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Riansh-love between police officers episode 22-slapped

The episode starts with:

Person: haha..vansh rai Singhania will become my puppet!

Vansh: don’t test my patience! I am doing this all because I don’t want you to do that..

Person: ok listen to me you have to tie Riddhima with ropes to a chair for the whole day!

Vansh: whatt(shock) I can’t do this!! I will not do this to her!

Person: you have to otherwise you know!

He cuts the call.

Vansh: how to do this!! How will I do this!! She will gulp me up!

He goes downstairs. He sees Riddhima walking.He was taking small small steps in fear.(itna dar to hume bachpan mein apni teacher se bhi nahi lagta tha😂😂😂😂) He goes to her and holds her by her wrist. He starts pulling her towards the room.

Riddhima: what the hell are you doing!

He pulls her into the room and makes her sit on the chair. He locks the door. He then comes up with ropes and ties Riddhima’s hands and legs.

Riddhima: what the hell is this (shouting)

Vansh: don’t shout! You deserve this!!

Riddhima: vansh I am telling you! I will shout and call everyone.

She was about to shout but he keeps a tissue in her mouth.

Riddhima: mmmmmm..

Vansh goes out of the room while Riddhima tries to shout. He locks the door from outside. After a while he comes in again. Aryan also came with him. He got shocked seeing Riddhima in that condition.

Aryan: bhai what is this!!

Vansh: Aryan why you came to our room.

Vansh quickly goes and locks the door. Riddhima was just hitting her legs on the ground. Vansh went to her and removed tissue from her mouth.

Riddhima: you idiot!!

Aryan: bhai..why are you doing this!!

Vansh: shut up Aryan(bichara)

Riddhima: open me vansh!(warning)

Vansh: Riddhima don’t say anything otherwise..

Riddhima: otherwise what will you do..tell me!!

There was a slap sound. Both Riddhima and aryan were shocked.

Vansh: this will happen sweetheart!!

Aryan: bhai.. what I did..why are you slapping me!! (Everyone’s guess was incorrect 😛😂and two of you said that vansh will slap Riddhima..no guys..vo domestic violence ka case kardeti😛😂😂😂🤣)

Vansh: because I can’t slap her!!

Riddhima: vansh have you gone mad!

Vansh again gave a tight slap to Aryan.

Riddhima: vansh..

Vansh: Aryan seems like your bestfriend wants you to be slapped!

Aryan: bhai so what if you can’t slap her..I can na! Let me do the honour of slapping her!

Riddhima: Aryan! You…dare you slap me! Once I get out of this then I will kill you both.

Vansh again slapped Aryan.

Aryan: bhai my jaws are paining..slap slowly! Why are you giving so much tight slaps.

Aryan: riddhu please I beg you keep your mouth close!

Riddhima: no! I will not! You wanted to slap me na! Now I will not sit quiet!

Aryan makes a crying face while vansh slaps him again(bichare ka breakfast..lunch..dinner sab thappad se hora hai 😂😂)

Aryan takes a tissue and puts it in riddhima’s mouth.

Aryan: now speak!

Riddhima: mm.. hmm..mm.

Aryan laughs while she gives deathly glares to him.

Aryan: bye I am leaving I cannot suffer from more slaps! Bhai you do anything you want with Riddhima.

Riddhima: mm…mm.

And she hits her legs on the ground. Aryan quickly leaves the room and vansh locks it. Vansh goes close to Riddhima.

Vansh: how are you feeling sweetheart!

Riddhima glares him.

Vansh: ohh..I forgot..you can’t speak!

He laughs. She hits her legs on the ground again.

Vansh: how are you hitting your legs..I tied them to the chair. Wait let me tighten it..otherwise you will disturb me!

He tightens the ropes while she was glaring him in anger all time. After a while vansh brings Riddhima’s favourite food.

Vansh: sweetheart!! See your favourite food!! Have it!!

Ohh..how will you have it! You are toh tied na!

He laughs while Riddhima just wanted to kill him. He eats the food in front of her teasing her.

Vansh(thinking): today I am teasing her..I don’t know what will she do to me tomorrow!! God save me from her wrath!!

Riddhima(thinking): vansh..you did very wrong! Now I will not leave you!

Precap: Riddhima pushes vansh into the pool.

Hope you all liked the episode 😛! Comment your reviews!

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