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My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 9

My world is in your love Chapter-9

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It was Sia’s birthday. Vansh arranged a blood donation camp in the morning and a birthday party in the evening for Sia. Sia was sad. Everyone gave gifts to her that made her little happy. Rohan gave a bracelet to sia. Dadi gave her a new dress lehenga to her. Ishani and Aryan presented a family photo frame to Sia.

Sia: Vansh bhai! Where is the gift?

Vansh: Sorry, my little princess, I was busy at work. I didn’t get anything for you.

Sia: Bhai, I am grown up. Enough of your drama, tell me where the gift is.

Vansh: Sia, I have a gift for you, but it is in the garden.

Riddhima was standing in the garden. Sia was on cloud nine when she saw Riddhima. Sia and Riddhima hugged each other. Riddhima gave a gift to sia. It was a cute little Ganapathi bappa statue. Sia loved it. Vansh gave her a huge teddy bear and a diamond necklace. Everyone was happy with Riddhima’s arrival except Chanchal. Kabir was in the office and came to know that Riddhima was back in the VR mansion. Dadi and Vansh showed a new room to Riddhima. Riddhima liked the room. Dadi presented a dress for riddhima for the birthday party. Everyone donated their blood. Vansh just looked at angre. Angre understood and nodded his head.

The birthday celebration begins. Everyone came except Sia and Riddhima. Dadi went to Riddhima’s room. Riddhima was tensed because of Kabir and scared because of Vansh. Dadi entered the room. Dadi understood Riddhima’s situation.

Dadi: Riddhima! You look so beautiful in this dress!

Riddhima: Thank you, Dadi.

Dadi: Everyone is waiting outside for you and sia. Come fast, dear.

Riddhima: Dadi, But I am not feeling well, shall I stay here?

Dadi: Riddhima, in everyone’s life there will be a problem. We need to face the situation and solve it. We shouldn’t run away from it. If we face that situation, it makes us stronger people. I won’t force you to come down. You can come when you are relaxed.

Dadi left the room. Rohan’s relative Karthik was invited to the party. Sia came to the party soon, Riddhima came through the steps. Vansh was talking with Rohan. Riddhima wore a red applique pattern quinceanera ball gown dress. Vansh was left speechless when she saw Riddhima. Kabir started to stare at her. Everyone at the party noticed her beauty. Riddhima went near to Dadi. Sia’s birthday party started by cutting the birthday cake. The cake cutting was completed. Riddhima noticed Kabir was staring at her. Karthik came and introduced himself to riddhima that he was Rohan’s relative. Rohan also joined them. Vansh became envious when he saw Karthik with Riddhima.

Sia conducted a couple dance show. In this show the couple pair’s will be changed for each 5 minutes, if there are interested else there can dance with the same pair.

Rohan showed his hand in front of Riddhima, Riddhima accepted it and started to dance with him. Vansh was happy to see Riddhima and Rohan dance. Kabir was having a jealousy feeling. Ishani was eagerly waiting for the moment. Ishani held Angre’s hand and went to the dance floor. Many girls approached vansh but vansh denied for the couple dance.

After five minutes, Karthik pulled Riddhima towards herself. Now, Vansh was changing into anger mode. Vansh thought to himself: why did this girl accept to dance with Karthik? Everyone praised the couple’s dancing skill. Kabir and Vansh both couldn’t tolerate Riddhima’s dance with Karthik. After five minutes this time, Kabir took the chance to dance with Riddhima. Riddhima was uncomfortable to dance with Kabir. Vansh was jealous to see her with Kabir. Within a minute, she left the place and went to her room.

Riddhima started to cry. Rohan came to her room to console her.

Rohan: Riddhima, what happened to you?

Riddhima: I am feeling suffocated when Kabir comes and talks with me. I don’t like him.

Rohan: Have you seen the ‘Jab we met’ movie?

Riddhima: Yes, 3 times.

Rohan: We will do that magical scene here. Do you have Kabir’s photo with you?

Riddhima: Yes.

Rohan: you had better burn that photo. We will see that magical scene in the movie works on you.

Riddhima: What? Rohan, am I a lab rat for you?

Rohan: Yes (both laughed). Riddhima, you give it a try.

Riddhima burnt the photos and flushed the photos in the rest room. Rohan asked how was the feeling. She said that she was feeling better now, and her pain in the heart has vanished.

Riddhima: Rohan, how did you know I was crying?

Rohan: I didn’t know that you were crying. Vansh sent me up to check your room. Riddhima, you are tensed and afraid of Kabir, am I right?

