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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 48- riansh moments and jealousy

First of all..I am very happy this is my 100th post 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳! I am really very happy 🥺😍😍😍🥳! I started writing this ff in March..I don’t remember exact date maybe 17th or 18th March and I have reached too far😍😍😍!

Surprise 🥳😂😂! Second update of the day🥳😂! And in total I gave four updates today!(kabhi kabhi to lagta hai apun ich bhagwan hai🤣🤣🤣🤣😌🤣) So I thought to write one today only! Because after 2 episodes this ff’s golden jubilee will be there🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥺🥺🥺🥳🥳🥳🥳! Without all your amazing comments this couldn’t have happen. And as Tanya wrote we are going to complete 50 jubilee not only me but you all also who comment on my every episode 🥺🥳🥳! Chlo let’s start with the update:

Next morning Riddhima went to college. Vansh came inside and saw that Riddhima was lost somewhere.

Vansh: ms.Malhotra where are you lost!

Riddhima came out of her thoughts.

Riddhima: vansh why are you calling me ms.Malhotra.

Vansh understood that her memory went to past.

Vansh: like that only Sweetheart!! I was just teasing you!

After the period ends Riddhima goes to vansh’s cabin.

Vansh: Sweetheart..

Riddhima: vansh I don’t know why but I am feeling weird. I am not remembering anything. I don’t remember that how yesterday’s day went.

Vansh: don’t worry! It must have happened due to stress.

Riddhima nodded. She kissed on his cheek. He took her in his lap.

Vansh(thinking): I missed your this touch for days but this won’t last longer! To everyone I say that I am acting but inside my heart I know that I am not acting! What I do is real! I don’t act to love you just for your well being!

He kissed her forehead. He holded her hand. Suddenly her head starts paining. She looks at him and jerks his hand.

Riddhima: you..how dare you take me in my lap!(anger)

Vansh: calm down! Calm down!

Riddhima: why will I calm down!

Vansh: Riddhima..you came to submit some copies but by mistake you fell.

Riddhima holds her head.

Riddhima: why don’t I remember anything.

Vansh: relax.. it maybe due to sudden fall.

Riddhima leaves.

At 5:00 p.m. VR mansion:

Riddhima comes to VR mansion and goes to shivaay’s room. Vansh came across their room and saw shivaay pulling Riddhima’s cheeks.

Shivaay: you are too cute!

Riddhima: yeah I know (laughing)

Vansh: I will kill him! How dare he (jealousy and anger)( radhika ji aapko jealousy chaiye thi na itni jealousy ki bomb fat jaaye😂🤣🤣🤣🤣)

Vansh Directly went in the room.

Shivaay: vansh..you..

Vansh: shut up! What the hell are you doing!

Riddhima: for your kind information he is teaching me!

Vansh: ya..I saw him..what kind of teaching he was doing..by pulling your cheeks.

Riddhima: Mr. Raisinghania you were spying on us!!

Vansh: he was not teaching you!

Riddhima: don’t divert the topic!

Vansh: I was just passing by from the room and saw.

They both were fighting while shivaay was trying hard to control his laughter.

Vansh: shivaay..you are laughing.

Shivaay: you both are fighting like Tom and Jerry so..

Vansh: shut up!

Riddhima understood that vansh is jealous.

Riddhima: Mr. Vansh rai Singhania get out of the room and let me study.

Vansh: who are you to tell me…this is my home ok!

Shivaay: vansh please go!

Vansh looks at him and goes. After a while he hears a loud voice from the room. He rushes to the room. He sees Riddhima shouting seeing the lizard.

Riddhima (shouting): Lizard..lizard..

She hugs shivaay in fear. Vansh was burnt in jealousy.(dekho radhika jal gaya vo pura🤣🤣). Shivaay makes the lizard away. Riddhima was still hugging shivaay. Vansh came and seperated both of them. He looked at them in jealousy.

Vansh: shivaay..this is too much!

Shivaay: what is too much!

Vansh: Riddhima I am telling you leave this class!

Riddhima: I will not!

Vansh: Riddhima you don’t know about him! You know once I asked him to teach Ishani and then he used to scold her a lot!

Riddhima: he has not scolded me till now ok!

Vansh: he will! You don’t know! He definitely will! He will even beat you if you do mistakes!

Shivaay: vansh I am still here! You are saying bad about me infront of me only! Wow!!

Vansh: you keep quiet! Riddhima understand the situation! I am telling you he will beat you!

Riddhima looks at him and makes him out if the room.

Riddhima: don’t enter here now!

Vansh was shocked.(Vansh shocked Riddhima rocked 😎😂)

Vansh(thinking): I have done every possible thing to make Riddhima leave this class but no!

Precap: Vansh: I will teach her from now.

Guess guess who vansh is talking about😛?

Hope you liked the episode! Thankyou for your love towards my every post! This was the only reason that I could complete total 100 posts😍😍! Going to complete golden jubilee of this ff and silver jubilee of another one❤️❤️😍! Keep supporting me like this ❤️😍!



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