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Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Reema slaps Simar 2 seeing her closeness with Aarav

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Simar 2, Roma and Gagan coming to Badi Maa’s house for the haldi rasam. Roma is very happy that her sister Reema will become bahu of the house, and says she is more happy as all this thing is happening due to her. She says my mother in law is burnt with jealousy. Gagan asks her to say slowly and says if your saas hear. Roma says today I told her on herf ace and says jalkukdi. Simar 2 thinks to stay away from Aarav and can’t let Reema upset. Badi Maa makes Aarav taste the sweets. She then takes haldi holding the leaves and applies to Aarav’s hands, face etc. Aarav touches her feet and folds his hands. Badi Maa gets emotional. Simar 2 looks at him. Gajendra and Sandhya apply haldi to Aarav. Gagan clicks the pic. Simar 2 looks at Aarav standing at a distance. Sandhya gets emotional. Simar hugs her. Vivaan applies haldi to Aarav next. Aarav pats on Vivaan’s face. Vivaan sees Simar 2 looking at Aarav. Aarav also notices her looking at him. Vivaan comes to Simar 2 and asks if you are fine? Simar 2 says yes, I need to talk to you. Vivaan says ok, if something is urgent. They go to the pool side. Simar 2 says whatever happened between Reema di and you, I know you are very hurt. She says in our Narayan family, nothing happens with our wish and we have to do what our parents ask us to do. She says whatever happened, it is not Reema’s mistake and asks him to forgive her. She sees Aarav going from other side of pool and gets sad. Vivaan is sad too. Gagan and Aditi are running after one another. Aditi collides with Simar 2 and runs. Simar 2 falls on Aarav, who has just come there. Aarav looks at her hand on his chest. She takes her hand back and says so sorry. Gagan comes there. Aarav says now it is my turn and applies haldi to Simar 2 on her face, before running away. Simar 2 is surprised. Gagan asks Simar 2 how did she let him go easily and says we will show him that we are not behind anyone. Simar 2 turns to Vivaan and tells that she has another request and tells that a photographer is troubling di so much. Vivaan asks which photographer? Simar 2 says Devesh and says he came to our house and we didn’t know what to tell at home, so Di told that you have sent him for pre-wedding photo shoot.

Aarav comes back to Vivaan and signs him to throw her in the pool. Vivaan lifts Simar 2 and throws her in the pool, before she could understand what is happening. Simar comes there and looks at her. Aarav and Vivaan do hifive. Gagan comes there and pushes Aarav in the pool. Simar 2 struggles to come out of water. Aarav sees her struggle in the water, goes near her and holds her hand. Gagan takes their pic Simar 2 also holds his hand. They look at each other. She holds on his shoulder for support. They both look at each other. Gagan happily clicks the pic. Simar 2 comes out of the pool. Vivaan holds his ears and signs sorry. Simar 2 nods her head. Aarav also comes out of the pool. Simar sees Badi Maa coming there and signs her to take Simar 2 inside.

Aditi takes Simar 2 to Aarav and Vivaan’s room and tells that all the washrooms are busy and asks her to go to this washroom, says it is vacant. Simar 2 asks whose room is this? Aditi goes without hearing her. Simar 2 goes to the washroom. Aarav comes there and removes his shirt. He looks at Simar 2 coming from his washroom. Simar 2 keeps her hand on her eyes and says you are here. She asks him to stop and turns her face. Aarav says this is my room. Simar 2 says I didn’t know, I am going from here. He asks her to chill. She turns to go, keeping eye on her eyes, just then her slipper breaks and she falls. Aarav holds her in his embrace and she holds his hand to save herself from falling own. They have an eye lock. Music plays…..Simar comes there and looks at them. She sees Simar 2 in his embrace. Aarav asks Simar 2 to be careful and says if you hurt your leg then you have to roam with broken leg during the marriage functions. He says your slipper used to break often. They look at Simar standing on the door. Simar 2 gets up. He wears his shirt. Simar 2 says I wanted to use the washroom, Aditi brought me here. Simar asks her not to get tensed and asks Aarav to see her face. She says I was searching you as Roma was calling you. Simar 2 smiles and says Reema di is very lucky as she is coming here, and says Aarav is very nice. Simar says Reema will be happy and asks her not to overthink. She takes her with her.

Reema calls Aarav. Aarav says hello. Reema asks if we can talk. Aarav says Badi Maa asked us not to talk, but we can talk a bit. He asks what she wants to say. Reema says she wants to talk to him about something and asks if he can agree to her sayings. He asks her to say. Chitra comes there and takes the mobile from Aarav’s hand. Reema asks can we marry some other day. Chitra says this is not a joke, but marriage. Reema asks who are you? Chitra says she is Aarav’s Chachi. Reema says she was joking with Aarav. Chitra asks her not to joke with others. Reema ends the call and gets worried. Chitra returns phone to Aarav and says she has made Reema understand. She thinks Reema is ready for Ms. India contest. Reema asks herself to think. Gagan asks Reema if she likes the gifts and says all are branded. He asks Reema if she saw her sasural and says you are very lucky. Reema says yes, I am and will always be. Gagan shows the haldi rasam pic and says I have seen such house of celebrities. Reema says this will be my house. She then sees Aarav and Simar’s pool pics and gets upset. Roma asks Gagan where is Simar 2. He says don’t know. Reema stares at the pic angrily.

Simar 2 thinks of Aarav and her moments and gets tears in her eyes. She asks Mata Rani what is happening to her, whatever happened today was coincidence. She tells Mata Rani, that she didn’t do any mistake and thinks to tell everything to Reema before she thinks her wrong. Reema comes to her, turns her with force and slaps her hard on her face. Gagan and Roma hear the slap sound and go there. Simar 2 is in shock.

Precap: Indu tells Simar that Simar 2 is very simple and have never told them about her preference of sasural and husband. Simar asks Simar 2 to speak her heart out infront of everyone. Simar 2 dances and sings Sasural simar ka. Simar also dances with her. Badi Maa stops Simar 2 angrily and keeps a condition for the marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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