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#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 81 – Ishani’s Confrontation Continues

Episode starts with…

Vansh’s eyes widened in shock and glared at Ishani and before he could speak anything she took the initiative

Ishani: Why do you blame yourself all the time for whatever happens in this world? Whatever happened that night with Riddhima was destined and even if tried hard maybe we couldn’t save her from being kidnapped by them because they came here with all preparations. So, for god sake stop blaming yourself. Am tired of trying to explain you this. How could you even think that you failed to protect her? We exactly don’t know what happened to her in those 27 hours but just imagine what would have happened if you didn’t reach her on time. You protected her from something more harmful and dangerous accident she might have got to experience only if you didn’t save her. You are telling that you are afraid to face her!! Her!!!! Her the one whom you love with all your heart and who’s eagerly waiting for your arrival for hours and days. You are hesitating to tell her what she means to you and expect what she is going through trying to cope with all that she faced there in their clutches and now she’s waiting for you so that she could share all her ordeal with you but (sarcasm) she isn’t aware that her better half is here blaming himself and is trying hard to avoid her just because of his stupidity. You are blabbering to express your love for her and what she means to you and there she is impatient to have a single glimpse of you. For god sake just accept the fact that you didn’t lose her or her trust. She still loves you the same way and trusts you more than her life. Who are you to decide ….. who the hell are you to decide if you deserve her love or not? Who gave you the right to decide for someone? It’s she who should decide if she wants to stay by your side or not. Not the vice versa. You don’t have the right to take the decisions of someone else’s life. You love her and still decide to stay away from her and why the hell is this decision soo stupid? You yourself are hesitating to even accept that decision of yours. Are you even in your senses? Or are you some mentalist who reads someone else’s mind? How can you just assume your thoughts without first speaking to the person? How can you assume what she is thinking of you and Ragini? I don’t know what Ragini said but in all these days Riddhima never spoke about that to anyone because she is far more mature than you bhai, varna she would have burst long back. She is still waiting for you to come and speak about everything and clear all the misunderstandings rather than she herself assuming theories. You just have to once speak to her and clear your worries instead of just making theories and deciding for someone else for their lives. Avoiding her won’t give any result instead it gives pain to you both. Why don’t you stop this stupidity and go meet her and sort your insecurities for once and for all? She is an idiot bhai because she still loves you and trusts you and she assumes that you are busy with your business that you couldn’t make time to meet her from days but poor she who’ll explain to her that the trust she has on you is her stupidity and her love instead of reaching her expectations is planning to get away from her for her so-called safety. Please don’t break her this blind trust she has on her Vansh. She is an innocent soul and I dare you bhai…. I dare you to hurt her and you’ll see the wrath of your sister. This is my last and final warning. Please ….. please meet her and give her the assurance that she is safe and loved. Her love for you isn’t her fault instead she loved the right person and please bhai please help her cope with her ordeal.

Ishani was by now in tears and when she faced Vansh her eyes filled with many flowing tears as even his tears made their way off through his rough beard. Ishani understood he needs some time for himself but she can’t leave him in guilt. She hugged him trying to console him though he didn’t react to the hug, he understood her intentions. She understood his state of mind and breaking the hug was about to go not before speaking

Ishani: Bhai we all know what Riddhima means to you in fact, even she knows but still she is expecting to hear from you. I hope you’ll stand by her expectations. The Vansh Rai Singhania we know is never afraid of consequences. We know he is a fighter and will always be and he doesn’t need anyone but now his partner needs him and his support, hope you’ll give that.

As soon as she left the room closing his room door, he … he collapsed on the ground crying his heart out with the thought of his sweetheart suffering just because of his one foolish non-valid decision. Like a love-sick puppy, he sat on the floor in the edge of his bed hugging her pic and reminiscing the facts which Ishani spoke and realized how he only thought in a one way rather than thinking on both sides of the future and present. How he who always took a decision for the ones whom he loves but those decisions never hurt his family and friends because they were for their safety and wellbeing and in those decisions, he used to consider their point of views and opinions too. But here, here he took a decision for his love without her consent and even he is suffering with his this stupidity. Here he did take a decision not with his fear of her safety but with the fear of losing her. He was being foolish to take such invalid decisions in haste which gave its result in the form of tears and pain to him and his love. He realized his mistake and even realized his insecurities can only fade by having a heart-to-heart talk with her instead of assuming theories.

Its 12:30am, RS Mansion,

He thought all this for hours locking himself to his room. Finally, wiping his tears and coming to a conclusion he decided to do something

Vansh: For the second time I committed the same mistake of not talking to her and taking a decision for us without her consent. First I took the decision of not revealing my feelings for her and hurt her and now am doing the same. No!!! No, I can’t do this to her again. I can’t give her the same pain once again. Ishani is right I don’t have the right to take this baseless decision against Riddhima’s wishes. I can’t punish her for my insecurities. I need to talk to her and I think I can’t delay this anymore.

Getting from his place, he moved back to his washroom, and washing his face he had some determination in his eyes. Dressing in casuals he moved out of his room and was tiptoeing himself making sure not to wake anyone as he has no answers to their questions but seems like his luck isn’t in his favor as someone was awake and saw him going out and as he was about to step out of the door, he heard a voice shocking him…..


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