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Episode begins with.. 

Angre goes to riddhima’s room and finds her sleeping peacefully. He smiles looking at her and comes out. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, I’m so happy to see you sleeping peacefully. After long time I’m seeing you like this. I pray that very soon you and vansh should understand each other. 

Angre calls vansh.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, I’m so happy today. Do you know why?

VANSH: You must have seen riddhima sleeping peacefully. Am I right?

Angre gets shocked and looks here and there.. 

VANSH: Idiot, I haven’t fixed any cctv at your home.

ANGRE: How do you know that I’m checking? How do you know that I checked riddhima? How do you know that I’m happy because of riddhima?

VANSH: Stop for a second. Let me answer.. I know you very well. I know the reason for your happiness as well as for your sadness.. I know the reason for your every activities. Now, without wasting your time, Go and sleep. Allow me to sleep too.

Saying so, he cuts the call.. 

Angre smiles and goes to sleep.. 


Riddhima gets ready and leaves the home. Angre sees her leaving. Angre too gets ready and goes to his office. Riddhima and sejal instructs all the staffs to be careful with the event preparations. 

RIDDHIMA: I don’t want to hear any complaints from the clients. I hope you all will do it.. 

SEJAL: Riddhima, at what time we have to be there?

RIDDHIMA: Let the staffs go now. We both can go later.

SEJAL: Okay.. Fine..I have an important work. I’ll come directly to the event place.


Sejal leaves.. Riddhima goes to her cabin.. 


Riddhima comes to the event place. She checks all the arrangements. She goes to the catering area and checks the arrangements. Just then, she finds the manager scolding a girl. She notices the girl crying.. 

RIDDHIMA: What happened? 

MANAGER: Nothing Mam..

RIDDHIMA: Why is she crying? I saw you scolding her. What happened?

MANAGER: Mam, this girl has spoiled one dish. By mistake, she added a lot of chilly powder to the curry.

RIDDHIMA: You, yourself saying that it was a mistake. Then, what’s your problem? By scolding her, will everything become okay? Add extra tamarind to that curry. It will become okay.

MANAGER: The chefs are doing that, mam..

RIDDHIMA: Then, what’s your problem?

MANAGER: She needs leave immediately, it seems mam..

GIRL: Mam, my mom is not well. I need to go immediately. There is no one to take care of her. Please, mam. Please, I need to go..


GIRL: Mam..

RIDDHIMA: You go and take care of your mom.

The girl goes.. 

RIDDHIMA: Everyone has their own life. They have their own problems. If you can’t help them. At least try to understand them.

MANAGER: Sorry mam..

RIDDHIMA: Okay.. Go and look after the arrangements..

Sejal who was hearing all this comes to her.. 

SEJAL: Riddhima..

RIDDHIMA: Now, will you go..

She goes. The event successfully gets completed. The clients appreciate riddhima and sejal over their work and goes.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, I’m so tired. 

RIDDHIMA: You leave..

SEJAL: Okay..

Just then sejal recieves a call from vansh. She hides the mobiles and goes.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, why did you call me now? I told you that I’ll call you, right? 

VANSH: Sorry.. Sorry.. Did riddhima saw my call..

SEJAL: No.. No.. Somehow, I managed..

VANSH: How was the day?

SEJAL: (tells everything). Bhai, I was so surprised seeing riddhima today..

VANSH: Okay.. I think you are so tired. Now, go home and take rest. After going home inform me..

SEJAL: Okay bhai..

Vansh cuts the call. Riddhima goes to her home. She goes to her room and sleeps. Angre sees her sleeping. Next day she wakes up and goes to her office. This goes on. The days passes by. 


Vansh gets up and gets ready.. 

ISHANI: Bhai, what happened? 

VANSH: Vansh, didn’t you see the date?

Ishani sees the date and gets happy.. 

SIA: Bhai, even I’ll come with you..

ISHANI: Bhai, me too..

Just then, Kabir and sejal comes there.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, me too..

KABIR: Vansh, me too..

UMA: Vansh, me too..

VANSH: Okay, I’ll take you all. But, on one condition. Only, I’ll speak to riddhima. Followed by me, you all can..

Everyone agrees. Vansh and others leaves the VR mansion. Vansh drives the car. They all reach the AR Mansion.. 

VANSH: You all go. I’ll come within few seconds. They all go and rings the door bell. Riddhima hears the bell and was about to open the door. Just then, angre comes and sees her going to open the door. 

ANGRE: Let her open the door. I’ll wait here. I know that it’s vansh. This day has been his dream. Now, it’s going to become true. Good Luck, vansh.. 

Angre steps back and hides. Riddhima opens the door. She sees everyone and gets shocked. Just then, vansh comes there. Riddhima sees him.. 

VANSH: Riddhu, your six months time has got over. Didn’t you see the date.. 

UMA: Riddhu..

Riddhima sees her and gets emotional. She takes her blessings. Uma hugs her. Riddhima asks everyone to come in. Uma and others get in. Just then, angre comes there. Riddhima sees everyone chatting. Riddhima distances herself from others. Vansh notices her. Riddhima moves aside while, vansh follows her. Riddhima comes to a room. She opens the door. The room was so dark. She switches on the light. The room was fully covered with dust. She clears it and enters. She gets emotional seeing the room. Vansh comes there and sees her getting emotional. Just then, he notices the room and gets shocked. Vansh sees riddhima.. 


ANGRE: Aunty, I’m very happy that you all came here. 

UMA: Even we were waiting to see riddhima..

ISHANI: Angre, bhai was so happy.

ANGRE: I know. At least I saw riddhima in these six months by hiding. But, he didn’t even see her. He has been waiting for this day since six months.

KABIR: Angre, where is vansh?

SIA: Where is riddhima?

ANGRE: Definitely, they both must be together.

ANGRE: Let me go and check.

KABIR: Wait, I too will come with you..

Angre and kabir both searches for riddhima and vansh. 

KABIR: Angre, tell me one thing. Didn’t you even talk with riddhima? 

ANGRE: No.. In all these six months, she used to go office before I wake up. Night, she used to come home after I sleep. Sometimes, I used to wake up early and see her. Night, I used to see her after she sleeps..

KABIR: Angre, I didn’t even thought that riddhima will change like this.

ANGRE: Even, I didn’t thought about it. These six months, I haven’t even seen her getting upset.

KABIR: But, I’m sure that evrything gets solved today.

ANGRE: I too hope..

Meanwhile vansh sees riddhima. 

VANSH: (thinking) Riddhima, Now what will I do? What’s all this? I understood one thing.. 

PRECAP: Marriage? How can this happen? Everyone gets shocked.. 

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