Riddhima: Yes, Rohan.

Rohan: Do you know? I am the biggest fan of Indian actor Vijay. He is a Kollywood actor. In an interview, he said a motivational quote for his fan. “Kill them with your success, bury them with your smile”. Why don’t you try this with Kabir?

Riddhima: Yes, I will try.

Rohan and Riddhima came down. Kabir and Vansh showed their hands in front of Riddhima. Riddhima smiled at Kabir, this made Vansh angry. She just placed her hand on vansh hand. She accepted to dance with Vansh. Vansh was quite surprised. Vansh came with Riddhima to the dance floor. When Vansh touched Riddhima’s waist with his hand, her heartbeat became faster. Vansh asked her, “Are you comfortable, Sweetheart?” Riddhima looked into his eyes and said “YES”.

Riddhima: Wait a minute, did you call me, Sweetheart?

Vansh: Yes, Sweetheart.

The people in the crowd started to praise the couple. Dadi’s friend said to dadi,”This girl is so beautiful. Vansh and this girl look as if they were made for each other”. Kabir was burning in rage. He couldn’t tolerate seeing her with Vansh. It was time to change the pair. Kabir and Karthik were ready to grab Riddhima from Vansh. But Riansh didn’t realize it, they were lost in their own world.

Vansh: Riddhima, it is time to change the pair. Do you want to dance with some other one?

Riddhima: No, Vansh. I am comfortable with you. Have you danced with anyone before?

Vansh: Yes, during my college days. Now, I don’t like to dance with anyone.

Riddhima: So, you like to dance with me.

Riddhima closed her eyes and had a shy feeling. Vansh was mesmerized by her beauty.

Vansh: Yes, and also to save you from Kabir. You are not comfortable while dancing with him, am I right or am I right?

Riddhima: Yes, why did you send Rohan to my room? You know I was crying, you should have come to my room to console me, right?

Vansh: When I asked you the question which bothers you the most to come to the VR mansion, you told me and Kabir. So I thought to stay away from you.

Riddhima couldn’t give him a reply. She just looked vansh and made a grin at him.

Vansh: Shall I lift you?

Riddhima gave the permission through her eyes. Vansh lifted her by holding her waist with his hands. Riddhima was happy, she had a feeling of flying. The people started to clap their hands, encourage Riansh. The couple dance show came to the end.

It was Dinner Time. Riddhima drank the mango juice and felt drowsy. In that juice, Kabir had mixed the alcohol. Riddhima was not feeling well, so she went to her room. Kabir went to Riddhima’s room and tried to talk with her. Vansh saw Kabir going in the direction to Riddhima’s room.

Kabir: Riddhima, Just Listen to me. I love you.

Riddhima: Just leave… My room… Kabir…

Kabir clenced riddhima’s shoulders with his hands.

Kabir: I wanted to be a top business man, Riddhima. I will marry Mohit sharma’s daughter. After six months, I will divorce her and marry you.

Riddhima: Kabir… Leave me…

Vansh: Kabir… Just move away from Riddhima.

Kabir: Vansh, it is my personal matter with Riddhima. Don’t interfere in it.

Riddhima ran and hugged Vansh and fell on his chest. Kabir tried to move riddhima and vansh. But Vansh hugged her back. Kabir was in rage to see riddhima and vansh in this condition. Dadi and rohan came to Riddhima’s room.

Vansh: Kabir! Get out of Riddhima’s room immediately.

Kabir left the room. Riddhima started to cry. Vansh hugged her tightly.

Riddhima: VR, Kabir was the….one came to my… room. I didn’t do… any mistake…

Vansh: I know Riddhima. You don’t need to explain me.

Vansh noticed Rohan and Dadi and broke their hug. Vansh asked dadi to take care of Riddhima and Rohan to take care of the guests who have arrived in the VR mansion.

At the garden,

Vansh: Why did you mix alcohol in Riddhima’s juice?

Kabir: I didn’t.

Vansh slapped Kabir. Vansh forcefully clenched Kabir’s collar.

Vansh: I know Kabir. You were the one who did it.

Kabir: Yes, I was the one who did it. I want Riddhima back in my life.

Vansh: I gave you the offer to marry her, but you denied it. Now, she is not interested in you. Don’t disturb my riddhima. Last warning, Kabir, if I come to know that you disturb or misbehave with her, I will throw you out of the mansion. Stay away from her. Now, get lost.

Kabir thought to himself: How could Vansh say ‘my Riddhima’? She is mine forever and ever.

Vansh thought to himself: I said my riddhima. Do I love her? Why did I hug her back?

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