if I’m not with you my brothers will create a havoc! I don’t want that. I’m comfortable to work with anyone in this class but my family…. Uhh!

Sejal: if anything of that happens then I will take care of it, trust me ridz! (Riddhima nodded)

(you all know Sejal’s intro)

Professor: So I’m announcing the pairs, listen up! So first pair: Kritika and Aayush, second ….., third …… (he went on remaining with the four)

Riddhima: (whispering) now it’s definitely Seju and me. Yasss!! (excited)

Vansh: Of course Angre and me! (confidence)

Professor: Sejal and Angre!

Sejal and Angre: (shocked) WHATT!!

Riddhima and Vansh: (looking at each other in shock) NOO!!

They had no other option left than to pair up together and work for the project. So they did unwillingly. Sejal and Angre didn’t really have a problem with each other but they knew what would happen if their best friends got up together. Like Nitric acid and Hydrochloric acid into the ratio 3:2, causing a blast!! They decided to make a start.

Riddhima: So I guess we are together, where do you wanna start from?

Vansh: Wherever but I have a condition! Keep your BROTHERS away!

Riddhima: What the hell! Who are you to order me around, my brothers will come whenever they will, you’re no one to stop them. (pissed)

Vansh: Ms Riddhima Raichand! You either follow up with me or work on your own, and you know if you work alone you can get suspended (smirked)

Riddhima: Uhh (frustrated) enough! Where do you want to do it? In college or at home? I would suggest we do it in college…. (cut by Vansh)

Vansh: Excuse me lady, we will work at home. My house!

Riddhima: Let’s keep it simple, one week your house one week mine, I don’t want to be favored by anyone.

Vansh: Fine. We start from today, come to my place. Let’s go.

Vansh took Riddhima along with him. They arrived to VR mansion. It was a huge mansion. The door was opened by a few servants, welcoming Vansh in the house. Riddhima felt awkward arriving in her dad’s enemy’s house. She was her dad’s darling, and always supported his decisions. She didn’t like when her dad was upset due to all the enmity had. She entered the house and saw a few people arrive to them. There came Anupriya, dadi, Ishani and Sia.

Anupriya: Vansh you’re back quite early. (shocked seeing Riddhima) What is she doing here?

Vansh: Mom she’s Riddhima. How do you know her?

Anupriya: I’m Ajay Rai Singhania’s wife, I know everything about him and the business. She’s Riddhima Raichand. You know the relations between Raichands and your dad. Then why did you bring here.

Riddhima: Aunty, do you mind me telling you the entire truth. (she told her everything) I hope you understand.

Anupriya: dear I understand you. Apart from everything dear, you’re very gentle and polite. I appreciate your behavior towards us despite knowing everything. I’ll introduce you to everyone. (she pointed at each one and introduced them) Sia and Ishani will help you if you need anything.

Riddhima: thank you (she smiled) If you don’t mind can Mr interesting (bit her tongue while Vansh glared at her) sorry I mean can he come to my place next week?

Anupriya: sure. (smiled) But it would be better if you leave before Ajay comes

Riddhima: Yea aunty.

Sia and Ishani bonded well with Riddhima.

While Vansh and Riddhima always fought. In his room.

Vansh: Draw the plan well enough, and then you can fill it in. Also I will do the research and management while you can wrap up with the summary and the remaining topic.

Riddhima: do you just know how to give commands? Look Mr interesting irritating guy, I’m not your slave for you to command me around! (attitude)

Vansh: I see, Ms Hot head. Okay let’s just decide for once and all. Cooperate and work well or don’t and fail!

Riddhima: Look mr, I’m not interested in your shit. I’m compelled that’s why I’m here. You’re no way like your sisters, they’re so generous and you, irritating!

Vansh: Don’t provoke me any further, I won’t stop my self from saying anything. I was silent all this time because I’m always so Mesmer…( thinking) what am I saying, I need to  keep it away from me. (back to her) never mind that but I’m telling you I’m a perfectionist.

Riddhima: of course perfectionist in annoying and irritating me! (she glared at him)

Ishani: (entering) Guys, stop fighting like kids! I’m sorry I had to enter, as I was listening to your fight.

Vansh: Ishani eavesdropping? You know..(ishani cut him)

Ishani: bhai, I’m sorry.

Riddhima: I guess I will leave now. And you Mr interesting, send me your department while I will send you the plan of my work.

Vansh: Okay fine. Let me tell the driver to drop you.

Riddhima: No need. I have called my driver.

Vansh: Ms Hot head!

Riddhima: Mr interesting Headache!! MR rude! (she left)


The love story

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