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#Opposites Attract Each Other #13 Willful Wedding

Episode starts as…, 

The next day : 

Veer and Bani requested all the elders that they wanted Vansh and Riddhima to be seated in one room before the wedding starts. So, Rajat told Riddhima and she agreed. 

In Riddhima’s room : 

She is sitting on the bed while Vansh comes inside, almost ready. 

Vansh : You’re not ready yet!!! In one hour, it’s our wedding! 

Riddhima : I’m going!!

Vansh : You better go!!

Riddhima narrows her eyes and goes to change. She comes wearing a beautiful lehenga. Vansh gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. He keeps looking at her. She stands in front of the mirror. He sees her blouse knot opened. She finds his gaze at the open blouse and tries to tie the strings but fails. Being egoistic, (😂😂) she sits on the couch doing makeup. Vansh smiles seeing her antics. 

Vansh : If your ego allows, may I help you? 

Riddhima glares at him with a deadly glare. 

Vansh : What? I wasn’t saying anything wrong..

She stands up. 

Riddhima : Do you think I’m egoistic? 

Vansh : Yes, ofcourse..

Riddhima : Interesting..Very interesting..For the first time, someone dared to do so with Riddhima..Guts needed..Well done!

She forwards her hand for a handshake. They both do a handshake and Riddhima presses on his bones, he groans,”Ahh!!” She smirks. 

Riddhima : Never mess with Riddhima Chauhan! 

She turns and sits on the couch. Vansh smirks and goes to tie her strings. He takes the dori’s and ties them tightly. Riddhima looks at him via mirror and shouts,”Ouch!” 

Vansh : Never mess with Vansh Rai Singhania! 

Riddhima : YOU!! 

She tries to stand up but he makes her sit there only and ties the rest of the strings. 

“Roshni se bhare bhare, bhare bhare naina tere 

 Chhuke bole naa chhuna mujhe 

  Sapno se bhare bhare, bhare bhare naina tere 

 Chhuke bole naa chhuna mujhe” 


Riddhima is still looking at him.

Vansh : Don’t see me like that, varna pyaar ho jaayega..

Riddhima turns her face. He makes her wear earrings and necklace, along with other jewellery.

Then, he makes her sit on the bed.

Vansh : Take rest..Water?

Riddhima nods. 

Vansh : I’ll bring

He is walking out when he stands near the door.

Vansh : vaise mai itna bhi bura nahi hu..

He winks at her and goes. She blushes.

Riddhima : He’s right, he’s not that bad..

She smiles. 

**In the mandap**

Priest : Varr aur Vadhu ko bulayein..(Call the bride and groom) 

They both come down from the stairs holding each other’s hands.

A smile appears on everyone’s face. They both sit down. The priest chants mantras. 

Priest : Ab varr vadhu ek doosre ke gle mein varnamala daalein aur pheron ke liye taiyaar ho jaayein..(Now, the bride & groom will put floral garlands on each other and will stand for pheras) 

And they both start taking pheras. 

Priest : Varr Vadhu ko aane waale harr sankat se bachaayega..(The groom will save the bride from all the problems/troubles) Vadhu, varr ke harr sukh dukh mein uska saath dengi..(The bride will support the groom in his every joy or sad moment) 

And they take 7 pheras and vows. 

Priest : Now, the groom will fill vermillion in bride’s hair partition. 

Riddhima (in her mind) : Now, I’ll be his wife! Just everything goes good..

He fills the vermillion in her hair partition. 

Priest : And now, the groom will adore the bride with the nuptial chain. 

He makes her wear nuptial chain. 

Priest : Aur issi ke saath yeh vivah…

A man comes there and says,”Wait!” 

Precap : Vansh : No matter how, I’ll stand with her..

Riddhima’s eyes become teary.

That’s all for this episode..Hope you enjoyed it! So.. @NA suggested to show thrill+romance, so here you go!! 

And there’s one edit, I made 2-3 days ago and it really got a good response..Do tell your reviews..


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