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Soul forever? #Riansh FF..part 10…by Aayu



After a long time!


So let’s start with the update


Riddhima (worried):-What happened doctor is she fine..???


Doctor:- Mis.Riddhima her condition is getting worse..if she doesn’t show improvement in next one day..I can’t say anything..


Riddhima:- Thank you Doctor..come I will leave you till the door..


As soon as she opens the door..


What she saw was shocking for her…


Doctor left..


But Riddhima was freezed..


She was sharing an eye lock but with whom??


After few minutes reality strike her and she rushed inside and was going to shut the door but it was late…


A hand stopped her..


He hold her wrist tightly and she jerk…


He take her inside..


And another man followed him..


Riddhima:- leave me..how you dare to come here??


Man:- Just shut your mouth!!


You have any idea what have you done By coming Shimla??


Risking your, and your friend’s life..


Riddhima:- Oh wow!! Who is responsible for my friend’s condition is tensed for us..


You are the reason my pari is lying there..her condition is getting worse..mr.Vr it just because of you me and my friend is suffering!!


Yes they were Vansh and Angre..


Vansh:-Now just keep your mouth shut..


Angre quickly shut all the door, windows and lights..and order all the servants to hide in their respective rooms…


Riddhima:- But why??


Excuse me..this is my house who the hell are you to order here..and just go out.


Vansh:- can’t you kep quiet..


He took a handkerchief from his pocket and put it in Riddhima’s mouth..and by one hand he hold her both her hands…




She was shaking her hands..


Soon all the windows and lights were closed..


Whole mansion was now dark by now..


Vansh:- Angre take out the flashlight and show me the way of one of the room upstairs we need to hide immediately.


Angre:- yes boss..


He handed one torch to vansh which he hold it in his mouth and picks Riddhima in his arms because he knew she is so stubborn..she will not follow him..


And Angre guided vansh to one of the room.and this was non other than Riddhima’s room..


As soon as they reached the room Vansh make Riddhima stand but not leave her hands..


Vansh:-Angre go and check outside..but be careful!!


Angre:- yes..


Vansh took his phone with one hand and was messaging some one..and Riddhima took the advantage and freed her hands..


She removed her handkerchief from her mouth..


Riddhima:- you..why you did this.I will not leave me..and will you do the honour of telling me what is going here??


He dragged her to athe balcony and carefully open the curtains and pointed outside…


There were many men’s standing and trying to get inside the mansion..they were having guns too..


And at the very next moment there was a fire..one of the man fired his gun in the air..


Riddhima was scared..


She instantly hugged Vansh tightly…




To be countinued…


I know it’s small..but I have pilled up with projects which I have to. Submit next month…




Okay Bye!!


Take care..💖


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