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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 47- jealousy

Hey all! From now on there will be more teacher Student scenes as they used to be in first 10-12 episode because riansh aren’t a couple anymore. Couple scenes will be there when Riddhima’s memory will fluctuate to past.  Guys Thankyou thankyou so much for 51 comments on the previous episode 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺! I was shocked to see there were real 51 comments🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️! Thankyou so much!

The episode starts with:

Next morning Riddhima went to college. After a while vansh came in the class. He started checking the homework of everyone. He was checking and then Riddhima’s turn came.

Vansh: ms. Malhotra I am pretty sure that you haven’t done your homework!!

Riddhima: you are mistaken mr. Raisinghania! I have done it! You don’t know me well!

Vansh: oh is it so! You have changed a lot!

Riddhima: some changes are good!

He checked her homework and started teaching. After a while he started asking the questions.

Vansh: now who will answer this question!

Students started raising their hands. He noticed that Riddhima didn’t raise her hand.

Vansh: ms. Riddhima answer the question!

She stood up and was just staring.

Vansh: I thought you know everything!! I was wrong! You don’t know this answer.

He smirks at her.

Riddhima: I know the answer.

She tells full answer correctly. Vansh looked at her in shock.(bezaati hogayi bechare ki)

Vansh: hmm… correct..you can sit!!

She sits down and smirks at him. This continues between them till the period ends. Riddhima attends more lectures and leave to home. She had food at home and then her uncle came to take her to her coaching class as it was her first day so she didn’t knew the way. After a while they reached the place. Riddhima was shocked to see the place.

Riddhima: uncle.. why are we here!!

Uncle(naam nhi samajh aa raha mujhe😂): Riddhima beta this is the place where you have to study!

Riddhima (shock): what!!

Her uncle gets her out of the car and they both head in the VR mansion😛! Everyone gets shocked seeing Riddhima in the Mansion.

Vansh: you.. here!

Uncle: you know her..leave all this..riddhi..he is your new teacher(pointing towards shivaay)

Riddhima was shocked and so was everyone.(zor ka jhatka haaye zoron se laga). Her uncle then leaves.

Shivaay: I didn’t knew..that she is only the student..

Dadi: leave it! Go and teach her!

Shivaay nods and Riddhima and shivaay leave to his room. Shivaay teaches basic things to her. Vansh was passing by their rooms and see both of them laughing whole heartedly. He was burning in jealousy.(many wanted vansh’s jealousy..so here it is😛).

Shivaay: now..any doubt you have in this topic!

Riddhima: no!

Shivaay: you revise this..I will be back in a minute.

Riddhima nods. Shivaay goes out and vansh goes in the room.

Riddhima: what the hell you want mr. Raisinghania!

Vansh: leave this coaching class..

Riddhima: who are you to tell me this!

Vansh: I am saying this for your well being only! He is very strict in studies.

Riddhima: no one is strict more than you ok! I have studied from you then what’s the big deal in studying from him. I can handle. You do your work!

Vansh: ok..then don’t come to me if he beats you.(ye kya darana hua🙂)

Riddhima: haha..stop framing him..I know he will never..and if he does..I don’t need your help!

Vansh glares her and leaves. Shivaay came back and started teaching her. Vansh was peeping inside the room.(jasoosi😂😂🤣). There was a mosquito on Riddhima’s hand. Shivaay saw it and in order to make it away his and Riddhima’s hands touched. Vansh who saw this was now full of anger and jealousy.

Vansh(thinking): how dare he touch mu Riddhima..my Riddhima.. now she is not mine..but what was the need of touching her..I know Riddhima wouldn’t be able to cope up with him after 2-3 days! After I know her very well and I know very well that what kind of teacher shivaay is! I still remember the incident when he taught Ishani..

All the while vansh was watching them and burning in jealousy. He was just wishing for the class to end soon.

Shivaay: now I will teach you the next topic tomorrow! Do the homework I gave! Now you can leave.

Riddhima nodded. She packed her stuff and was about to leave but her foot imbalanced and she was about to fall but shivaay held her. Vansh wanted to kill shivaay at the spot. He closed his fist in anger. Riddhima thanked shivaay and left to her home.

Precap: jealous VR. Riansh moments.

Hope you all liked vansh’s jealousy and Riddhima’s attitude towards vansh😛! I guess the track is going good as everyone wrote ❤️😍! Do comment your reviews ❤️!

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